Shout! Factory Kids’ New Family Flick Will Entertain Audiences Of All Ages

Courtesy: Shout! Factory Kids/Shout! Factory

Courtesy: Shout! Factory Kids/Shout! Factory

Early last month Shout! Factory Kids added another new addition to its already extensive stable of family flicks when it released the animated movie Quackerz.  The movie, which clocks in at just 81 minutes is an interesting new offering from Shout! Factory Kids.  That is due in part to the writing at the center of the movie.  This applies both to the movie’s story and the associated themes therein.  The writing at the heart of the movie is just one of its most important elements.  Its soundtrack plays its own important part in its presentation believe it or not.  The movie’s overall packaging rounds out its most important elements.  Each element is rightfully important in its own way in the bigger picture of the movie’s presentation.  Altogether they make Quackerz a family friendly flick from Shout! Factory Kids that is worth at least one watch.

Quackerz, Shout! Factory Kids’ latest family friendly animated offering is a flick that is worth at least one watch.  The Dove Foundation-approved movie is worth the chance in part due to its writing.  This applies both to the movie’s story and the themes contained therein.  The story at the center of the movie is a coming-of age story.  It focuses on a young Mandarin duck named Longway (Robbie Daymond – Transformers Rescue Bots, Breadwinners, Sailor Moon) who has to learn to come in to his own when he discovers that he is the proverbial “chosen one” prophesized to save both his fellow ducks and the world.  Along the way he also falls in love with another young duck named Erica (Andrea Becker – Storage Wars: New York), who just happens to be the daughter of a military Mallard named Duckmus (Michael Gross – Family Ties, Tremors, The Young and the Restless).  Dukmus is the head of a group of military mallards who inadvertently land in the Mandarin ducks’ home thanks to his own lack of directional skills.  The love story that results is something of a Romeo & Juliet style story just without the suicides at the end.  There is even the addition of a corrupt duck in the military mallards’ ranks to add to the story.  With all that the movie’s writing team put into Quackerz’ story one would think that the story wouldn’t necessarily work to well.  But audiences will be pleasantly surprised to discover that it does in fact work together.  The end result is a story that will entertain audiences of all ages even with just one watch.  Of course the story is just one element of the movie’s writing that should be noted here.  The themes incorporated into the movie’s script are just as important to note as the story.

The story at the center of Quackerz is in its own right an important part of the movie’s writing.  It is just one of the writing’s key elements, though.  The themes that are incorporated into the movie’s writing are just as worth noting as the movie’s story.  Those themes include tolerance, teamwork and facing one’s fears just to name a few.  The theme of tolerance is presented through the cultural differences between the Mandarin ducks and the military mallards.  While the two groups are entirely different from each other in regards to their cultures they are still ducks.  It takes a while (and a situation that sets up the movie’s climax and finale) but the Mandarins and mallards finally reach this realization and working together.  This leads them to ultimately come out on top and defeat the story’s villain in the end.  Noting that teamwork this is where this theme comes into play.  They realize that they must put their differences aside and work together if they are to defeat the villain and help Longway save the world.  The theme of facing one’s fears is present throughout the story.  That is evident as Erica forces Longway to learn how to fly and face the things that he otherwise wouldn’t have faced.  The result of him facing his fears is his own personal growth and eventual rise when the moment called for it.  Each theme plays its own part in the movie’s overall story.  Collectively they show even more why Quackerz is worth at least one watch.  That becomes even more the case when the noted themes are set alongside the movie’s story.  All things considered, the writing at the heart of the movie proves to be one of its most important elements if not its most important element.  It is not the movie’s only important element, though.  The movie’s soundtrack plays its own part in the movie’s presentation.

The writing at the center of Quackerz is a hugely important part of the movie’s presentation.  It is not the movie’s only important element however.  Believe it or not the movie’s soundtrack plays its own (albeit lesser) part in the movie’s presentation.  The soundtrack features some original compositions that are incorporated well into their given spots.  But they are not the real focal point of the movie’s soundtrack.  It also features a pair of songs that parents will instantly notice and enjoy.  One of those songs is The Baha Men’s big hit song ‘Who Let The Dogs Out?”  Also included in the movie is MC Hammer’s Too Legit To Quit,’ and Kongos’ ‘Come With Me Now’ just to name a few numbers.  Patrick Coen’s ‘Somebody Wonderful Like You’ is also included in the movie along with ‘All I See Is You’ from Jesse Smith and Blind Optimism.  There are still others not noted here.  Suffice it to say that parents will enjoy the movie’s soundtrack just as much as their children if not more considering the songs worked incorporated into the soundtrack.  Keeping this in mind, it should be clear now why Quackerz’s soundtrack is just as important to its presentation as its writing.  The two elements combine to make even more apparent why Quackerz is in whole worth at least one watch.  They are still not the movie’s only key elements.  The movie’s overall packaging is just as important in its presentation as its writing and its soundtrack.

The writing and soundtrack that are incorporated into Quackerz’s body are both key to the movie’s presentation.  The writing presents a story and themes that make the movie well-deserving of being approved by the Dove Foundation.  They also make the movie entertaining for audiences of all ages even with just one watch.  The famous pop songs at the heart of the movie’s soundtrack add to that entertainment.  Parents will especially agree with that sentiment.  They will enjoy those songs just as much as their children if not more.  While each element plays its own integral part in the movie’s presentation there is still at least one more element to note in the movie’s presentation.  That final element is its overall packaging.  Audiences will note that the direct-to-home release is presented in four separate platforms—3D Blu-ray, Blu-ray, DVD, and Digital.  All four platforms have been incorporated into just one double-disc package.  The 3D Blu-ray and Blu-ray format are presented on the set’s Blu-ray disc.  The DVD format receives its own disc.  The digital platform meanwhile, is available online for download.  A code for the download is included in a separate insert inside the standard size Blu-ray case.  On the surface this might not seem overly important to most viewers.  But it in fact plays its own important part in the movie’s presentation considering the multiple platforms available for viewing.  Shout! Factory Kids has ultimately made the movie available in multiple platforms all while putting everything into a standard-sized Blu-ray/DVD package.  What this means is that the movie’s physical package is ergonomically sound.  It saves space on families’ DVD/Blu-ray racks.  On another level, it also allows viewers to watch the movie in so many different ways and even take the movie with them anywhere they go.  In other words, a lot of thought was obviously put into the movie’s packaging.  It adds its own positive to the movie’s overall presentation and viewing experience.  Together with the movie’s writing and its soundtrack, all three elements paint a positive picture for this Dove-approved family flick.  It is a picture that proves in whole that Quackerz is worth at least one watch.

Shout! Factory Kids’ new family friendly, Dove-approved movie Quackerz is an intriguing new offering from Shout! Factory’s kids’ division.  It presents a story that while not entirely new is still creative in its own right.  It is also a story that presents a handful of positive themes that the whole family will appreciate.  The movie’s soundtrack will keep parents entertained thanks to the use of some decidedly popular songs.  The movie’s packaging rounds out the most important of its elements.  Each element is clearly important in its own right in the movie’s overall presentation.  All things considered Quackerz proves to be a movie that, again, is worth at least one watch.

It is available now in stores and online and can be ordered direct via Shout! Factory’s online store at  More information on this and other titles from Shout! Factory is available online now at:










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