PBS Kids’ New ‘WordWorld’ DVD Is A Great Set Any Time Of Year

Courtesy:  Public Media Distribution/PBS/PBS Kids

Courtesy: Public Media Distribution/PBS/PBS Kids

School is officially out for summer.  Even with families taking their vacations, children’s education should not take a vacation, too.  Enter PBS Kids and its vast array of DVDs being released throughout the summer.  One of those DVDs, WordWorld: It’s Time For School, is one of those new DVDs.  The fittingly titled compilation will be released Tuesday, July 26th, just in time to start getting kids young viewers a head start on the new school year.  The DVD features eight more episodes from the family friendly vocabulary-building series.  The episodes are in themselves a key element to this compilation.  That will be discussed shortly.  The lessons that are presented within each of the episodes are just as important in their own right to the collection.  That will be discussed later.  The bonus material included with the collection rounds out the collections most important elements.  It is the set’s finishing touch.  Together with the collection’s featured episodes and the lessons contained therein the whole of the collection proves to be yet another collection that will be welcome in any family’s home.

WordWorld: It’s Time For School is yet another collection of WordWorld episodes that will be welcome in any family’s home.  That is due in part to the episodes that make up the body of the collection.  The collection is made up of eight from episodes from the series.  Audiences will note that the episodes are lifted from all three of the series’ seasons.  What’s more at least a pair of the featured episodes—“The Best Nest” and “Tick Tock Space Clock”—has in fact been previously released in another WordWorld DVD released a few years ago by NCircle Entertainment.  The others may or may not have been previously released when NCircle had distribution rights for the series.  Regardless the very fact that once again PBS Kids has included eight episodes (versus four put into each collection from NCircle) is in itself impressive.  What’s more not everybody out there has all of the WordWorld DVDs previously released by Ncircle Entertainment.  To that end, the episodes may in fact be new to many audiences.  Keeping that in mind the episodes presented in this collection show in their own way to be a collectively important part of the collection.  They are not the collection’s only important element.  The lessons that are incorporated into the episodes are just as important to the collection’s presentation as the episodes themselves.

The episodes that make up the body of PBS Kids’ new WordWorld DVD are in themselves a collectively important part of the collection’s presentation.  Previously released or not, the episodes are important because not every viewer has seen these episodes before.  Keeping that in mind, they remain a collectively important part of the DVDs overall presentation.  They are not the set’s only key element.  The lessons that are incorporated into the episodes are just as important to the DVD’s presentation as its episodes.  That is because the episodes feature more than just the standard vocabulary building lessons.  The DVD’s lead episode “Sharks First Day Of School” is one of the episodes that presents multiple lessons within its own body.  On the surface, the standard vocabulary building lessons are there.  Along with those lessons is the lesson about overcoming that all too common fear of the first day.  Not every child goes through this situation even on the first day of school.  But more do than don’t.  The writers address the situation by having Duck, Cat, and the others at school show Shark that school is a good place to be.  They are completely supportive of Shark along the way, showing him all the good things that school has to offer.  For those parents that are getting ready to send their children off to kindergarten, this is a great way to help their children overcome those potential first day jitters.  On another level, an episode such as “Welcome Home, Duck” teaches an important lesson about friendship alongside its vocabulary lesson.  It does so by Frog showing his excitement at Duck coming back from vacation.  Frog wants to show how much he missed Duck and appreciates him as a friend.  That message of friendship is just as important as the lesson centering on overcoming first day jitters.  It is not the only other lesson presented in these episodes, either.  Some might call it a stretch but in “Duck at Bat” it could be argued that the writers incorporated the lesson of perseverance.  No matter how many times Duck kept making the wrong word and using the wrong items as a bat, he kept trying.  He did finally get the right letter to make a bat.  And he even got a hit when he went up to the plate.  To that end, one could argue that the writers were teaching the lesson to the show’s young viewers that they should not give up on anything, especially not on anything worth doing.  There’s even a lighter lesson about teamwork incorporated into the episode for good measure.  Between these lessons and the episodes’ vocabulary building lessons it is obvious that there is plenty to be learned in these episodes.  All things considered the lessons that are incorporated into the episodes in this set prove in the long to be just as important to this DVD’s presentation as the episodes themselves.  They still are not its only important elements.  The bonus material included with the DVD rounds out the set’s most important elements.

The episodes that make up the body of PBS Kids’ new WordWorld DVD and the lessons contained within each are all important elements in the DVD’s overall presentation.  Each does its own part in making this new DVD another enjoyable presentation from PBS Kids.  They are not the DVD’s only important elements.  The bonus material that is included in the DVD is just as important to the collection’s presentation as its episodes and their lessons.  Just as with PBS Kids’ previous WordWorld compilations this set includes a trio of vocabulary building activities that the whole family can do together and that even teachers can do with their students in class.  One involves matching words on index cards to make compound words.  Another involves matching rhyming words with their related pictures.  Another is a game of hide-and-seek of sorts.  Except in the case of this game, there is no chasing around.  Rather in the case of this game, children have to identify the sound that they hear and where it comes from in order to get a turn.  As an additional bonus, PBS Kids has also included in this DVD’s case an activity booklet for children.  This is something with which PBS Kids has only experimented in its previous WordWorld DVDs (and other series’ DVDs).  So to see it full blown like this for the first time is impressive.  The activity booklet includes coloring pages, word searches, maze games, matching games and even a kid friendly crossword.  Parents can take the coloring pages, copy them and save them to their computers before their children color them in the book.  That way they [parents] can print them out any time they want for children to color.  Teachers can do the same with any of the other activities so as to use them each year with each new class.  Keeping all of this in mind, the activities and complimenting activity booklet included in this DVD are true bonuses.  They are activities that serve to drive home the lessons presented in the disc’s episodes.  They also serve to entertain young children.  They are in essence a fitting final touch for the DVD’s presentation.  Together with the disc’s episodes and their lessons, all of the noted elements join to make WordWorld: It’s Time For School a disc that is great for families any time of the year.

WordWorld: It’s Time For School is a great watch for the whole family any time of the year.  Whether ahead of the new school year or even during, this DVD proves itself to be another impressive collection of WordWorld episodes.  That is evident in the episodes that make up the body of the DVD.  The lessons that are tied into each of the episodes play their own part in proving this.  The bonus material that is included in the DVD’s case rounds out its most important elements.  In regards to that material not only has PBS Kids outshined NCircle in regards to its handling of the series’ DVDs, it has outdone itself this time around, too.  Considering this, the bonus material included in this collection is a fitting final touch to the DVD’s presentation.  It joins with the DVD’s featured episodes and their lessons to make this DVD, again, another welcome collection of episodes from PBS Kids’ beloved family friendly vocabulary building series.  It will be available later this month both in stores and online and can be pre-ordered online now via PBS’ online store.  More episodes of WordWorld are available online now along with more WordWorld games, activities, and much more at:




Website: http://www.wordworld.com

Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/WordWorld




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