Shout! Factory Goes Intergalactic Next Month With One More Season Of Saban’s Power Rangers Franchise

Courtesy:  Shout! Factory/Saban/Saban Brands

Courtesy: Shout! Factory/Saban/Saban Brands

Three years ago, Shout! Factory made a dream come true for many audiences when it released the very first volume of episodes from the modern classic series Mighty Morphin’ Power Rangers. Since that time, Shout! Factory has brought audiences every episode of Saban’s Power Rangers franchise from Mighty Morphin’ all the way to the end of the “Zordon era” in Power Rangers in Space. Even the series that would follow, all the way up to Power Rangers RPM have finally seen the light of day thanks to Shout! Factory. Now after all of those releases, Shout! Factory is bringing everything to a head with the release of one more season of Power Rangers in Power Rangers Lost Galaxy: The Complete Series next month.

Power Rangers Lost Galaxy: The Complete Series will be released on DVD on Tuesday, March 10th. The five-disc box set will contain all forty-five episodes of what was the first of the “post-Zordon era” Power Rangers installments. This season sees the spaceship Terra Venture set out into space with thousands of humans in its various habitats as they search for a new world to colonize. The journey isn’t an easy one as the evil insect-like Scorpius and his daughter Trakeena hunt the humans in their journey through space. It’s up to the new team of Power Rangers to protect the inhabitants of the Terra Venture in their voyage and stop Scorpius and Trakeena every step of the way.

Power Rangers Lost Galaxy: The Complete Series will be available on DVD Tuesday, March 10th. It will retail for $24.95 and can be pre-ordered online direct from Shout! Factory’s store for a reduced price of $19.95 at More information on this and other titles from Shout! Factory is available online at:



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