Indie Children’s Entertainer Nathalia Keeps Listeners Engaged From Here To There On Her Debut LP

Courtesy:  Nathalia Palis-McLaughlin

Courtesy: Nathalia Palis-McLaughlin

When she released her sophomore album Dream A Little last year, children’s entertainer Nathalia Palis-McLaughlin proved to be a surprisingly impressive artist. Apparently despite the talent and creativity displayed throughout the course of that album, the Colombian-born singer/songwriter still seemingly remains unsigned to any of the labels in question. That is surprising considering the evolution of Palis-McLaughlin’s sound on that album in comparison to her 2012 debut album From Here To There. Her Colombian roots are more equally evident on both records. But the more recent of the pair boasts a poppier, more mainstream sound than that of From Here To There. That is not to say that there is anything wrong with From Here To There. In fact it is quite the enjoyable record in its own right. Even with a different feel and sound in whole, From Here To There proves to be quite impressive. One example of what makes From Here To There so impressive comes halfway into the album in the form of ‘Muevete’ or ‘Move’ roughly translated. The song’s dance club feel is similar to ‘Shine,’ which is included on Dream A Little. The catchy, laid back sound and feel of ‘Kindergarten Here I Come’ is another good example of what makes Nathalia’s debut album so impressive. Its musical side will entertain audiences of all ages while its lyrical content is sure to put a smile on listeners’ faces as it encourages young listeners getting ready to go off to kindergarten for the first time. The gentle strains of ‘La Semana’ are unlike almost anything else presented on FHTT save perhaps for the album’s closer ‘Help The World.’ It seems to be a lullaby promoting the pleasures of being with family each day of the week after the rigors of school and work. Anyone not left with a smile on their face or even the slightest tear from their eye after hearing this song has no heart. All three songs show in their own way why FHTT is all the more reason that any label specializing in children’s music would benefit from having her on its roster. The same can be said of the album’s other tracks, too. All ten tracks together show clearly why FHTT is a record that listeners of all ages will enjoy *ahem* from here to there or rather from beginning to end.

Nathalia Palis-McLaughlin’s 2012 debut album From Here To There may not be as well-known as album’s from the likes of The Okie Dokee Brothers, Recess Moneky, The Not-It’s or other famed names from the world of children’s entertainment. Despite that, it is still a record that proves to be just as entertaining as those acts’ albums and her own 2015 sophomore release Dream A Little. From beginning to end, the album’s ten-track body will keep listeners of all ages fully engaged with its mix of musical and lyrical content. One of the strongest examples of what makes this album such a success is the album’s infectious ‘Muevete.’ The title translates roughly to “move.” It’s a fitting title considering the song’s dance club vibe. Nathalia sings to her listeners about “moving” their hands, feet, and whole bodies to the beat. Even without a booklet to decipher the song’s Spanish lyrics, the English lyrics make up for that lack, and prove the song to be the main anchor to this album. This is especially the case when said lyrics are partnered with the song’s danceable beats. It is the album’s anchor. but it isn’t the only good example of why audiences will enjoy FHTT. The laid back vibe of ‘Kindergarten Here I come’ is another good example of what makes FHTT so enjoyable.

‘Muevete’ is a solid anchor for FHTT. Its danceable beat and matching lyrics make it a great first impression for anyone not yet familiar with Nathalia’s music. Much as with ‘Shine’ from Nathalia’s 2014 sophomore album Dream A Little, this song bears a slight simialrity to fellow Colombian singer/dancer Shakira’s work. So it makes sense that it is such a strong anchor for FHTT. It’s just one example of what makes this album so enjoyable, though. The laid back vibe of ‘Kindergarten Here I Come’ is the polar opposite of that song. Yet in its own way, it proves to be just as positive an example of what makes FHTT so enjoyable. While the 2015- 2016 school year is not yet over, any parent with a child preparing to enter Kindergarten in the 2015 – 2016 school year (or any school year for that matter) will find plenty of value in this song when they start preparing their children for their very first day of public school. Nathalia sings over the song’s seeming mix of R&B and jazz, “I’m growing/Taller/Taller every day/I’m growing/Smarter/Smarter every day/Kindergarten here I come/It’s gonna be fun/I think I’m gonna learn to ride a police car/I think I’m gonna learn to do the hula hoop/I think I’m gonna learn to tie my shoes/Kindergarten here I come/It’s gonna be fun.” She is singing of all the great new things that children will experience when they go off to Kindergarten. It is a wonderful way for any parent to help his or her child/children overcome the natural fears and doubts that come with preparing for that new stage in their lives. If only for that reason alone, ‘Kindgergarten Here I Come’ shows exactly why it is such a solid example of what audiences can expect from FHTT. The song’s positive lyrics set alongside its equally easy-on-the-ears musical side makes it even more a welcome addition to FHTT. As impressive as that combination of music and lyrics makes this song, it still is not the last example of what makes FHTT such an enjoyable record and Nathalia an impressive artist in her realm. The album’s seeming lullaby ‘La Semana’ rounds out the reasons that any family will want to add this album to their CD collection. The song is a gentle piece that while sung entirely in Spanish seems to translate with just enough ease for even the most novice Spanish-speaking audiences to enjoy.

Both ‘Kindergarten Here I Come’ and ‘Muevete’ show in their own way why From Here To There is so enjoyable even for an independent release. They both present their own sound unlike the other and lyrical content that stands out just as much. One touts the joys of dancing and moving while the other serves as music therapy of sorts for young listeners counting the days to their first day of Kindergarten. With such creativity and originality, both songs show why FHTT is just as enjoyable as any record released in recent years by Nathalia’s more well-known counterparts in the world of children’s entertainment. The album’s seeming lullaby style song ‘La Semana’ is another excellent example of why FHTT is such a solid recording. The entire song is sung in Spanish. But those with even a rudimentary understanding of the Spanish language can pick out enough words to know that the song touts the pleasures of being with family after a long week in school and at work. The gentle strains of Nathalia’s guitar coupled with an equally gentle piano line will leave a smile on any listener’s face and a tear in those same listeners’ eyes. Anyone not left smiling or even tearing up even the slightest from this song has no heart. It is just one more part of the whole that makes FHTT a record that deserves so much more credit than it has received since its original release three years ago in 2012.

‘La Semana,’ ‘Kindergarten Here I Come,’ and ‘Muevete’ are all excellent examples of why From Here To There proves to be one of the best children’s albums that most families have likely never heard. They aren’t the only good examples of what makes FHTT so enjoyable for listeners, either. The other seven tracks that make up the album each add their own enjoyment to the record, too. Whether for those songs or for those mentioned here, every family will agree that From Here To There is an album that is far more deserving of credit than it gets. It can be ordered online direct from Nathalia’s website at along with her latest release Dream a Little. More information on both of these albums, Nathalia’s latest tour dates, updates and more is available online now at:



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