NOVA: Big Bang Machine Is A Blast For Anyone With Experience And Interest In Physics

Courtesy:  PBS Distribution/PBS

Courtesy: PBS Distribution/PBS

Early last month, researchers at CERN restarted the Large Hadron Collider, or LHC, for the first time in two years.  The world’s largest supercollider, it was designed to answer some of science’s most pressing questions.  Fittingly, PBS released a new episode of its hit science-based series NOVA this past March in anticipation of the LHC’s restart.  NOVA: Big Bang Machine takes audiences behind the scenes of the LHC’s creation and the importance of the experiments that take place within its seventeen mile circumference.  Regardless of whether audiences are themselves are deeply involved in the world of physics (theoretical or otherwise) or are just interested in the operations of the LHC, the concepts discussed throughout the episode are made easily accessible for audiences of every background.  The pacing of the presented discussions adds to the program’s enjoyment.  Just as the topics discussed are set at a level that is relatively accessible for all audiences, the pacing of the discussions in question will keep audiences engaged and in turn help them better understand the noted discussions.    If the pacing of the program and the information provided throughout isn’t enough, the interviews and footage inside the structure that houses the LHC add even more interest to this episode in whole.  The interviews included in the program offer their own share of additional information to the presentation in whole.  That final element ties in to the program’s accessibility and its pacing to make NOVA: Big Bang Machine a piece that any viewer with any interest in physics—theoretical or otherwise—will appreciate.

NOVA: Big Bang Machine is another interesting addition PBS’ hit science-based series.  It is a piece that even those with no formal training in the world of physics will appreciate.  The main reason is its accessibility.  Those behind this episode have made the concepts discussed throughout the program easy enough for average audiences to understand.  Those audiences will never feel like the program and those featured are talking down to them at any point, either.  So not only will said viewers feel like they can actually get at least a basic grasp of the noted topics in this episode, but they also never feel like they are being lectured.  To that extent, those responsible for bringing this episode to life are to be commended for such efforts.  At the same time, those with formal training in physics won’t feel like the discussed topics are below them, either.  The very fact that those in charge of assembling such in-depth material and balance it in a manner that it can reach so many audiences says plenty of those individuals and their efforts.  It is just the beginning of what makes NOVA: Big Bang Machine yet another example of why NOVA has remained one of the best science-based series on television for so many years if not the best science-based series on television

The ability of NOVA: Big Bang Machine to reach audiences of all types with its overall content is the most important of the elements that makes this episode of NOVA another great installment of the science-based series.  As important as the information’s balance proves to be to the episode in whole, the pacing of the information’s delivery is just as important to consider.  Audiences will be happy to know that while the amount of information provided by this episode makes it feel like an introductory physics course of sorts, the pacing doesn’t leave audiences at any level feel like they are being left in the dust, struggling to follow along and catch everything.  Rather its pacing remains rock solid despite the amount of information discussed throughout the program’s near hour-long run time.  Because audiences won’t feel left behind and confused, they will also have increased odds of not only catching the featured topics but more clearly understanding them, too.  It is yet more reason for anyone with any interest in the LHC or anyone with any interest or experience in physics to watch NOVA: Big Bang Machine.

Both the topics covered in NOVA: Big Bang Machine and the pacing of the material covered are important in their own right to the overall enjoyment and success of the episode.  Both elements already noted, there is still one element that should be noted here that makes this episode work.  That element is the collective interviews featured throughout the episode.  Some of the scientists working on the LHC are interviewed for their own insight on the machine’s importance in both the scientific community and the world.  There are also interviews with a variety of academics throughout the program.  Their insight coupled with that of the people that work on the LHC paints quite a vivid picture of the machine’s importance and its capabilities.  Their thoughts show even more clearly the importance of the LHC being recently being restarted and the implications for what it could potentially reveal to the world in being restarted.  Those insights round out the reasons that NOVA: Big Bang Machine proves itself worth the watch whether audiences are experienced members of the physics community or whether they just have a general interest in the subject.  Together with the program’s pacing and its depth of information, all three elements show not only why audiences should definitely see this episode of NOVA but why NOVA remains overall one of the best science-based series on television today if not the best.

NOVA has remained one of the best science-based series on television for a number of years thanks to the variety of episodes that it tackles and its accessibility to such a wide range of audiences in every episode.  That standard is exactly why it maintains its place in the pantheon of educational television in NOVA: Big Bang Machine.  The solid packing of the topics taken on throughout the program is another reason that it maintains that reputation and why the episode itself is such an interesting watch.  And as with so many other episodes of NOVA, the interviews included across the episode add even more insight and enjoyment. Each of the elements plays an important part in the whole of the program. Together, they show clearly why NOVA: Big Bang Machine will make a big bang of its own among anyone with any interest or experience in the world of physics. It is available now on DVD and can be ordered online at It can also be ordered in a combo pack that also includes a wristwatch for $49.99. The combo pack will retail in stores for $68.94. Audiences can check out a clip from this episode of NOVA online now via YouTube at More information on NOVA: Big Bang Machine and other episodes of NOVA is available online now along with all of the latest NOVA news at:



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