Court Hands Experience Hendrix, LLC Another Victory In Latest Trademark Case

Courtesy: Experience Hendrix, LLC

Courtesy: Experience Hendrix, LLC

There is a new development in the court battle between Experience Hendrix, LLC and Tiger Paw Distributors.

A court order handed down late last month an injunction that prevents Tiger Paw Distributors from:


  1. Using the word “Jimi” in the names of its websites, social media profiles, and other online profiles.
  2. Making, selling, distributing, or promoting any bottle of its Purple Haze Liqueur that uses the web address printed clearly on the label
  3. Displaying the trademark Jimi Hendrix signature on any of its labeling or marketing materials.


The newly ordered injunction is just the latest development in the case.  The case was first opened earlier this year when Experience Hendrix, LLC filed suit in a Georgia Federal Court, charging that Tiger Paw Distributors, its president Joe Wallace, its partner Leon Hendrix, and others had used trademarks owned by Experience Hendrix, LLC without the company’s permission in order to promote its Purple Haze Liqueur.  It is a drink made up of vodka, cognac, and other elements.  The trademarks in question included the use of the name “jimi,” the Jimi Hendrix trademark signature, and the jimipurple web address.

Experience Hendrix, LLC’s case against Tiger Paw Distributors is not the first time that the company has faced a court battle over the use of its trademarks.  In 2007 it took Electric Hendrix, LLC—formed by Leon Hendrix and others—to court over for trademark infringement and other “unlawful acts” in its efforts to sell its Jimi Hendrix Electric Vodka.  The Washington Federal Court overseeing the case found in favor of Experience Hendrix, LLC in that case, ordering that all bottles of Jimi Hendrix Electric Vodka be removed from store shelves across the country.  The order was a permanent injunction against Electric Hendrix, LLC, ensuring that it would never be able to sell its alcoholic beverage again.

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