PBS Kids Announces Release Date, Specs For Latest WordWorld DVD

Courtesy:  PBS Kids/PBS Distribution/PBS

Courtesy: PBS Kids/PBS Distribution/PBS

PBS Kids and PBS Distribution have another brand new collection of Wordworld episodes on the way next month.

PBS Kids and PBS Distribution will release the brand new WordWorld DVD WordWorld: Planes, Trains, and Trucks on Tuesday, March 8th. The DVD eight more entertaining and educating episodes for the whole family. In “Race To The Spaceship,” Frog and Robot want to play spaceship tag. But the only way that they can is to get to the top of WordWorld’s tallest mountain. It’s up to Frog to help Robot get to the top of the mountain so that they can build the word “spaceship” and play spaceship tag. Along the way, they also learn how to make a car, a boat, and even a bike go faster. It’s just one example of what audiences have to look forward to in this new DVD.

It’s Insect Air Show Day in “Flying Ant,” another of the DVD’s featured episodes. This episode sees Ant wishing he could join his flying insect friends in the day’s festivities. The problem is that unlike them he can’t fly. So Pig comes to his aid and helps him find a way to get airborn and be the hit of the show.

From the sky to the water, WordWorld takes audiences on yet another fun-filled adventure in “The Race To Mystery Island.” This episode sees Pig and Frog learn a very important and invaluable lesson about working together as they race their way to Mystery Island. It all starts off with a friendly competition to outdo the other. Things eventually grow to the point that the pair ends up in a race to the island, trying to slow the other down as they make their way there. The end result is that all-too-important lesson about teamwork, and of course an equally invaluable vocabulary-building lesson, too. It’s just one more example of what audiences have to expect in PBS Kids’ and PBS distribution’s latest collection of episodes from WordWorld. The complete episode listing for this DVD is noted below.


WordWorld: Planes, Trains, and Trucks Episodes

Duck’s Family Reunion

Back on Track


Race To Mystery Island

Wee Little Whale

Rocket To The Moon

Race To The Spaceship

Flying Ant

WordWorld: Planes, Trains, and Trucks will be available on DVD Tuesday, March 8th. It will retail for MSRP of $9.99. It can be pre-ordered online now direct via PBS’ online store at http://www.shoppbs.org/product/index.jsp?productId=88677596&cp=&sr=1&kw=wordworld&origkw=WordWorld&parentPage=search. More information on this and other episodes of WordWorld is available online now along with loads of WordWorld games, activities and more at:

Website: http://www.wordworld.com

Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/WordWorld

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