Caillou’s Latest Collection Will Entertain Audiences Of All Ages

Courtesy:  PBS/PBS Kids/PBS Distribution

Courtesy: PBS/PBS Kids/PBS Distribution

Caillou is officially on DVD again.  PBS Distribution and PBS Kids released the latest collection of Caillou’s episodes last week.  The DVD features thirteen more episodes from the Canadian import.  And in looking at those episodes in whole the episodes are just part of the collection’s presentation.  The writing within the featured episodes are just as important to note in this collection as the episodes themselves.  Last but not least of note is the work of the series’ voice cast.  More specifically, the work of the actors behind Caillou’s parents is especially of note.  Each element is important to the DVD’s presentation.  Altogether, all three elements make this DVD another welcome addition to any family’s home DVD library.

PBS Kids’ latest collection of Caillou episodes is another welcome addition to any family’s home DVD library.  This is thanks at least in part to the episodes that are featured in the collection.  It might not seem all that important.  But a closer examination and comparison to many other children’s compilation DVDs reveals that it is in fact quite important to the DVD’s presentation.  Older audiences with children will agree that there is any number of children’s DVDs out there whose titles hardly match their titles.  The compilations in question may bear a specific title.  But of its given episodes (regardless of how many) perhaps one or two might match up with the theme presented in the compilation’s title.  Viewers of all ages will be happy to know that in the case of this DVD, that is not the case.  All thirteen of the compilation’s featured episodes match up precisely and near precisely with the set’s title.  Each one is in fact centered on animals and how Caillou and his friends handle different animal situations.  There is no deviation from those central themes unlike so many other random children’s compilation DVDs out there.  Considering how rare this is (at least for children’s DVDs). it shows why the DVD’s featured episodes are in fact far more important to the set than audiences might think.  The episodes themselves are collectively just one of the DVD’s most important elements.  The writing within the episodes is just as important as the episodes.

The episodes that are featured in PBS Kids’ new Caillou DVD are important to the collection in their own right.  Unlike so many children’s DVDs before its thirteen total episodes actually remain largely in line with the theme presented in the DVD’s title.  This bears its own importance in the DVD’s overall presentation.  But it is not the DVD’s only important element.  The writing within the episodes is just as important as the episodes themselves.  What audiences get in terms of the episodes’ writing are very real situations to which children and adults alike will be able to relate in terms of children’s interactions with animals.  “Caillou is Scared of Dogs” is a prime example of that.  This episode presents Caillou in one of his early meetings with a dog.  Many children, in their first interactions with given animals, can be very cautious and even scared of said animals.  This is commonly the case with dogs for some odd reason.  The situation was presented very much as it would indeed happen in the real world.  This includes how the situation was handled, too.  “Follow That Sound” is another good example of the importance of the episodes’ writing.  This episode does center on an animal (which won’t be revealed here).  But in the bigger picture of the episode, it presents a situation in which Caillou has to use problem solving so to speak.  That is because he is searching for a mystery sound in his house.  He has to follow the sound throughout his house until he finally discovers the source of the sound.  So what audiences get here is a story not only centered on an animal but an episode that is also educational and helps promote children’s personal growth.  There is even a story that teaches an important lesson about responsibility in “Leo’s Hamster.”  The lesson here is taught as Caillou takes care of his friend Leo’s hamster “Buddy” over the weekend.   After accidentally letting Buddy loose in his house Caillou has to get his parents to help him catch Buddy and get him back in his habitat.  Caillou’s parents remind him that it is his responsibility to look after Buddy and keep him safe.  Once again this is a very real scenario that plays out every day across the country.  And the manner in which the whole situation unfolded is just as realistic.  It shows even more why the writing behind this episode is so crucial to the DVD’s overall presentation.  It is hardly the only remaining example of the importance of the episodes’ writing.  “Caillou Goes Birdwatching” sees Caillou going to the park with his grandmother to feed birds.  He learns about patience and even about respecting animals in this episode.  This is another important part of every child’s personal development.  Once more it is presented in a wholly realistic fashion, making it all the more believable and in turn engaging.  As if that isn’t enough for audiences, “Caillou Walks A Dog” teaches young audiences an important lesson about appreciating what they have rather than just being reactionary.  The lesson is taught as Caillou is walking a dog that belongs to Grandma’s friend.  He enjoys walking the dog so much that later he bugs his own parents about getting a dog.  But they remind him that he already has his cat Gilbert.  Parents will be able to relate to this situation all too well.  IT doesn’t have to necessarily be a pet in the situation.  It can be a child begging for a toy at the store even though he or she might already have loads of toys that he or she probably barely even plays with.  Children need to learn that they can’t always have everything that they want.  They need to learn that lesson about appreciating the things that they already have before just replacing them with more stuff.  It’s just one more example of how the writing proves so crucial to the overall presentation of Caillou’s new episode compilation.  Even with these episodes noted there are still plenty of other episodes that could be cited in proving the importance of the show’s writing here.  All things considered, the writing proves, regardless of the episode, to be just as important to this DVD’s presentation as the episodes themselves.  Even with its undeniable importance, it still is not the last remaining element that should be noted in examining this latest collection of episodes from Caillou.  The work of the show’s voice cast is just as worth noting.

The episodes that make up the body of Caillou’s Pet Parade and their writing are both key elements in the DVD’s presentation.  From start to finish each of the DVD’s thirteen total episodes never stray from the theme presented in the DVD’s title.  The writing is just as important because it presents real life scenarios.  What’s more, it does so in a fashion that makes it accessible to audiences of all ages.  While both elements are important in their own right to the DVD’s presentation, they are not the collection’s only notable elements.  The work of the show’s voice cast is just as important to note.  More specifically, the work of those behind Caillou and his parents is important to note.  Pat Fry and Jennifer Seguin voice the roles of Caillou’s parents while Annie Bovaird fills the role of the precocious preschooler after whom the series is named.  Fry and Seguin are impressive throughout each episode as they take a gentle approach with Bovaird’s Caillou every time.  It doesn’t even matter if Caillou has gotten himself in a really tight spot or done something really bad.  His parents are still completely calm with him.  It might not seem important on the surface.  But in this day and age it is an approach that so many parents should learn to take with their children rather than certain other methods.  In the same vein, Bovaird is just as engaging as Caillou.  There is a little bit of over the top here and there.  But in large part she presents Caillou in a fashion that most adult audiences will agree is pretty spot on.  Maybe that’s why so many parents can’t stand Caillou; Bovaird’s portrayal is just that precise.  Regardless, it can be said that between the three of them, their work in bringing to life Caillou and his parents will keep viewers just as engaged as the episodes’ stories and the episodes themselves.  Keeping all of this in mind, each element proves to be important in its own right, again, to the overall presentation of Caillou’s Pet Parade.  Collectively, they show the collection to be another welcome addition to any family’s home DVD library.  That is especially the case for those families whose children are fans of the series.

Caillou’s Pet Parade is yet another good addition to any family’s home DVD library.  This is especially the case for families whose children are fans of the series.  It proves to be such a welcome addition to families’ libraries in part due to its episodes.  The episodes stay in line with the theme of the collection’s title.  The stories contained within the episodes are just as certain to keep audiences engaged because of the fact that they are so real in their situations.  The work of the series’ core voice cast is just as important.  That is because it shows how parents should at least strive to handle their children.  In the same vein, Annie Bovaird’s portrayal of Caillou is just as precise as that of her cast mates.  Each element proves to be important in its own right to this latest collection of Caillou episodes.  Altogether they show clearly why it is another welcome addition to any family’s home DVD library; especially families whose children are fans of the series.  It is available now exclusively on DVD and can be ordered online direct via PBS’ online store.  More information on this and other Caillou compilation DVDs is available online now along with more information on the series, games, activities, and more at:






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