Reveal Is Ready To Reveal F.L.O.W. To Rock’s Mainstream Realm

Courtesy:  Pavement Entertainment

Courtesy: Pavement Entertainment

Pavement Entertainment has made quite the name for itself within the music industry ever since its inception way back in the mid-90s. Ever since its creation, Pavement Entertainment has increasingly become known as one of the premiere labels for the next generation of rock and metal. One look at its current roster proves that. Acts the likes of Adage, Hell or Highwater, Dark New Day, and others currently call Pavement Entertainment home. Pavement recently bolstered its reputation even more recently with the signing of up-and-coming rock band Future Leaders of the World. The band released its sophomore album Reveal to the masses this week via Pavement Entertainment. Given the right support, Reveal could be the album that finally breaks F.L.O.W. into the mainstream. That is especially the case considering that it boasts a sound that fans of Fuel, Staind, and Puddle of Mudd will enjoy. The band proves right from the album’s opener ‘Live Again’ that it is an easy fit for any mainstream rock radio station with its melodic hard rock sound and its lyrics that seemingly paint the standard picture of love lost. The band strengthens that argument with the album’s second song, the forward-driving ‘Intoxicate.’ The energy doesn’t let up after these two album-opening tunes. Front man Phil Taylor and his band mates–Ian Severson (guitar), Jarred Mosely (bass), and Russell Bullock (drums)–keep things moving throughout the course of the album’s twelve total tracks, letting up only once in the album’s acoustic penultimate production that is ‘Rain.’ The partnering of Taylor’s vocals, guitar work and the companion string arrangement in this song make it one more prime example of the band’s range of talent in this record. It isn’t the last example either, as audiences will hear for themselves in listening to this record. Whether for this song, the album’s opener and its follow-up, or those not noted here, every song on this album is radio ready and in turn proves F.L.O.W. ready to finally break out and ready to be part of the future of the mainstream rock realm.

Future Leaders of the World (F.L.O.W. as it will henceforth be known in this review) is primed with its new album to break out and be par of the future of the mainstream rock realm. The band boasts across the album’s twelve total tracks a sound that fans of Fuel, Puddle of Mudd, and Staind will enjoy, with every song proving a potential radio ready single. That is evident right from the album’s opener ‘Live Again.’ The song’s melodic hard rock sound is one that any mainstream rock fan will enjoy. And the seeming picture painted of lost love through its lyrical side is just as familiar. That supposition is raised as front man Phil Taylor sings, “You say everything is for a reason/I say you’re right/And as we come together/Our lives and souls as one/We hope this lasts forever/No/I won’t let go/Never be the same/There’s no one left to blame/I can see myself through the window of your pain/What have I become/This life has made me numb/Come and break my heart/So I can live again/So I can live again.” Taylor’s subject almost comes across in the classic introspective fashion, looking back at the events of the past that have led to the current situation presented in the song. It obviously is not the first time that the formula has been used by any artist, group or band. But it proves just as successful here as it has so many times with the noted songs that have come before. It’s just one example of why Reveal could be the record that breaks F.L.O.W. into the mainstream music world.

F.L.O.W. proves right off the top of its new album that it is ready to break into the mainstream music world. It doesn’t let up on its argument after this song ends, either. The song’s follow-up and album’s second track ‘Intoxicate’ is just as strong of an argument. ‘Intoxicate’ is a solid, forward-driving piece headed by Taylor’s guitar work and Russell Bullock’s equally solid timekeeping. Lyrically speaking the song comes across as a piece in which Taylor’s subject ruminates on certain personal challenges and overcoming them. That argument is raised as Taylor sings late in the song, “And it tries to kill my soul/I’ve got to get control/When you think I’m through/I’ll find my way home/Cause I lost myself again/And there’s nothing to pretend…” Of course such interpretation is solely that of this critic. It is not to say by any means that it is right. It could in fact be completely wrong. Right or wrong, the one thing on which everyone will agree is the fact that just as with the album’s opener, this song is just as much an example of why F.L.O.W. is ready for the mainstream.

The members of F.L.O.W. show in both ‘Intoxicate’ and ‘Live Again’ show in their own way why their band is ready to break out and be part of the future of the mainstream rock realm. They display their potential both through their musical talents and their writing talents. Both songs are radio ready works that given the right support could help give the band that one big push. That is again dependent on the band’s support from the thousands of mainstream rock radio stations across America and their programmers. For all of the potential displayed through ‘Intoxicate’ and ‘Live Again,’ the band shows just as much potential in a completely different way in Reveal’s penultimate production ‘Rain.’ The coupling of Taylor’s vocals, his guitar work and the companion string arrangements give the song so much emotional depth. The song’s lyrical side adds its own depth as Taylor sings, “Don’t ever come close to me/Cause this heart is hardened and broke/Needing your touch/Needing so much/From all this anger, pain, fear and lust/Want you to know/I’m not letting go/Feeling your love fall down like rain.” The restraint shown by Russell Bullock behind the kit should also be noted here. It would have been so easy for Bullock to overplay. There are a lot of musicians that would do just that in such a situation because of their own interpretation of such a song’s emotion. Bullock didn’t do that. He actually incorporates a certain amount of dynamics into his performance, thus making the song all the more emotionally rich. The end result of that control alongside Taylor’s vocals, his work on the guitar and the string arrangements is a song that is one of the highest of points on Reveal. And together with the album’s first pairing of songs, all three songs show fully why Reveal is ready to break F.L.O.W. into the mainstream and make it part of the mainstream rock realm’s future.

All three of the songs noted here present their own evidence as to why F.L.O.W. is ready to break out into the mainstream rock realm and be part of that realm’s future. One would be remiss to ignore the other nine songs contained in Reveal. Audiences that pick up Reveal will find their own favorites among those songs and the trio noted here. They can pick up the album now in stores nationwide or at one of the band’s current scheduled live dates. The band is currently scheduled to perform live at the House of Blues in New Orleans, LA on April 3rd. A performance in San Leon, Texas is also scheduled for April 11th. All of the latest tour dates, and information on Reveal is available online along with the latest updates from the band at:




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