A Life In Song Will Resonate Loud And Clear With Bacharach’s Fans

Burt Bacharach A Life in Song BD Box ArtBurt Bacharach is one of the most revered figures in the music industry today.  Over the course of his more than three-decade long career, Bacharach composed some of the industry’s most popular songs.  Those songs include the likes of: ‘What The World Needs Now,’ ‘What’s New Pussycat,’ ‘Alfie,’ and so many others.  His songs have been featured on the radio, in movies, and even on Broadway.  Needless to say that considering all of this, his successes are far more than could potentially be listed in one sitting.  Last year Bacharach was honored for his numerous contributions to the world with a special tribute concert on the BBC.  The concert featured artists such as Joss Stone, Justin Hayward, Rebecca Ferguson, and others performing Bacharach’s biggest hits and some slightly lesser-known pieces all while Bacharach watched.  It was a momentous occasion that Bacharach’s fans will get to enjoy for themselves thanks to the BBC and Eagle Rock Entertainment in the form of the new live recording Burt Bacharach: A Life in Song.  The performance of Bacharach’s hit songs is by itself just one part of what makes this recording a must have for his fans.  It is just one part of what makes this recording so interesting.  Between songs, Bacharach is interviewed by the BBC’s Michael Grade.  So not only do audiences get to hear some of Bacharach’s greatest hits but they also get to hear from Bacharach as he discusses the inspiration behind his songs and other topics.  Last but hardly least of note with this concert is its production values.  The concert looks and sounds wonderful especially considering the size of the venue.  Each element plays its own important part in the recording’s overall presentation.  Altogether they make Burt Bacharach: A Life in Song a recording that anyone familiar with Bacharach’s songs should experience at least once.

Burt Bacharach: A Life In Song is one of the most complete collections of songs from the legendary songwriter to be presented in any format in recent memory.  The twenty-four song set (that is including its two bonus songs) is a recording that anyone familiar with Bacharach’s work should experience at least once.  The performances that are featured throughout the recording make up the central reason for it being worth the watch.  Moody Blues front man Justin Hayward and famed singer Joss Stone are joined by the likes of Alfie Bow, Rebecca Ferguson, Michael Kiwanuka, and a number of others as they perform Bacharach’s beloved compositions.  Those songs include the likes of: ‘That’s What Friends Are For,’ ‘What The World Needs Now,’ ‘I’ll Never Fall In Love Again,’ and so many others.  Staying on the topic of the performers, most American audiences likely will only recognize Stone and Hayward whereas audiences overseas will likely be more familiar with the other noted performers.  This is a good thing all the way around.  Audiences that are familiar with the noted artists will appreciate their inclusion in the concert and their performances.  Those that are less familiar with the featured artists will appreciate their performances because they serve as an introduction to those artists, and an impressive introduction at that.  The performance on the part of the featured artists is just as much to note.  In watching each of the concert’s featured artists, their reverence and respect for Bacharach’s work is obvious.  It shows in turn a real reverence and respect for Bacharach and for his legacy.  It is a respect that translates so well on screen and in turn makes the experience all the more enjoyable for audiences at home.

The performances that are presented in Eagle Rock Entertainment’s new Burt Bacharach tribute concert are in themselves hugely important to the recording’s overall presentation.  That is because the artists that present each performance are likely more well-known among UK audiences than American audiences.  Though, Joss Stone and Justin Hayward are relatively known by American audiences.  That means that American audiences will be introduced to these artists that they otherwise would not have known about all while even being introduced to some of the most beloved compositions in the American songbook.  While this proves to be of the utmost importance to the recording it is just one element that is worth noting in the recording’s overall presentation.  The interviews conducted by host Michael Grade are just as important to the recording’s presentation as its performances.  That is because audiences are treated to Bacharach’s own insights into the songs and other topics throughout the concert.  Audiences learn early on that had Bacharach not given up playing soccer (football) he might never have taken on becoming a songwriter.  It’s a heck of a change.  But as popular and respected as he has become throughout his career it goes without saying that he made the right choice.  Audiences also learn that the inspiration behind another of the concert’s featured songs was in fact from a personal experience with a young lady in his younger years.  The song’s inspiration is actually rather funny to be honest.  Even Bacharach himself laughs as he recalls what led to the song’s creation.  There is even a technical discussion of sorts in which Bacharach discusses the structure of another song in regards to it being played in one key versus another.  That discussion leads Bacharach to take to the piano and play said song himself.  The song won’t be revealed here so as to not spoil the experience for those that have yet to see the concert.  It’s just one more way in which the discussions held between Bacharach and Grade make the overall experience in Bacharach’s new live recording so enjoyable for his fans. It makes the concert not just a concert but a clinic of sorts, too. It all makes for an experience that will keep Bacharach’s fans fully engaged from beginning to end. It still is not the last element worth noting in this recording. The recording’s production values are just as important to its presentation as any of its other elements.

Both the performances presented in Burt Bacharach: A Life in Song and Bacharach’s interview segments are key in their own way to the recording’s overall presentation. While both elements are equally important to the recording they would not be worth mentioning without mention of the recording’s production values—its video and audio mix. Those that perhaps have never had the pleasure of visiting London’s Royal Festival Hall will be amazed at the venue’s spaciousness. While not as immensely large as say the Royal Albert Hall it is still a rather large venue in its own right. Being such a spacious concert hall it would have been easy for the sound to echo quite a bit. This is even with the featured songs being so soft and gentle. Yet those behind the audio boards and in post-production handled their duties with the utmost expertise. They captured the full emotion of each song as it fills the hall. The echoes are there but they are fully controlled from start to finish. The video mix is just as impressive as the concert’s audio mix. That is because it captures just as expertly the juxtaposition of the performers on stage to the size of the venue. Seeing that juxtaposition it makes for even more appreciation for the work put in to balancing the concert’s audio. It also creates a certain appreciation of the construction of the Royal Festival Hall and by direct connection the control that each of the invited artists exhibit in the concert. It all ties together in one complete presentation that in whole will impress any of Bacharach’s fans. All things considered Burt Bacharach: A Life in Song proves in the end to be a concert that any of the legendary songwriter’s fans should experience at least once if not more times.

Eagle Rock Entertainment’s new BBC tribute to Burt Bacharach is a recording that any of Bacharach’s fans should experience at least once if not more times. That is proven through a variety of elements not the least of which being the performances presented by the concert’s featured artists. Bacharach’s one-on-one interview segments with host Michael Grade are just as important to the recording as its performances. That is because it allows Bacharach to explain in his own right the inspiration behind many of his biggest hits and other topics. The expert work done in the concert’s recording and its post-production round out the recording’s presentation. It ties the presentation together. Each element is important in its own right. Altogether they make Burt Bacharach: A Life in Song a presentation that Bacharach’s fans should experience at least once if not more times. It will be available Friday, February 26th in stores and online. It will be presented on DVD and Blu-ray. More information on this and other titles from Eagle Rock Entertainment is available online now at:




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