Anthrax Discusses “For All Kings” Writing Process In Latest Video

Megaforce Records/Nuclear Blast Records

Courtesy: Megaforce Records/Nuclear Blast Records

This winter, Anthrax will heat things up when it releases its new album For All Kings. In anticipation of the album’s upcoming release, the band has already released the album’s lead single ‘Evil Twin’ and unveiled the album’s cover art. And just recently the band posted a video online in which the band’s members discuss what audiences can expect from the band’s eleventh full-length studio recording. That video has been followed up with yet another new presentation from the band that was posted this week.

Anthrax posted its second “teaser” video online for its upcoming album For All Kings this week.  The video, which can be seen online via YouTube at sees the band’s members discussing the songwriting process not just in general but also for its highly-anticipated new album.

Courtesy:  Megaforce Records

Courtesy: Megaforce Records

Fans will be interested to learn in watching this video just how much material the band had ready to go for this record versus previous albums and why. The full story won’t be spoiled. But it can be revealed that it has to do in part with drummer Charlie Benante having had carpal tunnel during the band’s last tour cycle. Bassist Scott Ian shares his thoughts on how that played a role in the album’s writing process. This leads to discussions by the rest of the band’s members on how the songs came to life from who developed the songs’ musical content to who handled the melodies and lyrics. The band’s newest member Jon Donais even adds his own insight noting that he basically played the role of a middle man for all intents and purposes. Of course there’s a certain playfulness in his tone as he explains this that will give fans a little laugh. That is just a small look at what the band has to offer fans in its latest “behind-the-scenes” video. There is much more for fans to take in when they watch the video for themselves. Again, the video can be viewed online now via YouTube at

More information on For All Kings is available online along with all of the band’s latest news at:





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