PBS Kids’ New Super Why Collection Is Another Magical Must Have For Teachers, Parents, And Children

Courtesy: PBS Distribution/PBS Kids/PBS

Courtesy: PBS Distribution/PBS Kids/PBS

Earlier this August PBS Kids and PBS Distribution released its latest collection of episodes from its hit vocabulary-building series Super Why: Cinderella and Other Fairytale Adventures. Just the latest in an expansive series of releases, this new collection is one more magical (terrible pun fully intended) collection for the whole family. The main reason that it is such an enjoyable collection of episodes is the writing within each of its five episodes. The episodes, on the surface, take Whyatt and the rest of the Super Readers on five more wonderful stories into the world of books in order to solve problems within the books and in turn problems in their own lives. On another level, the work of the episodes’ writers pays off as it teaches some more subtle lessons along the way that tie in to the episodes. Those more subtle lessons could easily be used as starting points for discussions between children and grown-ups on some very real and very important issues. That is another reason that this latest collection of Super Why episodes proves to be yet another enjoyable collection for the whole family. It will be discussed at more length later. Staying on the topic of lessons being taught, Super Why: Cinderella and Other Fairytale Adventures also comes with some starting points for equally important and invaluable lessons included inside the DVD’s case that are equally valuable in the classroom and the living room. All three elements together make Super Why: Cinderella and Other Fairytale Adventures yet another must have for every educator, parent, and child.

Super Why: Cinderella and Other Fairytale Adventures is hardly the first collection of episodes to be released from PBS Kids’ hit vocab building series. That aside it still is no less enjoyable for audiences. As a matter of fact, considering its title and collection of episodes, it could be said that it is in fact quite the magical collection of episodes. The main reason for that is the work of the series’ writers in crafting each of the collection’s episodes. That is exemplified through the fun adaptations of the five classic fairtytales presented in the collection. Snow White is presented as are Cinderella, The Boy Who Cried Wolf and The Prince and the Pauper and even Cinderella as told from the Prince’s vantage point. While the writers don’t necessarily stick completely to the original stories–which is the norm with any Super Why episode–but the presented adventures do stick just closely enough to the source material to make the Super Readers’ adventures enjoyable. On another level, they make the adventures enjoyable that they leave young readers wanting to read the original stories from which the adventures were lifted. What’s more, the writers clearly and efficiently manage to tie in the Super Readers’ problems with the stories’ problems. This makes both concepts easily accessible for the show’s young viewers. It is yet another way in which the writing behind each episode proves to be so important to the whole of the presentation that is Super Why: Cinderella and Other Fairytale Adventures. It is just one aspect of the whole that makes the DVD so enjoyable, too. The more subtle lessons that are tied into each of the DVD’s episodes are collectively another important part of the disc’s whole.

The primary lessons that are tied into each of the DVDs episodes in themselves gives this presentation plenty of reason to be watched. However, they make up only one part of what makes this DVD worth the watch. There are some more subtle lessons tied into each episode that makes for even more reason to watch each episode. Now not every lesson might have been intentionally inserted into the episodes. But they are there regardless. One example of those more subtle, secondary lessons comes in “Snow White.” The Super Readers jump into the episode’s title book here and meet its lead character as she encounters the evil queen in her guise of the elderly woman. Those familiar with this story know that the evil queen is in disguise as part of her attempt to kill Snow White. On the surface, this ties directly into the episode’s main topic. On a more subtle level, it could be argued that this episode serves as a starting point for a discussion on the topic of “stranger danger” as it is typically called. That is because Snow White didn’t necessarily know the old woman. She was a stranger. And she didn’t have the best intentions for Snow White. So to that extent it could easily be argued that said topic is there. On another level, the episode’s main topic in which Princess Pea has a stomach ache and has to decide whether or not to take Goldilocks’ offer for some popcorn presents a chance to talk about overeating. This could also lead to a whole other discussion on healthy eating, too. To that extent, it can be said yet again that even if the lessons in question were not intentionally placed in any of the episodes, they are there. And this episode alone is just one way in which that argument can be made. “The Prince and the Pauper” teaches a subtle lesson that the grass isn’t necessarily greener on the other side. This can lead to a discussion on jealousy (wanting what others have and whether or not it’s really worth it). It could even be argued that a discussion centered on appreciating what one has could be started from this episode, too. Yet again, here is another example of how the secondary, more subtle lessons featured in this disc serve to enhance the overall viewing experience of the presentation in whole. It is not the end of the positives boasted by this latest collection of episodes, either. The bonus lesson ideas included inside the DVD’s case round out the presentation, showing in whole why it is in fact yet another must have for any educator, parent, and child.

The lessons–both primary and secondary–that are presented throughout each episode included in PBS Kids’ new Super Why compilation make this disc by themselves a must have for any educator, parent, and child. While both elements prove equally important to the overall viewing experience here, they are not the only reasons that educators, parents, and children alike will enjoy and appreciate this collection. Along with those lessons, there are also some extra ideas for lessons included inside the case itself that are just as valuable in their own right. One of the lessons in question centers on the story of Cinderella. It utilizes the concept of Cinderella having to keep track of time as a starting point for a lesson on telling time. And it’s not just a lecture lesson either. It encourages educators and parents to actually make a clock together and in turn learn about telling time. From The Boy Who Cried Wolf there is a lesson that not only allows children to have a party but learn at the same time by throwing a party that is centered on a specific letter of the alphabet. The catch is that all of the food, decorations, etc. must center around said letter. This has possibilities beyond just learning letters. It could lead to lessons on manners and maybe even more. There is also a vocab building game that uses musical chairs as its base, and even an invaluable lesson about appreciating and celebrating the things that make us different. This lesson brings everything full circle as it is centered on the Super Readers’ second meeting with Cinderella. Not every one of those lessons will reach every young viewer. But it can be guaranteed that every one of the noted bonus lessons will reach at least one specific group of viewers. That being the case, each one of the bonus lessons included inside the DVD’s case prove in full why they are just as important as the lessons presented within the episodes. Together with those episodes, they serve to show completely why Super Why: Cinderella and Other Fairytale Adventures is a definite must have for any educator, parent, and child.

Super Why: Cinderella and Other Fairytale Adventures is not the first collection of Super Why episodes to be released by PBS Kids and PBS Distribution. That aside, it proves in whole thanks to its enjoyable stories and equally invaluable lessons to be yet another magical must have for any educator, parent, and child. It is available now in stores and online and can be ordered direct online via PBS’ online store at http://www.shoppbs.org/product/index.jsp?productId=66322776&cp=&sr=1&kw=super+why&origkw=Super+Why&parentPage=search. More information on this and other Super Why collections is available online now along with all of the latest Super Why news and even Super Why games and activities at:

Website: http://pbskids.org/superwhy

Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/superwhy

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