Josh And The Jamtones’ New LP Is Steady And Solid As A Rock

Courtesy:  Jamhouse Records

Courtesy: Jamhouse Records

Josh and the Jamtones’ surprised the kindie rock world three years ago when it released its debut album Jump Up!. The album was unlike anything else in the kindie rock community at the time thanks to its mix of its ska-influenced sound and its comedy bits. That familiar sound is just as prevalent in the band’s latest release. However it isn’t the only sound that is featured throughout the record’s seventeen total tracks. There is also a hint of hip-hop and even a touch of reggae peppered into this album. That the band has switched things up this time out is a good start for the album. It is just one reason that audiences should hear this album. The comedy bits that break up the album’s overall musical track listing are collectively another reason that Rocksteady proves itself to be another hit record from Josh and the Jamtones. Speaking of those bits, their sequencing set against the sequencing of the album’s songs makes for an album in whole that will keep listeners engaged and entertained from start to finish and will leave listeners wanting more in the best way possible. All three elements show in their own ways to be integral to the success and enjoyment of Rocksteady. Collectively they prove Rocksteady to be one of this year’s best new children’s albums.

Josh and the Jamtones’ have done it yet again. The kindie rock favorite has crafted yet another album in the form of Rocksteady, its latest full-length studio recording, an album that is one of this year’s best new studio recordings. The nineteen track record, released this summer, is yet another easy candidate for any critic’s list of the year’s best new children’s albums. That is proven primarily through the musical growth exhibited in this record. The ska-influenced sound that audiences have come to know from the band ever since its 2012 record Jump Up! is just as prevalent here as in that record and its 2013 follow-up Bear Hunt. However, audiences will note that along with that sound, Rocksteady also presents a hint of both hip-hop and reggae. The hip-hop sound in question is exhibited in the form of ‘I Love You (JZ Remix)’ and ‘Katmandu.’ Audiences that are familiar with the world of children’s music will love the addition of guest artist Secret Agent 23 Skidoo to this song. The album’s reggae sound is featured in the album’s closer ‘Tailfeather.’ While the inclusion of both sounds is minimal at best here, it is still a welcome addition to the album in whole. Its addition actually adds even more enjoyment to the album and shows the band’s creative potential for the future. it is just one reason that audiences will enjoy Rocksteady, too. The inclusion of the band’s familiar “comedy bits” is another reason that audiences will enjoy this record.

Josh and the Jamtones are to be commended for branching out musically on the band’s latest full-length studio recording. The inclusion of some hip-hop and even reggae to its familiar ska-sound goes a long way toward making this recording an interesting collection of songs. It is not the only reason that audiences will enjoy Rocksteady. The inclusion of the band’s familiar “comedy bits” throughout the record makes the album even more enjoyable. While the band’s “comedy bits” are familiar to most audiences, the band has continued to impress with them even up to this point. That is because the band has kept those “bits” fresh and original on each of its albums. This time, the band’s “comedy bits” poke fun at all of the clutter on the radio. From the over the top, stereotypical mainstream personalities to the droll of the political talk stations to the points in-between, the band pokes fun at every bit of the FM and AM spectrum. All the while the band throws back to its previous album (and debut DVD) with appearances of sorts by none other than Butters the Peanut Buttery Bear. Yes, Butter is back. And he is just as entertaining as ever. That Jewish mother figure that was so hilarious in the band’s previous album is apparently here, too. This time she take the part of a radio talk show host. And she, too is just has funny as ever. Whether for either of these figures or any of the others that appear throughout the record’s “comedy bits,” every one of the bits featured in this record make it that much more enjoyable of a listen. Collectively, they show (along with the album’s musical numbers) even more clearly why Rocksteady is in fact steady as a rock from beginning to end.

The musical numbers and “comedy bits” that make up the body of Rocksteady show in full that the band’s new album is one of those works that is rather well-titled. For all of the positives exhibited through the album’s musical numbers and “comedy bits” neither would be of any importance if not for their sequencing. It is thanks both to the band and to those at the boards and behind the glass that each element works so well. The album’s nineteen total tracks are sequenced in just the right fashion to keep listeners fully engaged from start to finish, laughing and smiling the whole way there. It’s a good mix of material throughout. That solid mix of material rounds out the record and in turn allows for each track to be properly highlighted thus showing once more exactly why Rocksteady is such an impressive new effort from Josh and the Jamtones. It proves to be so impressive in fact that it is safe to say that this record is yet another of the year’s best new children’s albums.

Two years have passed since Josh and the Jamtones released its most recent album Bear Hunt. And the band has shown on its latest album that it was a wait that was well worth it. That is thanks to the musical growth exhibited on this the band’s latest album. The “comedy bits” included throughout the album will have audiences laughing throughout, too. The sequencing of the whole thing rounds out the ways in which it proves itself such an enjoyable work. All things considered, Rocksteady proves in the end to be truly rock steady. It is an album that is one of the best of the year’s new children’s records. It is available now in stores and online. More information on Rocksteady is available online now along with all of Josh and the Jamtones’ latest updates at:




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