FLM’s Debut EP Is A Modern Rock Record Well Worth At Least One Listen

Courtesy:  Pavement Entertainment

Courtesy: Pavement Entertainment

Up-and-coming Boston-based rock trio Freaks Like Me is set to release its new EP Philosophies For The Modern Ant this week via independent rock label Pavement Entertainment. The six-track EP is quite the interesting listen. The main reason for this is that each one of the EP’s tracks are instantly radio ready works, speaking both in terms of their musical content. The band clearly proves this right from the EP’s opener ‘Better Off Blind.’ Musically speaking, it is a solid rock song that mixes old school guitar licks with a more modern rock sound for a whole that any rock purist will enjoy. Lyrically speaking it offers just as much worth discussion. The EP’s second track ‘All In A Lie’ is just as ready for the radio as ‘Better Off Blind’ with its straight-forward, almost Nirvana style sound. And the EP’s brooding closer ‘Poppies and Rain’ offers its own share of interest for audiences with the combination of its musical and lyrical sides. All three songs in themselves serve as good examples of what Freaks Like Me has to offer audiences with its debut EP. Of course the remaining trio of songs that make up Philosophies For The Modern Ant each serve their own part in the whole of FLM’s debut EP. All six songs taken into full consideration, Philosophies For The Modern Ant proves in the long run to be a record worth at least one listen when it is released next week.

FLM’s debut EP Philosophies For The Modern Ant is quite the interesting first effort from the multi-national band. Each of the six tracks that make up the body of the EP prove in their own way that FLM is a band that could easily hold its own against the bands that currently populate American mainstream radio. That argument is made solidly in the EP’s opener ‘Better Off Blind.’ Front man/guitarist Jon O’Connor’s guitar work in the song’s opening measures present a good mix of both modern hard rock and classic rock influences. As the song progresses, drummer Steve Kilroy’s time keeping keeps the song moving forward with bassist Dave Eve offering just enough low end to make the song really heavy in all the right ways. All three parts together create a sound that is just catchy enough to keep listeners engaged throughout the length of the song’s roughly four-minute run time. Lyrically speaking, O’Connor’s subject seems to be singing of someone that is tired of having to deal with someone that has caused him quite a bit of stress. His subject sings of this person, “Selfish dementia/Broken dissertion/Caught in the wheelspin/Running from the fact that you’ll never escape….” He goes on to sing of this person that other than seeing what said person is doing and has done, he would be better off blind. It’s quite the statement. And coupled with the song’s power it shows even more why the song in whole could hold its own against anything out there today on mainstream radio.

‘Better Off Blind’ serves in its own way proof of why FLM’s debut EP is worth at least one listen especially when compared to the fare currently being offered by American mainstream rock radio. It’s just one of the songs that makes the band’s debut EP worth at least one listen, too. ‘All In A Lie’ is just as much a candidate for a representative single for Philosophies For The Modern Ant as ‘Better Off Blind.’ What really makes this song such an interesting addition to PFTMA is the seeming similarity to both Puddle of Mudd and Nirvana musically and stylistically speaking. There is no denying the close similarity between the sound of O’Connor’s voice and that of Puddle of Mudd front man Wes Scantlin. Interestingly enough, the combination of that sound and O’Connor’s own vocal style coupled with the band’s overall musical style makes direct connection to Nirvana. That is at least the case to in the view of this critic. Is that such a bad thing? Honestly, no. Even if the similarity to the sound generated by Nirvana in its heyday it shows a direct influence from that band. Having such similarity to such a groundbreaking band is anything but bad. And that being the case, it makes for yet another reason that FLM’s new EP is worth at least one listen.

FLM offers audiences quite a bit to hear in its new EP Philsophies for the Modern Ant both in terms of its music and its lyrics. For all of the musical and lyrical intensity offered by the band throughout most of its debut EP, there is a different type of energy exuded in the EP’s closer ‘Poppies and Rain,’ The mood set by this song both musically and lyrically is rather brooding. O’Connor’s simple approach using just a guitar and his vocals really gives the song a certain emotional punch. It would have been easier for the band to go all out and have drummer Steve Kilroy add in a big drum part. Luckily the band didn’t take that route, opting instead for a pair of brushes and a shaker. That minimalist approach taken by the band in whole here makes it a fitting closer after all of the energy exuded by the band in the five songs that come before it. That more emotional side of the band set against the energy presented by the rest of the EP’s songs makes it in whole a work that any modern rock fan will agree is worth at least one listen.

Freaks Like Me’s debut EP Philosophies for the Modern Ant is a work that is a work that any modern rock fan will agree is worth at least one listen. Whether for the fire in the music and lyrics of ‘Better Off Dead,’ the equally intriguing and seemingly NIrvana-influenced ‘All In A Lie’ or for its brooding closer ‘Poppies and Rain,’ Philosophies for the Modern Ant proves to have plenty that modern rock fans will enjoy. That includes that trio of songs not noted here, too. All six songs taken into consideration together, Philosophies for the Modern Ant once more proves to be an EP worth hearing at least once whether by the casual listener, rock radio programmers, or both. Philosophies for the Modern Ant will be available tomorrow via Pavement Entertainment. More information on the band’s debut EP is available online now along with the latest news from the band at http://www.facebook.com/freakslikememusic. To keep up with the latest sports and entertainment reviews and news, go online to http://www.facebook.com/philspicks and “Like” it. Fans can always keep up with the latest sports and entertainment reviews and news in the Phil’s Picks blog at https://philspicks.wordpress.com.

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