Satriani Announces Release Date, Specs For Fifteenth Album

Courtesy:  Legacy Recordings

Courtesy: Legacy Recordings

Veteran guitar virtuoso Joe Satriani will release his latest full-length studio recording this summer.

Shockwave Supernova will be released on Friday, July 24th. His will be one of the first to be released under the entertainment industry’s new “Global Release Day” release schedule. Shockwave Supernova was recorded late in 2014 at the famed Skywalker Sound in Lucas Valley, California. Also on board for the record were long-time Satriani collaborator Mike Keneally (keyboards, guitars), Marco Minnemann (drums), and Bryan Beller (bass). Satriani said of the lineup tapped to help him record the new album, “I couldn’t have asked for a better band to help bring these songs to life.” Fellow long-time friend and collaborator John Cuniberti manned the boards once again for this latest record. The relationship between Satriani and Cuniberti reaches all the way back to Satriani’s 1986 debut album Not of this Earth and its platinum-selling follow-up record Surfing with the Alien.

Satriani’s fans can pre-order Shockwave Supernova online now via his official website Fans that do will receive a free exclusive, signed poster along with the album. The artwork for the poster will be chosen from fan submitted art. Fans can get more information on the poster art contest at For those that want to pre-order the album by itself can do so via Amazon and iTunes respectively at:



All of the latest updates on Shockwave Supernova is available online now along with the latest updates on Satriani’s live dates at:



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