PBS Goes “Giant” In A New Episode Of Nature

Courtesy:  PBS/PBS Distribution

Courtesy: PBS/PBS Distribution

A few years ago, a farmer in Argentina was hunting for one of his sheep when he stumbled upon one of quite the surprising find. What the farmer found was the tip of a giant fossil bone sticking out of the ground. It was just the first of what became a massive excavation that unearthed some 200 other bones. The bones in question belonged to a group of plant-eating dinosaurs, or herbivores, that had previously been unknown. Now thanks to PBS and PBS Distribution audiences will get to learn about the find and the dinosaurs, which have yet to be named when they release the new Nature episode Raising The Giant Dinosaur.

Nature: Raising The Giant Dinosaur will be released Tuesday, April 26th. The story presented in this episode follows host Sir David Attenborough as he takes audiences through the process of the excavation of the bones, dated by researchers at roughly 101.6 million years old. Attenborough interviews paleontologists and other scientists about the discovery and its importance to Earth’s natural history. CGI animations, 3D scans and more are used to examine the bones along the way and reveal the secrets of the dinosaurs’ lives. Attenborough is on site in this episode of Nature as a life-size skeleton of one of the dinosaurs is completed at the MEF Museum labs in Trelew, Argentina. The skeleton measures at 121 feet from head to tail. And from this revelation, it could also be determined that the largest of the dinosaurs discovered weighed in at a whopping 77 tons.

The Patagonia dig site and the MEF Museum labs are not the only places that Attenborough visits over the course of this program. He also heads roughly 500 miles north of the dig site to the site of what is believe to be the largest dinosaur nesting ground. Remnants of eggshells are scattered throughout the site. Still intact eggs have also been found at the site, preserved in mud of the old river plain. The eggs give researchers a clue as to what baby titanosaurs looked like. Research is still being conducted on the yet-to-be named dinosaur. That is because there is still much to be gleaned from the remains. Though, in what they have found, scientists can say that in the new dinosaur they have found what is the largest dinosaur ever known.

Nature: Raising The Giant Dinosaur will be released Tuesday, April 26th. It will retail for MSRP of $24.99 but can be pre-ordered at a discounted price of $19.99 via PBS’ online store at http://www.shoppbs.org/product/index.jsp?productId=88167686&cp=&kw=raising+the+giant+dinosaur&origkw=raising+the+giant+dinosaur&sr=1. Audiences can view a trailer for this episode of Nature online via PBS’ official YouTube channel at https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=5ZL8af2VAtg.


Courtesy: PBS

Courtesy: PBS


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