Willey’s Latest LP Is A Surprisingly Entertaining Album

Courtesy:  Fireflies Records

Courtesy: Fireflies Records

Children’s entertainer Kira Willey released her third full length album late last year.  The album, How To Be A Cloud: Yoga Songs For Kids Volume 3 was released on November 18th via Fireflies Records.  Audiences that give this album a chance will be pleasantly surprised in hearing it.  That is mainly because of the deceptive nature of the album’s subtitle.  Typically when one thinks of Yoga, one thinks of people in odd outfits stretching in ways no one could even begin to think imaginable.  They think of abstract Eastern music and other related elements.  Willey’s latest full-length studio conjures thoughts of anything but the noted elements.  Rather, the songs that make up this album run from a light, poppy sound in some cases to an equally light bluegrass-influenced sound at another point to much lighter, more airy sounds at others.  The songs themselves are just one reason that this latest release from Mrs. Willey proves worth at least one listen by children and their parents.  Willey has taken nine of the songs used to make up the album’s main body and set them into a yoga classroom setting for younger listeners much in the same style as the songs on Ella Jenkins’ albums.  If the twice over of the songs in both musical and musical classroom setting isn’t enough for audiences, the inclusion of the songs’ roots as part of a yoga lesson in the album’s lyrics booklet will convince audiences without a doubt as to why they should give Mrs. Willey’s new album at least one listen.  And together with the songs in both their musical and musical classroom setting, all three elements show unquestionably why How To Be A Cloud: Yoga Songs For Kids Volume 3 is such a surprisingly enjoyable record for audiences of all ages.

At first glance, the title of Kira Willey’s new album How To Be A Cloud: Yoga Songs For Kids Volume 3 might be a little off-putting for some audiences.  That is because to this day, Yoga still has yet to receive full credibility within the world of mainstream medicine and exercise science.  So for those that might not be so familiar with the work of Mrs. Willey, the very thought of a children’s album centered on yoga might not be so entertaining.  But given the chance, this album actually proves to be surprisingly entertaining.  Rather than any eastern style music or anything of that ilk, the music that makes up the body of this album proves much easier on the ears.  The album’s first trio of tracks is made up of light, poppy tunes that could easily be likened to Jack Johnson while the album’s title track is a beautiful, moving lullaby that will put any child to sleep in no time flat.  And ‘Dancing With My Daddy’ will have any father dancing along with his son or daughter.  the song is sung obviously by Willey.  But its subject could just as easily be a boy or a girl.  Heck this critic’s own son loves dancing with both his mom and dad.  So that’s proof positive of its dual angle.  Perhaps the most interesting of the album’s songs is the bluegrass-tinged ‘Jazzy.’  If ever there was a musical contradiction this song is it.  The contradiction will have audiences laughing. But the music itself will have parents and children alike singing and dancing along happily.  These are just some examples of why the music that makes up How To Be A Cloud: Yoga Songs For Kids Volume 3 proves to be so surprisingly enjoyable.  There are plenty of other songs from which listeners can choose.  Regardless of which song they choose, listeners will agree that the album’s track list in whole is anything but what they might think at first glance at the album’s title.  They will agree that the surprise offered by the music itself makes the album well worth at least one listen.  It isn’t all the makes the album worth the listen, either.  The secondary presentation of some of the album’s songs makes the album even more worth the listen.

The songs that make up the main body of How to Be A Cloud: Yoga Songs For Kids Volume 3 are surprisingly entertaining and enjoyable.  Collectively, they make this record well worth at least one listen by children and parents together.  The secondary appearance of the songs in a classroom setting makes the album even more worth the listen.  Willey has taken nine of the thirteen tracks that make up the body of the album and incorporated them into an audio classroom setting on this record.  It’s somewhat in the same style as fellow children’s entertainer and educator Ella Jenkins.  The only difference between the two styles is that in the case of this record, the music is used as a basis for lessons on yoga.  In Jenkins’ case, her songs are used solely for an educational purpose.  That aside, the similarity is unavoidable.  Parents that are open enough to engage their children in Yoga will appreciate that Willey has taken the songs in question and used them in this setting and not just as songs by themselves.  It’s just one more way in which the album proves to be so surprisingly entertaining and worth at least one listen.

The dual usage of the songs on How To Be A Cloud: Yoga Songs For Kids Volume 3 lies at the heart of the album’s success.  Willey has taken songs that range from poppy to semi-country and points in-between to make an album that is just as entertaining musically as it is educationally.  Willey has sweetened the deal even more for audiences by including with the album explanations of the songs and introductions for yoga exercises that accompany the specific songs chosen for that secondary use.  There are even small illustrations showing how the specific exercises should be executed.  This means that parents won’t be left wondering how to do said exercises or even having to go to some high-priced Yoga instructor to get help.  That means not only will parents be able to spend time with their children but the will also save money in the process all while enjoying some rather surprisingly entertaining and family friendly music.  It is the final piece of the whole in Willey’s new record that makes it a record well worth at least one listen.

The songs that make up Kira Willey’s new album and their dual usage within the content of the album are both important elements of the record. That is because they are anything but what one might expect when thinking about Yoga. The inclusion of background information and exercise directions with specific songs are just as important to the album in their own right, too. The combination of all three elements together proves How To Be A Cloud: Yoga Songs For Kids Volume 3 quite the surprisingly entertaining and useful records for the whole family. The album is available now and can be ordered directly via Kira Willey’s official website at http://www.firefliesyoga.com/buy-music. After ordering Willey’s new album, parents and children can keep up with all of the latest news and updates from Willey via her official website at http://www.firefliesyoga.com/home.

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