On The Bright Side Is One Of The Year’s “Brightest” New Children’s Albums So Far

Courtesy:  Oddvious Records

Courtesy: Oddvious Records

Kindie-rock band The Bazillions’ new album On The Bright Side is one of the real *ahem* bright spots (bad pun fully intended) of this year’s new crop of children’s records. Released just last week, the Minneapolis, MN-based band’s new album is an album that listeners of all ages will enjoy. Whether for the easygoing vibe of the album’s superhero-themed opener ‘Superhero Rock Band,’ the light-hearted child’s view of teachers in ‘My Teacher Is An Alien,’ or for the 90s pop-rock sound of its latest single ‘Q and U,’ the twelve-track record offers plenty for listeners of all ages to enjoy from beginning to end with each track. That also includes the likes of its simple yet deep closer about baseball and family, ‘Sons and Daughters,’ the musical science lesson that is ‘Water Cycle’ and the semi-folk style ‘Family Tree.’ These are just a few more examples of what makes On The Bright Side one of the *bright spots* of this year’s crop of children’s albums so far. Regardless of whether they pick one of these songs or any of the remaining half dozen other songs not noted here, audiences of all ages will agree that in hearing all twelve of its tracks, On The Bright Side proves to be one of the best of this year’s crop of new children’s albums so far.

The Bazillions’ latest new release, its third full-length studio recording, is one more of the best of this year’s crop of children’s records so far. That is because in regards to both its musical and lyrical content, it offers something for listeners of all ages from beginning to end. That is obvious right off the top in the superhero-themed opener ‘Superhero Rock Band.’ Considering the song’s title, one would think it to be a full-on, up-tempo rocker for the whole family. But surprisingly, it actually proves to be quite the easygoing piece. This in fact goes right along with the song’s lyrics in which front man Adam Marshall sings, “After a long day of fighting crime/They needed a way that they could unwind/With drums and electric guitars/They just wanted to rock/Without being rock stars.” He goes on to sing of each member of the cross-comic “super group” throughout each of the song’s verses, telling which instrument each member picked up. The very fact that Marshall sings in the song’s lead verse that the super powered crime fighters just wanted to relax and jam out goes perfectly with the song’s easygoing musical vibe. What’s more, the clarity of the song’s lyrical content coupled with that easygoing musical content leads to a vivid picture that will put as much of a smile on any grown-up comic book fan’s face as those of their younger counterparts. Its catchy choruses add even more enjoyment. Together with the song’s overall easygoing musical vibe and its lyrical content, which is accessible to listeners of all ages, the song in whole proves in the end to be just one prime example of why On The Bright Side is one of the best of this year’s crop of children’s albums. It is just one example of what makes this record so enjoyable for audiences of all ages, too. The band’s latest single ‘Q and U’ is another example of why On The Bright Side is such an enjoyable listen for the whole family.

‘Superhero Rock Band’ is both a great opener for The Bazillions’ new record On The Bright Side and an equally impressive example of what makes the record its own bright spot within the realm of children’s music. It obviously offers listeners of all ages plenty of enjoyment. While it offers up so much enjoyment for families, it is just one example of what makes the record in whole so fun. The whimsical ‘My Teacher Is An Alien’ is another good example of what makes it so enjoyable. The song’s musical content by itself is just one way in which the song proves its enjoyment. Its semi-pop rock vibe will take listeners right back to the early 1990s with its catchy hooks and choruses. Its lyrical content is its real heart. Marshall sings from the vantage point of a child in this song; a child that believes his or her teacher is an alien from outer space. It’s so fun for audiences of all ages because even older audiences today will have to admit to themslves that they, too had their own belief about their teachers. Who didn’t look in shock as their teachers were seen shopping for groceries outside of school? Who didn’t think teachers lived secret lives and hid great secrets in the teachers’ lounge at school? Anyone that denies this is lying to himself or herself. Marshall sings of the child’s view, “And when the day is done she gets into her car/Soon it will become her spaceship to the stars/To Venus but probably Mars/And when she’s far away (antennae on her head)/She turns a shade of green (she turned a shade of green)/And plans the next school day (and writes a test instead)/And it is sure to be alien to me.” Every grownup has been there. Every child is there. It is a belief that transcends generations and will live on in every single one. Because of that, the combination of both the song’s musical and lyrical content makes it again another clear example of why On The Bright Side is such a fun record for the whole family.

‘Superhero Rock Band’ and ‘My Teacher Is An Alien’ are both clear examples of why The Bazillions’ latest LP is one of the brightest points in this year’s crop of new children’s albums. That is due to the mix of lyrical content that will reach younger audiences just as much as those children at heart that hear it. It is also thanks to musical content that perfectly mirrors the vibe generated via the song’s musical content. Speaking of that musical content, the infectious choruses that are woven into the song add even more enjoyment to the song. All three elements combined within the course of the single song make it a clear example of why this record is one of the best of the year’s new children’s albums. Of course it is just one example of what makes this record so enjoyable for listeners of all ages. The album’s latest single ‘Q and U’ is an equally clear example of what makes it so easy on the ears. Just as with its opener, this song proves to be such a good example of what makes this record so enjoyable primarily through its musical content. Some might call this a bit of a stretch, but those older audiences that grew up in the 90s won’t be able to deny the similarity in this song’s musical content to that of say Gin Blossoms and others of that ilk. In turn those same audiences will also be unable to deny their enjoyment because of that similarity of sound. The fact that the members of The Bazillions yet again showed their ability to reach listeners of all ages with just the song’s musical content makes clear yet again why On The Bright Side is one of this year’s best new options for families. Its lyrical content proves this even more as it teaches young listeners a fun little grammar lesson about one of the most intriguing letter combinations–the Q and the U. Marshall sings about the pairing, “They’ve quickly become quite unique/And their quirkiness adds to their mystique/They’re frequently at the aquarium/Because they’re quite a big fan of Aquaman, yeah!” The use of the pairing within the song in such subtle fashion is smart to say the least. The fact that Marshall would throw in yet another comic book reference with the mention of Aquaman makes for even more enjoyment. He goes on to sing, “They squeak and squeal/And squish and squeeze/Like a squiggly squid in the sea/Thir quest for quiche is unquenchable/And their questions are quaint and quotable, yeah!” This is the same approach as in the song’s lead verse. The playful nature of the approach makes the song all the more enjoyable. When coupled with the song’s musical content, both elements show with full clarity why ‘Q and U’ is yet another example of what makes The Bazillions’ new album so fun. Families can check out the song and its brand new companion video now online for themselves online via YouTube at https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=P09WT0rtqnM.

All three of the songs listed here show in their own way why On The Bright Side is one of the best new children’s albums of the year so far. One would be remiss to ignore the album’s other tracks, though. The deeply-moving ‘Sons and Daughters’ uses a baseball backdrop to begin a discussion about family and about equality. ‘Water Cycle’ is a great piece for any elementary and perhaps even middle school science teacher to use in his or her lesson plans. The semi-folk style ‘Family Tree’ teaches both the importance of knowing one’s familial roots. All three of these songs show just as much in their own way what makes On The Bright Side so enjoyable for listeners of all ages. Regardless of whether one chooses one of these songs, one of the ones more directly noted previously or any of the remaining half dozen songs not noted here, listeners will agree in hearing On The Bright Side in whole that it is indeed one of the year’s best new children’s albums so far. It is available in stores and online now and can be ordered direct from the band’s online store at http://thebazillions.bigcartel.com/product/cd-on-the-bright-side. More information on On The Bright Side is available online along with the latest news from the band at:

Website: http://www.thebazillions.com

Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/thebazillions

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