PBS To Release Inspector Lewis’ Final Season This Summer

Courtesy:  PBS/Public Media Distribution

Courtesy: PBS/Public Media Distribution

The end has finally come for Inspector Lewis.

On Tuesday, August 23rd PBS Distribution will release the eighth and final season of Inspector Lewis.  Robbie Lewis has been through quite a bit in the series’ seven previous seasons, both good and bad.  Through it all, he has always been there, even agreeing to come out of retirement in the series’ seventh season.  But now with a whole bunch of changes in store for Lewis and his long time partner, it looks like Lewis may finally call it a career.  Those changes include a new Chief Superintendent on the force, the potential retirement of forensic pathologist Laura Hobson, and much more.

Masterpiece Mystery!: Inspector Lewis Season 8 features three more episodes and runs a total of 270 minutes on 2 discs.  The first of those episodes, “One For Sorrow” sees Robbie Lewis coaxed back out of retirement once more.  And just as in the series’ seventh season it doesn’t take long for mystery to come along.  A body is discovered in a well but identifying the remains seems almost impossible for Lewis.  It isn’t the only mystery that Lewis and CS James Hathaway have on their hands either.  Another possible murder looks to possibly be linked to the body found in the well.  It’s up to Lewis and Hathaway to figure out if there is a connection between the two cases.  Meanwhile Lewis has to prove himself to his new boss as he works the case.  And Hathaway finally manages some important time with his estranged father.

“Magnum Opus” is the season’s second episode.  This episode puts Lewis and Hathaway on the trail of a possible serial murderer.  The culprit isn’t just any random killer either.  An alchemic symbol found near the body of the first victim, and symbols found on the victims’ bodies seem to point to a connection between the murders and a secret society.  Having made this discovery it is up to Lewis and Hathaway to hunt down the killer and stop the killer before a fourth murder is committed.

Season 8 closes out with “What Lies Tangled.”  This episode is sure to keep audiences on the edge of their collective seats.  First a prominent math professor is killed in a bomb attack.  The man is known for his infidelity and thus has many enemies who could be considered suspects.  The mystery deepens even more when a bomb is found at the home of the professor’s brother, who is also a math professor.  As if that isn’t enough, a chemistry professor is also later found dead.  This time a clue is found at the scene of the crime that will help Lewis and Hathaway solve the case.  The stress doesn’t end for Lewis here.  His vacation with his girlfriend is on the line when Lewis worries whether or not he will have a job upon returning from vacation.

This is all in the eighth and final season of Masterpiece Mystery!: Inspector Lewis Season 8.  It will be released Tuesday, August 23rd, only days after the season (and series) ends Sunday, August 21st.  It will be available both on DVD and Blu-ray.  The DVD will retail for MSRP of $29.99 and the Blu-ray for $34.99.  Both can be pre-ordered online now direct via PBS’ online store at a discounted price of $24.99 (DVD) and $29.99 (Blu-ray) respectively.  More information on this and other Masterpiece Mystery! Series is available online now at:



Website: http://www.pbs.org/masterpiece

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