Lady A’s Latest Live Recording Will Have Fans’ Hands Up And Clapping

Courtesy:  Eagle Rock Entertainment

Courtesy: Eagle Rock Entertainment

This past October, superstar country music act Lady Antebellum wrapped its “Wheels Up Tour.” The tour, which was in support of its latest full-length studio recording, 2014’s 747, spanned a total of sixty-six dates, eight countries including the United States, Canada, and select European nations, and garnered a total revenue of more than six million dollars. That means that thousands of fans across the world got to see this platinum-selling and Grammy Award-winning country act. However, just as many fans didn’t get to see the trio. That is because as many did get to see the trio perform, its global tour only visited a select group of nations. Its North American tour was far more far-reaching. Last month though, the band teamed up with Eagle Rock Entertainment to give even more fans the chance to see the band perform with the release of its new live recording Wheels Up Tour. There is plenty for fans to appreciate about this performance, originally recorded at the band’s June 27th performance in Irvine, California beginning with the concert’s overall presentation. Audiences get here more than just another run-of-the-mill concert recording. Audiences get to see the band’s concert as well as vignettes featuring fans in attendance and the band’s interaction with said fans before the concert. The show’s set list is just as important to the whole of the recording if not more so. The band’s stage presence is one more important part of the recording’s whole but hardly the last. The concert’s production values are also an important part of the recording’s presentation. Together with the previously noted elements, the presentation of Wheels Up Tour shows in whole to be yet another impressive live recording from Lady Antebellum and more proof of why Eagle Rock Entertainment remains today the leading name in live recordings.

Eagle Rock Entertainment has shown time and time again why it is the leading name in live recordings. It has done so with the release of live recordings from a number of different acts that span the musical universe and with recordings that give audiences the best seat in the house whether or not those audiences were able to be in attendance at the concerts featured in the given recordings. Now with the release of Lady Antebellum’s latest live recording, Wheels Up Tour, it has continued to hold that mantle with strength and pride. The third full-length live recording that the band has released via Eagle Rock Entertainment, this recording is another impressive piece from the two parties first and foremost through its general presentation. The concert presented here is not just a standard, run-of-the-mill concert recording. Instead of just giving audiences the concert, the recording also features vignettes featuring the band’s fans as well as the band and its interaction with its fans outside of the concert. Audiences will be interested to learn of the dedication of some fans. One group of fans, audiences will discover, drove about three days just to see the band’s show. That’s dedication. In another vignette, audiences see the band invite a young lady “up on stage” in a pre-show performance in which the young lady gets to actually perform on her own for both the audience in attendance and for the band. This isn’t just a performance with the band but actually by herself as the band and audience watch. There’s a certain genuine vibe from the band that audiences will appreciate in seeing that genuine respect for fans from the band. At the same time, the love that the fans have for the band is just as pleasant to see. The solid editing between the band’s performance and the recording’s companion vignettes makes the presentation in whole one that entertain audiences from beginning to end and in the same vein will keep them just as engaged.

The general presentation of Lady A’s Wheels Up Tour is in itself plenty of reason for the trio’s fans to add this latest recording to their home music libraries and DVD/Blu-ray collections. It is just one reason that audiences will enjoy this recording. The show’s set list is another important part of the recording’s presentation. The twenty-song set list covers all five of the band’s current albums. Yes, there are six total releases, but one of them is a holiday collection, thus leading the count to actually be five if that makes any sense. What is really interesting about this is of those twenty-songs, the band’s 2010 sophomore album Need You Now is most heavily represented with a total of five tracks. Those tracks are: ‘Perfect Day,’ ‘Hello World, ‘Need You Now,’ ‘Our Kind of Love,’ and ‘American Honey.’ 747, which the tour was supporting, is represented here by four songs. The band’s 2008 self-titled debut is represented with only three songs as is 2011’s Own The Night. Golden gets two nods for a total of eighteen songs. There are also three covers–Ed Sheeran’s ‘Thinking Out Loud,’ ‘Aerosmith and Run DMC’s ‘Walk This Way,’ and Shania Twain’s ‘Any Man of Mine’–included in the show for a total of twenty songs. Considering the spread of songs featured in this recording audiences will appreciate just how much of the band’s catalogue is covered here. Add in the mix of covers included in the set, it shows that the band listens, obviously, to more than just other country acts. In turn it might even get audiences that might otherwise not listen to those acts into said acts. To that effect, the set list featured in Wheels Up Tour proves to be just as important to its overall presentation as the band’s performance. It still is not the only remaining important element worth noting in this recording. The band’s stage presence is just as important to note.

The set list that makes up the body of Wheels Up Tour and the overall presentation of the recording contained therein are both equally important to the whole of the recording. While both elements are equally important in their own right to the whole of the recording they are just not all that should be noted. The band’s stage presence couples with the concert’s production values to round out the recording’s most important elements. Audiences will be impressed by the band’s stage presence because of its energy throughout. The trio and its backing musicians give their all throughout the show. And it shows quite well even on the small screen. That clear translation of said energy is thanks to the work of those behind the concert’s cameras and audio boards. The venue’s rather large size allows for plenty of great shots. And the camera crew utilized every one of them, capturing every bit of the band’s energy and the love and energy given by the audience in return. The audio is just as impressive considering the venue’s size. The concert’s audio engineers expertly handled the challenges presented by the venue’s size. They captured the venue’s size by balancing the sound of the trio singing without losing the trio’s vocals in all of its echoing through the concert hall. Also balanced within that element was the crows noise. It complements the audio not just from the trio but its backing musicians, too. The end result of the expert camera work and audio engineering is a concert that captures Lady Antebellum’s enjoyable stage presence quite well. And together with the show’s set list and general presentation of the concert in all of its facets, Wheels Up Tour shows in the end to be yet another must have for any of the trio’s fans. It also proves to be yet an impressive companion to the trio’s previous pair of recordings released via Eagle Rock Entertainment as well as more proof of why Eagle Rock Entertainment remains today the leading name in live recordings.

Lady Antebellum’s Wheels Up Tour live recording is another impressive recording released by the partnership between the trio and Eagle Rock Recording. The third of the band’s live recordings to be released via Eagle Rock Entertainment, it features a concert that is more than just a concert. It actually takes audiences behind the scenes before and during the concert showing why the trio’s fans are so dedicated to the group and why the connection between the two parties is so strong. The set list, which covers all five of the group’s albums so far adds even more reason for fans to add this recording to their respective music libraries and DVD/Blu-ray collections. The combined stage presence by Lady Antebellum and its clear translation via the work of those behind the lenses and audio boards rounds out the presentation, showing once more why any Lady Antebellum fan will appreciate this new recording from the superstar country act. Wheels Up Tour is available now in stores and online. More information on this and other titles from Eagle Rock Entertainment is available online now at:




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