Like A Storm’s Upcoming Album Burns Bright

Courtesy:  Another Century Records

Courtesy: Another Century Records

When Century Media Records founder Robert Kampf announeced late last year that he was forming the fledgling label Another Century, the announcement was met with a mix of surprise and excitement both by those inside and outside the label. The reason being that in founding Century Media so many years ago, Kampf had founded a label that has since become known as one of the leaders in the worlds of hard rock and metal. So founding a label that focuses mainly on more mainstream acts was seen by many as a bit of a gamble. That gamble has since paid off as Kampf padded hisnew label early onby moving two hugely popular bands from Century Media’s roster to that of Another Century. The bands in question that were moved over are Fozzy and Otherwise. Their move was then followed by the addition of Awaken The Empire, The Bloodline, and Rev Theory. Now Another Century has added another band ready to break out in the form of thehard rock trio Like A Storm. The New Zealand-based band of brothers is set to release its Another Century debut album Awaken The Fire on Tuesday, February 24th. And if the album’s first two singles are any indication, Like A Storm has more than proven why it is another good addition to the young label’s lineup. The band’s cover of Coolio’s ‘Gangsta’s Paradise’ is just as interesting an addition to the album. It isn’t a verbatim cover. And that perhaps is what makes it so interesting. And for those that want something softer, the band offers its share of ballad-style songs on its new record, too. All things considered, Awaken The Fire proves in the end to be one of the first breakout rock records of 2015.

Like A Storm has yet to release its Another Century debut record Awaken The Fire. But well ahead of the album’s release, the up-and-coming hard rock trio has already proven itself just as hard rocking as its radio ready American counterparts thanks to the release of the album’s first two singles. The first of those singles ‘Love The Way You Hate Me’ is metaphorical and musical middle finger to certain types of people who live to point their fingers at and judging those not like themselves. As front man Chris Brooks sings of those people, “I don’t care if I’m not good enough for you/And I don’t care if I don’t live the lie you want me to/And I don’t care what you want to think of me/Cause all you want/Is everything/That I don’t want to be/You say/I’m a freak/I say I am free/Come take a shot at me/I love the way you hate me/You say I’m insane/I say you’re afraid/I get stronger from the pain/I love the way you hate me.” The argument is driven home even more thanks to the song’s companion video in which Brooks and his brothers are surrounded by a group of extras whose faces are painted to look like skeletons. The extras interact with the band proudly donning their facepaint and relatively ragged atire as a way to illustrate the song’s lyrics. The coupling of the song’s lyrics with its companion video is just one way that the song proves itself a fitting addition to Like A Storm’s latest release. The song’s musical side is just as impressive.

The musical side of ‘Love The Way You Hate Me’ plays its own role in the song’s enjoyment. Audiences will hear in listening to the song that the brothers Brooks paid close attention to even the most minute detail of the song’s musical side. The way that the song builds from brooding to full on assault in each verse and chorus will impress any hard rock fan. The song’s bridge is perhaps the most interesting section. That is because of what seems like quite the influence from Tool thanks to the use of the digeridoo and the Danny Carey style drumming set against Matt and Chris’ guitar work. That combiantion of each element sounds like something that was lifted right from the band’s hit song ‘Forty-Six & Two.’ It’s buildup to the song’s final section and that section put the finishing touch on the song, proving once and for all why this song was a perfect first choice to introduce Like A Storm to mainstream audiences.

Not too long after the release of ‘Love The Way You Hate Me,’ the brothers Brooks released the second single from Awaken the Fire in the form of ‘Wish You Hell.’ This song is another excellent example of what makes this album so enjoyable. It starts out with a little southern bayou style sound before launching directly into the song’s full-on first verse in which Chris Brooks takes on the topic ofa rather nasty breakup. He sings in this song, “Take that knife outof my spine/And you’ll know you got the best of me/For the last time/Save your precious little lies/I won’t waste another moment/In the wake of your demise/So long/You ripped my heart away/Oh, lord/I wish you hell!” He goes on to sing in the song’s second verse, “Take one minute of your time/Look at the wreckage of the ones you’ve left behind/Face one lesson/A lesson never learned/You’re gonna get what you deserve/I wish your hell.” Brooks leaves no doubt as to the song’s message. Brooks paints here a solid anti-pity picture with his words. They are words that are sure to have a strong impact on any listener. Those lyrics set against the song’s driving musical side, it is no doubt that this song will instantly become a fan favorite once the album is released.

Both ‘Love The Way You Hate Me’ and ‘I Wish You Hell’ are prime examples of what Like A Storm has to offer on its upcoming record. Both songs are sure to be fan favorites if they aren’t already. White both songs are sure to be fan favorites in their own right, the band’s cover of rapper Coolio’s ‘Gangsta’s Paradise’ is sure to get just as much reaction from listeners. The song is not a verbatim cover of the original. The song’s musical side is largely the same. But some of the song’s lyrics have been tweaked slightly at points. At others verses have been shortened to even out the band’s take on the hit song. The end result is still a song that is just as enjoyable for audiences as the album’s current singles. Whether for those singles or this song, audiences will agree that these three songs alone will indeed awaken (or light) a fire under them to give this record a chance.

For all of the heaviness boasted throughout Like A Storm’s new album, the band also offers its own share of softer material at points, too throughout the record. Audiences will especially enjoy the powerhouse ballad ‘Break Free,’ which is essentially a person’s cry free. That is evidenced as Brooks sings, “All I want is to break free/From everything/Break free before it breaks me/There’s got to be another way/To start again.” Unlike so many other ballads out there, this isn’t just another nihilistic, oh-woe-is-me type song. Rather it presents a figure at the end of their proverbial rope but not entirely without hope. It is truly a powerful song and one more that perfectly lives up to the album’s title. ‘Southern Skies’ is just as moving as is ‘Ordinary.’ The ballads noted here are just as certain to move audiences as the album’s heavier moments. The ability to move listeners in so many different ways throughout the course of all of these songs shows great potential and talent from the members of Like A Storm. It shows once more why Awaken the Fire is an easy, early pick for one of the best new hard rock albums of 2015.

While Awaken The Fire won’t hit store shelves until late next month, audiences can still keep up with all of the latest updates from the band online in the meantime at:



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