Plymouth Rockers Is An Entertaining Musical Introduction To America’s History And Geography

Courtesy:  Rockno Records

Courtesy: Rockno Records

Kindie-rock band Rocknoceros has created quite the interesting record in its latest full-length studio effort Plymouth Rockers. The fifteen track, thirty-seven-minute album is a creative, original way to introduce young listeners to the joy of learning American history and geography. By taking a handful of states and introducing them along with some interesting tidbits about each, the Virginia-based band has found a way to show young listeners that history and geography isn’t just a bunch of names and dates. Rather, the band shows that both subjects can actually be pretty fun and interesting. From sea to shining sea, the band presents some of the most interesting facts that even some adults might not have known. Along the way, the band even pays tribute to some great American anthems in one track. Whether for that patriotic medley, the equally interesting, albeit short, lesson about the Mississippi River, the fittingly country/bluegrass lesson about Texas or any other lesson presented here, Rocknoceros has presented with its new album a work that is deservedly one of this year’s best new children’s albums. What’s more, being that only about twelve states are featured in this record, it deserves a sequel or two so that the whole country can be covered. If that should happen, those records, too would likely be on the list of the year’s best new children’s records.

Rockonceros’ new album Plymouth Rockers is one of the most original and creative records to be released so far this year. Technically speaking, it has not yet been officially released. It is actually currently scheduled to be released Saturday, July 4th. That aside, it is still a great piece whether used in the classroom or living room. Its mix of American history and geography lessons set against a variety of musical backgrounds makes both subjects fun and interesting. One example of how the band achieves this goal comes in the form of its patriotic medley ‘God Bless America.’ The song mixes together elements of the beloved song ‘God Bless America’ with the National Anthem and even pieces of Lincoln’s Gettysburg address and the Declaration of Independence for a composition that adults and children alike will enjoy. The band doesn’t just repeat the noted patriotic elements verbatim. Rather it mixes them together and even gives them a little update without dishonoring any of them. This means that adults that might have forgotten some of their American history lessons will be just as entertained as their younger counterparts all while getting a refresher course. Younger audiences on the other hand will be both entertained and educated possibly for the first time. It’s just one way that Rocknoceros proves its new album a joy for audiences of all ages. It is hardly the only way in which the band proves the album’s enjoyment, too. There is an equally interesting, albeit short, lesson on the Mississippi River that will interest and entertain audiences of all ages, too.

‘God Bless America’ is a wonderful example of what makes Rocknoceros’ new album Plymouth Rockers such an enjoyable collection of songs for grown-ups and children alike. It’s just one example of what makes this record so enjoyable, too. The band’s lesson on the MIssissippi River is another prime example of what makes this record so fun for listeners of all ages. It’s rather interesting to note that a song about such a long river is also this album’s shortest composition. It clocks in at a total run time of one minute and forty-four seconds. Yet through that short course of time, the band clearly gets its message across all while entertaining audiences. Listeners of all ages will love the song’s sea shanty backing (say that five times fast). No doubt its infectious rhythm will have listeners happily singing along as if they were on a ship travelling down the Mississippi. The addition of the song’s informational side will interest listeners just as much. Even this critic will admit having never known that the Mississippi is 2,300 miles long from end to end. The note about the weather on the river not always being the greatest is just as interesting. And the reference to Huckleberry Finn will put a smile on the face of anyone familiar with author Mark Twain’s book about Huck and his friend Tom Sawyer. The band includes much more about the river, lyrically speaking. And again as short as the song runs, it is truly impressive how much information the band gets across and clearly at that. The delivery will keep listeners’ engaged from start to finish. Younger listeners will be so entertained by it all that again they won’t even know that they are being educated. That is a tribute to the band’s continued attention to detail. Such attention to detail shows why even as short as the song is, it is still another wonderful example of what makes this record another of 2015’s best new children’s albums.

Both the patriotic medley ‘God Bless America’ and the band’s infectious yet short lesson about the Mississippi River are both wonderful examples of what makes Plymouth Rockers enjoyable for audiences of all ages. With its fittingly country/rockabilly musical backing and playful lyrical lesson about the Lone Star State, ‘Texas’ shows itself to be another great addition to Plymouth Rockers. The song celebrates Texas’ rich history, its state flower, its capital, and especially its legendary barbecue that will “hit you in the solarplexis” as the band sings. There’s even a reference to the hit primetime soap opera Dallas along with a subtle mention of JFK’s assassination in Dallas along with much more. Being that it tops off at only two minutes and twelve seconds, it’s impressive that the band was once again able to cram in so much information all while entertaining audiences. Even with the band’s rapid fire delivery, it isn’t so fast that audiences are lost along the way. Because audiences aren’t lost, hopefully at least some listeners will be moved to take that starting point and run with it, using it as motivation to learn even more about what is one of the country’s richest states historically speaking. Such motivation shows precisely why ‘Texas’ is another prime example of what makes Plymouth Rockers enjoyable for audiences of all ages. It is not the last example of what makes Plymouth Rockers enjoyable, either. From lessons about Florida and Louisiana, to some of the country’s most notable Midwestern states and more, Plymouth Rockers proves in so many ways that it is one of this year’s best new children’s records. And audiences will hear that for themselves when this record is released on America’s birthday this year.

Plymouth Rockers will be released Saturday, July 4th. Fans can check out some of the album’s new material next month when the band performs a live hometown show in Vienna, Virginia on June 26th. Tickets for that show are available now and can be purchased online at More tour dates and all of the band’s latest news can be found online now at:



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