Judas Priest Announces New Live Recording On The Way

Courtesy:  Epic Records

Courtesy: Epic Records

Judas Priest has a new live recording on the way this spring.

The veteran hard rock outfit announced this week that it will release Battle Cry its latest live recording on Friday, March 25th. Originally recorded on August 1st, 2015 during the band’s performance at the annual Wacken Open Air Festival the recording will be presented on CD/DVD/Blu-ray. The set’s CD platform features fifteen songs that span the band’s nearly five-decades-long career. Those songs include: ‘Dragonaut,’ ‘You’ve Got Another Thing Coming,’ ‘Victim of Changes,’ ‘Hell Bent For Leather’ and many others. The concert’s DVD and Blu-ray presentation each feature their own equally extensive set list. It includes the likes of ‘Turbo Lover,’ ‘Breaking The Law,’ ‘Living After Midnight’ and a number of others also included in the package’s CD platform. There is even a trio of songs recorded at a separate performance included as bonus material. The full track listing for both the CD and DVD and Blu-ray presentation is noted below. Audiences can view a trailer for the upcoming concert recording online now via YouTube at https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=hZH9ptg58ck.


Battle Cry CD sequence:
1.     (Intro) Battle Cry
2.     Dragonaut
3.     Metal Gods
4.     Devil’s Child
5.     Victim of Changes
6.     Halls of Valhalla
7.     Redeemer of Souls
8.     Beyond the Realms of Death
9.     Jawbreaker
10.  Breaking the Law
11.  Hell Bent For Leather
12.  The Hellion
13.  Electric Eye
14.  You’ve Got Another Thing Coming
15.   Painkiller

Battle Cry DVD/Blu-ray sequence:

1. (Intro) Battle Cry
2. Dragonaut
3. Metal Gods
4. Devil’s Child
5. Victim of Changes
6. Halls of Valhalla
7. Turbo Lover
8. Redeemer of Souls
9. Beyond the Realms of Death
10. Jawbreaker
11. Breaking the Law
12. Hell Bent For Leather
13. The Hellion
14. Electric Eye
15. You’ve Got Another Thing Coming
16. Painkiller
17. Living After Midnight

Recorded live on August 1st, 2015 at Wacken Festival, Germany.

18. Screaming for Vengeance
19. The Rage
20. Desert Plains


Battle Cry will be released in stores and online on Friday, March 25th via Epic Records. Pricing information for the CD/DVD and CD/BD packages will be announced soon. More information on this recording is available online now along with all of Judas Priest’s latest news and more at:


Website: http://www.judaspriest.com

Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/OfficialJudasPriest

Twitter: http://twitter.com/judaspriest


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