WordWorld Birthday Party! Is Its Own Gift Throughout The Year

Courtesy:  PBS Distribution/PBS/PBS Kids

Courtesy: PBS Distribution/PBS/PBS Kids

PBS Kids’ released the latest installment of its family friendly series WordWorld on DVD last month.  The DVD–Word World: Birthday Party!–is a great fit for any family with young readers and readers to be.  The DVD features five more episodes from the vocabulary-building-based series that the whole family is sure to enjoy.  Families will enjoy the presented episodes for more reasons than they might think. Audiences will note in watching all give episodes that they teach more than just vocabulary-building skills. The show’s writers have also incorporated some important life lessons, too.  And they aren’t done in an overly preachy manner, either.  That is just one part of what makes this collection of episodes so enjoyable. The collective run time and pacing of the episodes presented here makes the overall viewing even more enjoyable for audiences of all ages. Also worth noting of this DVD is the material included as bonus material. Included in the DVD are four printable activities for parents to enjoy with their children as well as six separate printable coloring pages featuring each of WordWorld’s inhabitants. Each element on its own plays its own part in making WordWorld: Birthday Party! enjoyable. All three elements taken into consideration together show it to be yet another enjoyable piece for audiences of all ages and one more welcome compilation for families regardless of how many or few of the series’ DVDs said families may or may not already own.

WordWorld: Birthday Party! is not the first collections of the series’ episodes released by PBS Kids and PBS Distribution. That aside, it is no less enjoyable for audiences either. This is regardless of whether or not said audiences already own any of the series’ previously released compilations, too. One reason that it is just as enjoyable as its predecessors is the work of the series’ writers. The writers continue the series’ long-running tradition of incorporating both basic word-building skills and important life lessons into each episode. The word-building skills are taught in much the same manner as in The Electric Company and even certain episodes of Sesame Street. The DVD’s opening episode “Happy Birthday Dog” teaches young viewers about some of the words associated with birthday parties including the all-important word “Cake.” At the same time, the writers include an important social lesson as both Pig and Dog are reminded about sharing the cake rather than hogging it (no pun intended) for themselves). “The Rainbow Birthday Cake” presents a subtle yet important lesson about recycling and caring for the Earth as Duck tries to get Frog’s cake to his birthday. And in the DVD’s closer “Bugs to the Rescue,” young viewers are taught a variety of words as the bugs try to save Dog. At the same time, those same viewers are also taught all too necessary problem solving skills along the way. Those looking mainly for those word-building skills will appreciate the lesson presented in “Bit By Bit.” It teaches viewers that big words aren’t so scary when learning them. It teaches young viewers that in order to handle big words, they need to just break them down and handle them “bit by bit.” And it uses the word “banana” as an example of how to do that. Simply put, it teaches young readers to work out big words by taking them one syllable at a time. It is another great tool to teach children whether they are already in school or getting ready to start for the first time. Together with the already noted other vocabulary lessons (and their companion life lessons), all of the lessons crafted by WordWorld’s writers show clearly once again why their work is central to the success and enjoyment of this latest collection of episodes.

The word-building lessons and the important everyday life lessons incorporated into each of this DVD’s episodes are central to its overall success and enjoyment. While they are the key point of focus, they compose only one part of the disc’s success. The collective run time and pacing of each episode is just as important to the whole as the lessons themselves. Each episode comes in at roughly twelve minutes. At five episodes, that comes to a total of one full hour of educational and entertaining content for young viewers. On the surface it might seem like that is pushing it a little with the viewers’ attention spans. But thankfully for the work of the writers, the pacing of each episode is just enough to keep said viewers’ attention from start to finish. Thanks to that expertly balanced pacing, not only do those roughly twelve minutes pass by with ease but young viewers will remain engaged right to each episode’s end. The resultant effect of that engagement is that those same viewers will be more apt to catch the concepts presented in each episode and more apt to retain said concepts, too. It is yet another way that WordWorld: Birthday Party! proves itself another enjoyable addition to any family’s home DVD library regardless of whether or not they already own any of the series’ previously released DVDs.

The lessons presented in each episode of WordWorld presented here are themselves key to the DVD’s success and enjoyment among audiences. In the same vein, the work of the writers to provide a solid pacing in each episode will keep the show’s target audiences engaged from start to end. In doing so, said viewers won’t even realize that a full twelve minutes have passed as they laugh and learn. All of this taken into consideration, WordWorld: Birthday Party presents audiences plenty of reason to pick up this DVD. If the already noted elements aren’t enough, then perhaps the proverbial icing on the cake (bad pun fully intended) that is the disc’s bonus material will be enough. The material included on the disc as bonus material includes four printable activity pages and six printable coloring pages. The activity pages act as extensions to the presented episodes as each one teaches word-building skills in its own way. There is a connect-the-dots activity that spells out one of Dog’s favorite treats. There is also a word search that encourages young readers to finish building the words presented on the sheet. And there is even a word search and riddle game that each teach word-building skills in their own way. The printable coloring pages each feature one of the inhabitants of WordWorld. To an extent, young viewers could even use the printable activity pages as coloring pages at the same time since they are presented largely in black and white save for the word-building riddle game. Again here is one more way in which WordWorld: Birthday Party! proves itself to be yet another enjoyable collection of episodes from the family favorite PBS Kids series. By itself it offers its own share of enjoyment. When partnered with the episodes’ writing, their run times, and pacing, all three elements show clearly why every family will enjoy this latest collection of episodes just as much as any previously released WordWorld compilation disc.

WordWorld: Birthday Party! boasts plenty for audiences of all ages to enjoy. The series’ writers have crafted five more episodes that combine word-building skills with important life lessons to make each one educational and entertaining. The collective run time and pacing of each episode guarantees that viewers will remain engaged and will even potentially retain some of the presented lessons if not all of them. The bonus material included on the disc adds even more enjoyment as they allow young viewers to build their vocabulary skills while they’re not watching the DVD. They can also color their favorite WordWorld character(s). Each element on its own proves its value to the DVD in whole. Collectively, all three elements noted here make WordWorld: Birthday Party a clearly welcome addition to any family’s home DVD collection. WordWorld: Birthday Party! is available now in stores and online and can be ordered direct from PBS’ online store at http://www.shoppbs.org/product/index.jsp?productId=57493336&cp=&kw=wordworld+birthday+party&origkw=WordWorld+Birthday+Party!&sr=1. More information on this DVD is available online along with all of the latest WordWorld news, games, and more at:

Website: http://www.wordworld.com

Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/WordWorld

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