Every Family Will Enjoy Kate & Mim-Mim’s Latest DVD

Courtesy: Public Media Distribution

Courtesy: Public Media Distribution

Kate and her fuzzy bunny friend Mim-Mim are back on DVD.  A little more than two months after the release of its first American DVD Public Media Distribution has released the Disney Jr. series’ second DVD in the formm of Kate & Mim-Mim: Balloon Buddies.  This latest collection is an interesting new offering from Public Media Disribution.  It has its share of positives.  But it also has one negative in comparison to the series’ previous DVD collection Kate & Mim-Mim: Flight of the Flowers.  That will be discussed later.  Luckily its positives outweigh its negatives making it in the end another collection of episodes that will be welcome in any family’s home DVD library.

Kate & Mim-Mim: Balloon Buddies is officially available today.  The second official American compilation from Disney Jr.’s hit computer animated series, it is another welcome collection in any family’s home DVD library.  The stories that are presented within the collection’s episodes are at the center of the set’s presentation.  On the surface the stories are just fun, turn-off-your-brain pieces for audiences of all ages.  On another level they teach some important lessons.  Those lessons will be discussed later.  For the moment, the focus will be on the stories just as stories.  The set’s title episode presents a fun little story that sees Kate and her friends planning a balloon parade.  There are plenty of laughs for every family throughout the episode.  “Cloud Castle” is the set’s second episode.  This episode sees Kate and her friends create a cloud castle (that looks oddly like a bouncy castle) as Kate and her parents enjoy a day of cloud watching together.  Things aren’t perfect though for Kate and her friends.  That is because the cloud castle ends up floating away with Kate and company inside.  So it’s up to Kate to get everyone back down to the ground safely.  And in “Clean Sweep,” the set’s closer Kate and her friends have to stop Tach’s pile of inventions after thy “escape” from their container.  They “escape” because Tach didn’t properly clean them up.  This leads right into the story’s focus lesson, which will be discussed later.  Each of the stories featured within this set is entertaining in its own right.  That is because each one allows audiences of all ages to just turn off their brains and enjoy.  They also present situations that are relatively realistic for parents with small children.  That ability for audiences to relate to the stories and still be entertained makes the stories collectively one of the set’s most important elements.  While the stories are undeniably important to the overall presentation of Kate & Mim-Mim’s latest DVD it does have at least one con.  That con in question is the set’s episodes.

The stories that are featured in Kate & Mim-Mim’s latest DVD are undeniably important to the DVD’s presentation.  That is thanks to their ability to entertain audiences of all ages while being able to relate to those same audiences with their presented situations.  The stories do plenty to help the DVD’s presentation.  That goes without saying.  However the DVD isn’t perfect.  It does suffer from at least one glaring con.  That con is its featured episodes.  This time out only three episodes have been presented.  That is half of what was presented to audiences in Kate & Mim-Mim: Flight of the Flowers.  Figuring that the series now boasts two seasons worth of episodes, and each full half-hour presentation features two episode each, one can’t help but wonder why this collection only presents three episodes versus six.  It isn’t like there aren’t enough episodes to make up a larger collection.  Keeping that in mind, having only three episodes this time out is in fact a factor that cannot be ignored in this DVD’s presentation.  At least with that reduced number of episodes its price is roughly half that of its predecessor by at least half.  To that end, the reduced number of episodes is still a con.  But it isn’t so bad as to make this collection not worth the watch.  It makes that number a small dent in the DVD’s presentation, and the only dent for that matter.  The lessons that are presented within each episode’s story makes up for that dent.

The stories that are presented in Kate & Mim-Mim’s new DVD Balloon Buddies are plenty of reason for any family to add the DVD to their home DVD libraries.  This is the case even with the number of episodes in this collection being half that of the series’ previous DVD.  Keeping that in mind, the lessons that are presented in each of the stories add even more reason for families to add the collection to their home DVD libraries.  The lessons, much like the stories, easily reach audiences of all ages.  That is because they are lessons that apply in audiences’ everyday life.  The lesson at the heart of the set’s lead episode is one simply of problem solving.  When Kate wanted to make the perfect balloon for Mim-Mim she thought about what would be best for him and then had to figure out how to make said balloon.  The set’s second episode is much simpler in its lesson—using one’s imagination.  That is the lesson at the heart of the episode believe it or not.  It just encourages children to use their imaginations.  Now while this may not see like much on the surface, it is actually far more important than some might realize.   The use of imagination is an important part of every child’s development.  Thus this story’s lesson encourages that growth, again proving its importance.  “Clean Sweep” rounds out the set.  And its lesson is just as important as those presented in the previous episodes.  It teaches the lesson of cleaning up after one’s self and doing so responsibly for that matter.  This lesson is taught as Kate is trying to clean her room but didn’t necessarily do so the right way.  What parents will like here is that Kate’s mom doesn’t get mad at her for it.  Rather she encourages proper cleaning by telling her that she’ll help her and doing so with a positive, gentle tone.  Again, it doesn’t seem like much on the surface.  But in reality it is a hugely important lesson that audiences of all ages will appreciate.  The lesson is pressed home even more as Tach doesn’t properly clean up his inventions, leading them to “escape” their container and wreck havoc on Mimiloo.  Eventually it all explodes everywhere, leading Tach and the rest of Kate’s friends to have to clean things up again.  This time they do it right just like Kate did with her room.  It shows doubly the importance of keeping things clean and not just trying to do so through shortcuts.  Yet again, here is proof of the importance of the lessons featured in the set’s featured stories.  Together with the stories themselves, both elements work together to show once and for all why Balloon Buddies is another welcome Kate & Mim-Mim collection in any family’s home DVD library even with its minimal number of episodes.

Kate & Mim-Mim: Balloon Buddies is, much as with its predecessor, a welcome addition to any family’s home DVD library.  That is thanks in part to the stories that are featured in the set’s episodes.  Audiences of all ages will enjoy the stories because they require so little thought.  They are just fun little turn-off-your-brain stories.  What’s more they are also accessible to said audiences.  That is because of their ability to reach audiences with their situations.  The lessons that are taught in each episode solidify the DVD’s presentation even more.  They work with the stories to keep audiences entertained and engaged.  Both elements do plenty to make this DVD welcome in any family’s home.  This is the case even with the set presenting half the episodes featured in the series’ previous DVD, Flight of the Flowers.  The set’s equally reduced price makes up for that reduced number of episodes.  Keeping that in mind, the collection in whole proves in the end to, again, be another welcome addition to any family’s home DVD library.  It is available now in stores and online.  It can be ordered online direct via PBS’ online store.  More information on Kate & Mim-Mim is available along with games, activities and more at:



Website: http://www.disneyjunior.disney.com/kate-and-mim-mim

Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/KateandMimMim



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