Time Life’s Latest Hee Haw Collection Is Small But Packs Lots Of Laughs

Courtesy:  Time Life Entertainment/StarVista Entertainment

Courtesy: Time Life Entertainment/StarVista Entertainment

CBS’ classic variety series Hee Haw is one of the most surprising series in television’s modern history.  That is because of the length of its run.  It initially ran for two years on CBS from 1969 to 1971 before the network dropped the show, which was originally a replacement for another variety show, The Smothers Brothers Comedy Hour.  Even after begin cut from CBS’ ranks as part of its “rural purge” the show still managed to stay on the air in a variety of fashions until 1993.  Even after it finally ended its run on television, it still has not stayed dead thanks to Time Life Entertainment.  When the networks relinquished the reins on the show Time Life picked them up and has kept the show alive for yet another generation thanks to its DVD box sets featuring the show’s episodes.  Time Life has been churning out those box sets for a number of years.  And next Tuesday it will release yet another collection of episodes in the form of The Hee Haw Collection: Kornfield Klassics.  The core element of this collection is its episodes.  Unlike so many Hee Haw collections before it, this collection features only enough episodes to fill a single disc.  More specifically it features just two episodes.  But they are still enjoyable in their own right.  That brings up the disc’s second most important element, the content of said episodes.  There’s plenty of country and bluegrass for fans of those genres.  There are also plenty of laughs to be had in the skits that serve as the episodes’ main body.  Last but not least of note in this latest collection of sorts is its collective production values and companion booklet.  These pieces of the disc’s presentation round out its most notable elements.  They play their own important part in the whole of Time Life Entertainment’s new Hee Haw presentation.  Together with the episodes and their overall content all three elements make The Hee Haw Collection: Kornfield Klassics a “collection” that any of the show’s fans should have in his or her own home DVD library.

Time Life Entertainment’s latest “collection” of classic Hee Haw episodes is one more that any of the show’s fans should have in his or her own home DVD library.  This is even with the single disc presentation boasting only two episodes.  Even with just two episodes, the episodes in question are still reason enough in itself for fans of the classic variety show to own this disc.  The episodes in question are both true classics.  They are both lifted from the series’ second season and feature plenty of great music and comedy.  Considering that the show was originally pulled from CBS’ lineup after its second season, this latest pairing becomes all the more important for fans.  It is a document of sorts of the show in its infancy; one that is quite rare nowadays.  That is even with so many other Hee Haw sets having been released over the past decade or so.  Of course the two episodes featured in this latest release are collectively just one important element in its overall presentation.  The actual content presented in each of the episodes is just as important as the episodes themselves.

The episodes that are featured in Time Life Entertainment’s new Hee Haw collection are in themselves an important part of its overall presentation.    They are only one important and notable element of its presentation.  The actual content within the featured episodes is just as important to the presentation of this disc as the episodes themselves.  What audiences get in these episodes is another sampling of what made (and continues to make) Hee Haw such an undervalued series.  Audiences get the classic doctor skit featuring the doc telling his patients not to do what hurts them, the fan favorite front porch skits with grandpa laying out telling jokes with Roy, and so many laugh riot outtakes that audiences themselves will be laughing tears of joy as they hold their sides on the floor.  This is just a miniscule example of what makes the episodes’ content so important to this release’s presentation.  There are also great performances from the likes of Roger Miller, Loretta Lynn, Peggy Little and lots more across both episodes.  Between the episodes’ great tunes, the laugh-a-minute skits and equally riotous outtakes included in the episodes, the whole of their presentation makes up for the fact that there are only two episodes featured in this collection.  Both episodes will keep audiences that well entertained. Keeping that in mind, both the episodes featured in this new Hee Haw presentation and their content prove hugely important to its overall presentation. They are not the disc’s only notable elements either. The episodes’ collective production values and the disc’s companion booklet are the last but hardly least important elements. The episodes’ production values—their audio and video mix—is so important to their presentation in that if there was any re-mastering done within these episodes it is nearly unnoticeable. That being the case, the look and sound of the episodes creates a wonderful, welcome sense of nostalgia for those that grew up watching this timeless series. And for those that are part of the new generation, the “rough” look of the show versus the spit-shined look and sound of today’s TV shows serve as a reminder of the life and soul of TV back in that era. The sound wasn’t rough per se. but at the same time, it’s clear that it didn’t have that “modern” sound either. Together with the original footage both elements together give a viewing experience that is in itself more than enough reason to see both episodes. On a related note, the companion booklet that comes with The Hee Haw Collection: Kornfield Klassics is just as important to its presentation as its collective production values. While there’s no specifics about the episodes’ air dates, audiences do at least get a guide in regards to the episodes’ makeup. More specifically it focuses on the musical performances contained within each episode. Audiences can choose between those performances when they choose the “index” option in the DVD’s main menu. Between the two elements, viewers can pick out from either show with ease which performance(s) they want to see. It would have been nice to choose the skits, too. But in Time Life’s defense, the skits move so fast that separating them out would not have made any real sense in hindsight. To that extent, the companion booklet included with this disc still plays its own important part in the overall presentation of the DVD. Together with the welcome, wonderful nostalgic feel that the footage brings in its production values, the two elements together give one more reason that audiences will want to experience these classic Hee Haw episodes. The same can be said just as easily when setting those elements against the DVD’s episodes and their nonstop, laugh-inciting content. All things considered The Hee Haw Collection: Kornfield Klassics is one more presentation that any Hee Haw fan will want to add to his or her own DVD library.

Time Life Entertainment’s latest Hee Haw presentation is yet another piece that any fan of the classic variety series should have in his or her own DVD library. This is evident through the classic episodes featured on the disc and their hilarious content. The wonderful and welcome feeling of nostalgia that is created in audiences in watching these episodes through their production values adds even more enjoyment to the disc’s viewing experience. The companion booklet that is included with the DVD even plays its own important role, making the process of choosing one classic performance or another all the easier for audiences. Each element plays its own important part in the whole of the DVD. Altogether they make The Hee Haw Collection: Kornfield Classics another must have for anyone that grew up with the classic variety series just as much as for the show’s new generation of audiences. It will be available next Tuesday, February 9th and can be ordered online via Amazon at http://www.amazon.com/Hee-Haw-Kornfield-Klassics-DVD/dp/B018DSA8ZW/ref=sr_1_fkmr0_1?s=movies-tv&ie=UTF8&qid=1454689274&sr=1-1-fkmr0&keywords=The+Hee+haw+Collection+Kornfield+Klassics. More information on this and other titles from Time Life Entertainment is available online now at:


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