Transformers Rescue Bots’ New DVD Is “Roaring” Fun For The Whole Family

Courtesy:  Shout! Factory/Shout! Factory Kids/Hasbro Studios

Courtesy: Shout! Factory/Shout! Factory Kids/Hasbro Studios

Shout! Factory and Hasbro Studios will release the latest collection of episodes from Discovery Family’s hit Transformers series Rescue Bots next week. The collection, Transformers Rescue Bots: Dino Bots will be released next Tuesday, August 25th. The ninth collection of episodes from the hit series, it is also one of the best to be released so far. The main reason for that is that its episode list doesn’t just lift randomly from the series’ so far three seasons. Rather it keeps its five episodes limited to just one season. What’s more the episodes in question are presented in mostly chronological order than a random order. As important as both of the noted elements are to this disc, they are just small parts of what makes it so enjoyable for viewers. The writing behind each of these episodes is just as important as the episodes and their ordering. The series’ writers are to be commended for their efforts to make each of the stories as believable as possible and as enjoyable as possible, too. It can be said that they succeeded quite well in both arenas, leading this collection to be one more that Transformers fans of any age will want to add to their own home library.

Transformers Rescue Bots: Dino Bots is one of the best collections to be released from Discovery Family’s hit animated series to date. There are multiple reasons for this, the least of which being its episode list. The episode list featured in this collection stands out among those of Shout! Factory’s previous Transformers Rescue Bots collections by and large because it actually lifts from just one of the series’ current three season run. The series’ previous collections each lift randomly from each of the series’ seasons at the time in order to match their collective titles. So in the case of this collection, its title Dino Bots actually is far more fitting than any of the series’ previous compilations. That is not to say that the series’ previous sets are any less enjoyable for that reason. Rather it just means that for the first time audiences actually get a full complement of episodes thoughtfully assembled from one source rather than a group of random episodes tossed together for the sake of making a compilation. It’s just the starting point in the examination of what makes this compilation so much fun for the whole family. The sequencing of the featured episodes also plays an important part in its overall success and enjoyment.

The fact that the episodes featured in Transformers Rescue Bots: Dino Bots are all pulled from just one of the series’ three current seasons is in itself a major positive to the disc. On a related note, the sequencing of the episodes is just as important to the compilation’s presentation. Audiences will note in this compilation that all five episodes are presented in the same chronological order as they appeared in their original airings on Discovery Family. As far as this critic can tell, this set marks the first time since Shout! Factory started releasing the series’ sets three years ago. It shows even more the dedication on the pat of all involved to finally bring audiences a true, proper compilation. Some might ask why this is so important. The answer is that pulling randomly placing episodes into a set produces the potential of having bits and pieces of story arcs being picked and chosen thus leaving open ends. Even in a series based in standalone episodes such as this one, there are some small story arcs incorporated into the series such as the two-part story arc presented in this set in which the Rescue Bots have to face off against Colonel Quarry. And having them piecemealed such as in the series’ previous sets tends to throw things off. So having five episodes presented here in largely the same order as they appeared on television helps to maintain a certain level of enjoyment. It is an element that far too few people consider in compilations, period. But it is something that deserves notation as clearly exhibited here. For all of the importance of the episodes’ sequencing in this set and of the episodes themselves, they are not the compilation’s only important elements. The writing behind each of the episodes is yet another important element in the collection’s success and enjoyment.

The writing that went into each of this collection’s episodes is just as important to the collection’s overall success and enjoyment as the episodes themselves and their sequencing. That is because it shows the writers’ attempts to make each episode just as believable and entertaining as possible for viewers. One way in which those efforts are exhibited is in the Rescue Bots’ acquisition of their new forms. The writers don’t just let the Rescue Bots get them and have them. Audiences will note that the Rescue Bots in fact have a little bit of trouble getting accustomed to their new forms almost being taken over by the primal behaviors of the dinosaurs that they scanned. At more than one point Optimus is overcome by those behaviors after having used his new form in order to help save the Rescue Bots. Even Boulder begins to fall victim to them at another point. On a more specific note, the set’s opening episode sees both Cade and Dr. Green using life vests while making their way on-bard Heatwave to the island to investigate it. These are just a few ways in which the writing proves so important to these episodes. They aren’t the only examples of what makes it so impressive, either. There are great references to Jurassic Park and Godzilla peppered into the episodes for good measure. And having the Rescue Bots, who are themselves still learning human culture having to teach an unfrozen caveman about modern life is itself well worth its share of laughs. It is one more way in which the writing behind these episodes proves to be so important in the overall success and entertainment value of Transformers Rescue Bots: Dino Bots. The writing, together with the collection’s episodes and their sequencing, make the collection whole. All together, they make this collection one more impressive collection of Transformers Rescue Bots episodes if not the series’ best collection of episodes yet.

Transformers Rescue Bots: Dino Bots is one of the best collections of episodes to be released from the hit Discovery Family series to date. It could even be argued to be the best of the series’ collections to date. That is thanks in large part to its episodes and their sequencing. The writing behind each of the set’s episodes is just as pivotal to their success and enjoyment. All things considered this latest collection shows in the end to be one more that Transformers fans of all ages will want to add to their home DVD libraries. It will be available next Tuesday, August 25th in stores and online. It can be ordered online direct from Shout! Factory’s online store at More information on this and other titles from Shout! Factory and Shout! Factory Kids is available online now at:




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