Dinosaur Train Keeps Rolling On The Right Track In Its Latest DVD

Courtesy:  PBS Kids/PBS Distribution

Courtesy: PBS Kids/PBS Distribution

All aboard! It’s time for another ride on the dinosaur train! Earlier this month, PBS Kids and PBS Distribution released the latest in its ongoing series of DVDs from the hit series Dinosaur Train, Dinosaurs Are Different. And this latest collection of episodes is yet another great collection for any young paleontologist in training. The main reason that it is so enjoyable is its collection of primary lessons presented in the disc’s featured episodes. That will be discussed shortly. The secondary lessons that are included inside the DVD’s case give audiences even more enjoyment in the classroom and living room alike. The bonus material included with the package rounds out its presentation. Each noted element is important in its own right to the DVD’s presentation. Altogether, they make Dinosaurs Are Different no different from PBS Kids’ previous Dinosaur Train DVDs. In other words, they collectively make it just as enjoyable for audiences as those previous releases.

Dinosaurs Are Different is fitting title for PBS Kids’ latest Dinosaur Train DVD. That is because ironically enough this DVD is no different from PBS Kids’ previous Dinosaur Train DVDs. More simply put it is just as enjoyable as those DVDs. It proves to be just as enjoyable as those presentations primarily through the lessons presented throughout the course of its eight total episodes. The lessons in question center on the specific differences of different dinosaur species. The obvious and instant question here is, “hasn’t the show done that all along?” The answer to that question is yes. However in regards to the DVDs that have been released up to this point, none have so solely focused on this subject. Most of them mix that lesson in with others over the course of their featured episodes. So to that extent, it can be said here that the centralized focus of the episodes’ lessons is a fully important part of the disc’s presentation. It all begins with a lesson on Velociraptors and their feathers. Viewers of all ages will be interested to learn that not only did real Velociraptors (unlike the scaly killers presented in Jurassic Park) have feathers, but those feathers were in fact not even used for flight. As a matter of fact, said dinosaurs couldn’t even fly. They were more for show. In a similar vein, the Pteranodon kids also learn about another feathered dinosaur—the Archaeopteryx—in “The Old Bird.” Having both episodes in one collection, audiences can use them side by side to find out what makes both feathered dinosaurs different from one another. On another note, “New Neighbors” and “Hornucopia” could be used side by side to compare two different dinosaur species in regards to features on their heads and what makes those features (and in turn the dinosaurs) different from one another. “An Armored Tail,” “The Wing Kings,” “Buck-Tooth Bucky,” and “Long Claws” can be used against one another just as much in similar fashion. In the case of these episodes viewers learn about various adaptations that different dinosaurs had and the purpose of each adaptation in regards to each dinosaur. In the long run, not only do children learn basic lessons about dinosaur differences but also broader lessons about biology and even lessons centered on problem solving and other related skills.   All things considered here, the primary lessons presented in Dinosaur Train: Dinosaurs Are Different form a solid core for the DVDs presentation. They are just part of what makes this DVD’s presentation worth the watch, too. The secondary lessons presented inside the DVD’s case are just as important to the DVD as the primary lessons presented on disc.

The primary lessons presented throughout Dinosaurs Are Different are the cornerstone of this DVD’s presentation. Together they form a solid core for the DVD. They are just one part of the presentation that should be noted in examining the DVD in whole. The secondary lessons that are featured inside the DVD’s case are just as important to the DVD’s presentation as those on disc. There are only two lessons here. But both are fully important in their own right to the whole of the DVD. The first lesson has parents have children examine a pair of eggs and note what makes them different both inside and outside. From there, parents and educators can have children draw faces on paper plates and give each face features that are different from one another.   The second of the lessons not only has children match animals to their different tastes in food but also teaches kids to try out new foods, thus hopefully helping them become less picky eaters.   This could even lead to lessons about healthy eating. To that extent that alone makes this lesson even more important than it was to begin with. And together with its companion lesson both lessons together strengthen the foundation formed by the DVD’s primary lessons even more. The end result is a DVD that in whole becomes even more valuable to parents and educators alike. It still is not the only remaining way in which this new Dinosaur Train DVD proves itself to be another enjoyable collection of Dinosaur Train episodes. The bonus material included with the primary and secondary lessons round out the whole of the DVD’s presentation.

The primary and secondary lessons that are presented throughout the course of PBS Kids’ new Dinosaur Train DVD are both equally important to the whole of this DVD. However they are not the only elements that deserve to be noted in examining the whole of the disc’s presentation. The bonus material included with the disc is just as important to note as those lessons. The bonus material in question is different this time out than with previous Dinosaur Train DVDs. The printable PDFs and games have been omitted this time, which is interesting to note. In their place is a booklet that includes pictures from various PBS Kids series alongside a matching game in the companion booklet’s opening page. The game asks young viewers to match three featured dinosaurs with their names in another column. That is the extent of the bonuses directly connected to this DVD. However the coloring pages, which feature images from other PBS Kids series, can be copied onto larger sheets of paper that could in turn be used for children at later dates. On the surface this doesn’t seem like much. But in the bigger picture, it actually is a good thing. It means that parents and educators don’t have to turn on the computer, put in the disc, boot up everything and go through menus to get to said printable documents. Instead they can just pull out the booklet (or printable coloring pages from previous Dinosaur Train DVDs) and just make copies. It is less steps and all the same enjoyment in the end. So considering this, while this DVD may not boast the same bonuses as in previous Dinosaur Train DVDs, it still does boast its own bonuses of sorts. And set against the primary and secondary lessons presented throughout the DVD and its packaging, all three elements together make Dinosaur Train: Dinosaurs are Different one more great addition to any classroom or living room setting.

Dinosaur Train: Dinosaurs are Different is yet another welcome addition to any classroom or living room setting from PBS Kids’ hit animated series. This eight-episode presentation teaches a number of lessons through both its primary and secondary lesson points. Those lessons include noting differences between different dinosaurs, basic biology, and using observational skills just to name a few. There is also a lesson included inside the disc’s case that promotes trying new foods and eating healthy. And while the bonus materials that viewers have come to expect from this series’ DVDs are not present here, that does not mean that there are no bonuses. Quite the opposite is the truth. There is a companion booklet with a dino matching game that can be printed out along with coloring pages that can be copied for kids to color. The coloring pages also promote PBS Kids’ other hit series, thus getting kids interested in even more great educational shows from PBS Kids. Each of the noted elements is in its own right an important part of the whole of Dinosaur Train: Dinosaurs are Different. Combined, they make this DVD once more yet another welcome addition to any classroom and living room setting. It is available now in stores and online and can be ordered direct via PBS’ online store at http://www.shoppbs.org/product/index.jsp?productId=69016486&cp=&sr=1&kw=dinosaurs+are+different&origkw=Dinosaurs+are+Different&parentPage=search. More information on this and other Dinosaur Train DVDs is available with lots more Dinosaur Train activities, videos, and games at:

Website: http://pbskids.org/dinosaurtrain

Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/DinosaurTrain

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