TMG To Release The Saint: Seasons One And Two Next Month

Courtesy:  Timeless Media Group

Courtesy: Timeless Media Group

Earlier this summer, Timeless Media Group, an imprint of Shout! Factory, resurrected the classic action/drama series The Saint in its entirety. Not everyone was lucky enough to get their hands on the thirty-three disc collection for one reason or another. Now fans that weren’t able to get their hands on that box set will be happy to know that Shout! Factory will start fresh next month with the release of The Saint: Seasons One & Two.

Timeless Media Group will release The Saint: Seasons One & Two on Tuesday, October 13th. The ten-disc collection will be available exclusively on DVD. It features such classic episodes as “The Benevolent Burglary,” “The Arrow of God,” and “The Sporting Chance” among so many other classics. The thirty-nine episode run also features guest appearances from the likes of Oliver Reed (Tommy, Gladiator, Oliver!), Academy Award® Julie Christie (Darling, Doctor Zhivago, Finding Neverland) and former Bond girls Honor Blackman (Goldfinger, The Avengers, Bridget Jones’s Diary) and Shirley Eaton (Goldfinger, Carry on Sergeant, Carry on Nurse). The complete episode listing for The Saint: Seasons One & Two is noted below.


Episode Episode Title
1 The Saint: The Talented Husband
2 The Saint: The Latin Touch
3 The Saint: The Careful Terrorist
4 The Saint: The Covetous Headsman
5 The Saint: The Loaded Tourist
6 The Saint: The Pearls Of Peace
7 The Saint: The Arrow Of God
8 The Saint: The Element Of Doubt
9 The Saint: The Effete Angler
10 The Saint: The Golden Journey
11 The Saint: The Man Who Was Lucky
12 The Saint: The Charitable Countess
13 The Saint: The Fellow Traveller
14 The Saint: Starring The Saint
15 The Saint: Judith
16 The Saint: Teresa
17 The Saint: The Elusive Ellshaw
18 The Saint: Marcia
19 The Saint: The Work Of Art
20 The Saint: Iris
21 The Saint: The King Of The Beggars
22 The Saint: The Rough Diamonds
23 The Saint: The Saint Plays With Fire
24 The Saint: The Well Meaning Mayor
25 The Saint: The Sporting Chance
26 The Saint: The Bunco Artists
27 The Saint: The Benevolent Burglary
28 The Saint: The Wonderful War
29 The Saint: The Noble Sportsman
30 The Saint: The Romantic Matron
31 The Saint: Luella
32 The Saint: The Lawless Lady
33 The Saint: The Good Medicine
34 The Saint: The Invisible Millionaire
35 The Saint: The High Fence
36 The Saint: Sophia
37 The Saint: The Gentle Ladies
38 The Saint: The Ever-Loving Spouse
39 The Saint: The Saint Sees It Through


The Saint: Seasons One & Two will be available in stores and online Tuesday, October 13th. It will retail for MSRP of $44.99 but can be pre-ordered online now at a discounted price of $37.99 via Shout! Factory’s online store at More information on this and other titles from Timeless Media Group is available online now at:



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