Future Hits Show The Way So Far For This Year’s Crop Of Children’s Albums

Courtesy:  Coach House Sounds

Courtesy: Coach House Sounds

Today Is Forever, the new album from Chicago’s own Future Hits, is one of the most intriguing children’s albums to be released so far in 2015. The twenty-four track disc is unlike anything in the world of children’s music to date. Even before listeners crack open the album’s packaging, they will notice that the album’s twenty-four total tracks are split into twelve English tracks and twelve translated into Spanish. Not even other bi-lingual children’s albums go to or have even gone to such lengths. It’s the first reason that audiences will appreciate this album. On a related note, the lyrics booklet included with the album presents the lyrics to each song in both English and Spanish. It serves to enhance the album’s enjoyment even more for audiences. The band’s stylistic approach to the songs that make up this album make it even more enjoyable. This is especially the case for older audiences that are fans of the indie-rock sound. The songs, both in their presentation and original stylistic approach on this album, prove well within themselves why Today Is Forever is an album that parents and children alike will enjoy. They are not all to consider in what makes Today is Forever one of this year’s most standout children’s album. The “Educational Chart” included in the album helps both teachers and parents develop much-needed social and personal skills. And just as with the songs that make up the album, the chart is presented both in English and Spanish. Again, this is entirely unlike anything that any other bi-lingual children’s entertainer has done to date with his or her (or their) album. The combination of all of these elements shows precisely why Today is Forever is an album that belongs in every home and every classroom for the forseeable future if not forever.

Future Hits’ new album Today is Forever is one of the most interesting children’s albums to be released so far in 2015. The main reason being that it is completely unlike any bi-lingual act out there today. This includes acts that create music for children and those that craft music aimed more at older audiences. As audiences will note in listening to Today is Forever, the album sets itself apart from any other children’s music not by mixing Spanish and English but by actually separating them out but still presenting them together in one full collection. For all intents and purposes, it’s like having two albums in one. Even more impressive is that the second half of the album is a mirror image of the first. In other words, the order of the album’s songs is exactly the same both in its English and Spanish presentation. As if that isn’t impressive enough within itself, front man Matt Baron and his band mates–Emma Hospelhorn (bass, vocal, flute, synth), Ben Sutherland (guitar, bass, vocals, glockenspiel) and Nic Kabat (drums)–have crafted twelve songs that are themselves unlike the songs crafted by other children’s entertainment acts. From a song about the joy of flying a kite in ‘Nylon Bird’ to the joy of writing an actual letter versus sending an e-mail in ‘Lost Art Form’ to wanting to bring joy to another by bringing him or her a lost photo and more, the lyrical content of these songs is nothing like that of songs crafted by any other children’s act. Coupled with the separate English and Spanish translations, the songs stand out even more and in turn help Today is Forever stand out in its own special way among the year’s early crop of children’s albums.

Today is Forever is one of the most intriguing of 2015’s early crop of children’s albums. That is thanks to the fact that the album presents its songs both in English and Spanish and because their lyrical content is unlike that of any other children’s acts. The overall sound of the songs on this album makes it stand out even more among other children’s albums. The album’s sound is a blatant indie rock style. It goes without saying that typically one doesn’t associate the indie rock sound with children’s music. It’s even more proof that the stereotype of children’s music is just that–a stereotype. And while the indie rock sound isn’t necessarily for everyone, it does have its own audience. And those audiences that are fans of the indie rock sound will enjoy Today is Forever if only for that purpose. Though even those that are not indie rock fans will enjoy the album for the aforementioned reasons of the songs’ lyrical content and its dual English/Spanish presentation. Regardless of whether for the songs’ musical style, their lyrical approach, or for their arrangement across the album, every listen will agree that all of the noted elements make for plenty of reasons for audiences to check out Today is Forever.

The lyrical and musical approach taken by Future Hits on its new album are both key elements in the success of the group’s new album. The dual English/Spanish presentation of the songs across the album makes it stand out even more and that much more of a success. Being that there is so much to note of Today is Forever, one would think that there couldn’t possibly be more to note to its positive. That would be wrong. There is in fact still more that makes Today is Forever stand out. Along with the songs that make up the body of the record, Baron and company have included a chart in the album’s companion booklet that helps teachers and parents alike develop many of the social and personal skills that young listeners need to learn. The chart serves as a starting point for teachers and parents to teach lessons about playing well with others, emotions and the proper way to display them, and even empathy among many others. Even more interesting is that not only does the chart serve as a starting point for those much-needed skills, but it also serves as a starting point for grammar lessons. And just as with the album’s songs, the chart is presented both in English and Spanish. It is the finishing touch on an album that while it may not musically be for everyone, is an album that everyone will appreciate for plenty of other reasons.

Today is Forever presents to audiences an album that will entertain audiences both lyrically and musically. That is because the songs are unlike those of any other children’s act both in terms of their musical and lyrical approach. The fact that it clearly caters to dual audiences in a manner completely unlike other children’s acts makes it stand out even more. The end result of all of these elements is an album that deserves at least one listen by every teacher and parent regardless of his or her musical taste. In doing so, every parent and teacher will agree that this record is indeed one of the year’s early best new albums for children and families. More information on Today is Forever and all of the latest updates from Future Hits is available online at:

Website: http://www.futurehits.org

Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/futurehitsmusic

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