PBS Distribution Releasing Special New Daniel Tiger DVD Next Month

Courtesy:  PBS Distribution/PBS/PBS Kids

Courtesy: PBS Distribution/PBS/PBS Kids

Daniel Tiger is officially a big brother.

Late last year, PBS Kids debuted a pair of new episodes of Daniel Tiger’s Neighborhood that saw Daniel Tiger and his parents welcome a new addition to the family.  And now parents and their children will get to welcome the newest addition to that family into their homes next month.  That is because PBS Distribution will release Daniel Tiger’s Neighborhood: Big Brother Daniel on DVD.  It will be released Tuesday, February 3rd and will feature eight more episodes from Daniel Tiger’s Neighborhood.  One of those episodes, “The Baby Is Here,” is a double episode, leading the total episode count to eight.  All of the episodes included on this special DVD focus on Daniel Tiger’s new sister and how Daniel handles becoming a big brother.  It all begins with “The Tiger Family Grows.”  This episode handles the earliest stages of a family’s announcement that it is growing including the youngest of the family that he/she is not going to be the youngest anymore and will be needed to help.  From there the DVD moves on to “Daniel Learns About Being A Big Brother” in which Daniel has to come to terms with the fact that he isn’t going to be the baby of the family anymore.

“The Baby Is Here” makes up the third and fourth episodes included on PBS Kids’ new Daniel Tiger’s Neighborhood DVD.  The special two-part episode follows the Tiger family as Daniel’s parents head to the hospital as they get ready to welcome the family’s new addition.  It also follows Daniel as he and Granpere go through Daniel’s old things that he could pass on to his new sibling.

Having gotten used to the thought of having a new sibling, Daniel learns another important lesson about not being the youngest in “Time For Daniel.”  When Daniel’s dad has to split his time between playing with Daniel and taking care of Baby Margaret, it makes Daniel jealous.  But Daniel learns that there is time for both of them in the long run.

Daniel’s dad and mom aren’t the only ones spending time with Baby Margaret, as families will see in “There’s Time For Daniel and Baby, Too.”  When Prince Wednesday comes over and is more interested in playing with Baby Margaret than playing with Daniel, Prince Wednesday learns that there is time for both Daniel and his new sister.  He in turn learns that playing with both of them is even more fun.

Prince Wednesday learns that playing with both Daniel and his new sister together can be really fun in “There’s Time For Daniel and Baby, Too.”  In the DVD’s next episode “Playtime is Different” Daniel learns that playing with his little sister can be fun, too.  He learns this for himself while he is pretending to be at a restaurant with Katerina and O The Owl.  They are playing, but Baby Margaret keeps interrupting them.  To make matters worse, she very interested in Daniel’s stuffed friend Tige-y.  This eventually leads Daniel to learn his lesson about the joys of playing with his sister.

Daniel learns even more about the fun of playing with his sister in the DVD’s closing episode “The Playground Is Different With Baby.”  While Daniel and his friends are playing circus, it’s not the same with Baby Margaret.  Daniel’s parents encourage him to include her in the fun after which he learns that including her and playing with her can be just as fun on the playground as in the house.

Daniel Tiger’s Neighborhood: Big Brother Daniel will be available Tuesday, January 3rd in stores and online.  It will retail for $12.99.  It is not currently listed on PBS’ online store.  However, parents can check on its availability online at http://www.shoppbs.org.  More information on this and other Daniel Tiger’s Neighborhood DVDs is available online along with games and all of the latest information on the show at:

Website: http://pbskids.org/daniel

Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/danieltigertv

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