‘ATK: Season 16’ Is Yet Another Enjoyable Run From One Of TV’s Top Cooking Shows

Courtesy: PBS Distribution

Courtesy: PBS Distribution

Late last year Chris Kimball, host of PBS’ hit cooking show America’s Test Kitchen bid adieu to the show that he had helmed for so many years.  Though, it was announced not long after that he would continue to host the show on the radio.  Adding to that announcement, it was also recently revealed that he has his own new program titled Milk Street Kitchen that will premiere this fall on PBS stations nationwide.  While fans wait for his return to television they can enjoy his final season on America’s Test Kitchen in the form of the recently released America’s Test Kitchen: Season 16.  This latest installment of the standout series offers just as much to appreciate as was presented in the home releases of its previous seasons if not more beginning with its dishes.  That will be discussed shortly.  The extra segments included in the season are just as important to note of the set’s presentation as the meals that are made in each episode.  The bonus printable recipes round out the season’s most important elements and bring everything full circle in this season.  Each element is important in its own right.  Collectively, they make this season of America’s Test Kitchen yet another enjoyable run for the show and a fond farewell for Kimball from a show that he helped build.

America’s Test Kitchen: Season 16 is yet another enjoyable run for a show that is one of television’s elite cooking programs.  It is also a fond farewell for long-time host Chris Kimball.  That is due in part to the dishes that are presented throughout the course of the program’s twenty-six episodes.  There are dishes for singles, couples, and families alike.  Regardless of where one falls into one of those categories, the dishes presented throughout this season can be made on a weeknight or a weekend.  There are even meals made just for vegetarians including black bean burgers ad super greens soup with Lemon –tarragon cream.  The weekend dishes include the likes of Ultimate charcoal-grilled steaks, sweet and tangy grilled country-style pork ribs, and roast rack of lamb.  The easy, weeknight meals featured in this season include Sausage meatballs and spaghetti, tagliatelle with prosciutto and peas, and Japanese-style stir-fried noodles with beef among many others.  There are even some really tasty desserts that could be made just as easily on a weeknight included in this season.  The dishes are accompanied by Kimball’s familiar “cooking chemistry” lessons are there to help audiences understand the importance of what goes into making each dish.  He explains once again the importance of each element and even the history of the meals and cooking methods.  It gives each episode a richer presentation.  Between the variety of meals and the educational material presented within each episode, the whole of the episodes becomes clearly key to the season’s presentation.  That whole is just one of the key elements to consider in this season’s presentation.  The companion segments that are featured throughout are just as pivotal to the season’s presentation as its episodes and their overall content.

The meals and material presented throughout each of Season 16’s episodes are important in their own right to the season’s new home presentation.  Even as important as they are to the season’s presentation they are not its only collectively key portions of its presentation.  The companion segments that once again come with the show are just as important to note as the meals and their educational information.  The familiar taste test segments are there as are the kitchen equipment segments.  But this season has seen an expansion of those segments.  There is now a second equipment feature this season as well as a “Letters to the Editor” segment, too.  One can only guess why the shows heads decided to expand the presence of its companion segments in this season.  That is beside the point.  The “Letters to the Editor” adds its own interest with its viewer questions.  One viewer question asks whether a person should wait for a pot of coffee to finish brewing before pouring that first cup.  Kimball’s response is a frank “yes.”  He notes that the first cup of coffee that is poured from a fully brewed pot of coffee is eight times stronger than any other cup that is poured after.  So that should give plenty of motivation (especially in a family) to be the one to get that first cup of joe.  There are lots of other interesting letters presented in this new feature.  Audiences will find their favorites for themselves when they purchase this season for themselves.  The same applies to the extra gadget segments and the familiar taste testing segments, too.  All in all, the companion segments that are featured in this season of ATK are just as important to its presentation as the meals and their educational information.  When all of that is set side by side the bigger picture painted of Season 16 is one that shows just why Season 16 is yet another enjoyable run from one of television’s top cooking shows.

The meals that are presented throughout the 16th season of ATK and their educational material, and the episodes’ companion segments are each important in their own way to the whole of its home release.  Altogether they make Season 16 yet another enjoyable run from one of TV’s top cooking shows.  They also make this season a fond farewell for host Chris Kimball.  They are not the set’s only important elements.  The bonus printable recipes that come with the season round out the season’s presentation, bringing the whole thing full circle.  Just as with the series’ previous seasons this season also comes complete with printable recipes for each and every meal featured in this season.  So those viewers who might be making their own personal cookbooks (whether from this series’ recipes, other recipes, or even a combination of sources) have plenty more options here from which to choose and develop those cookbooks even more.  They are presented in easy to access .pdf files.  There’s no having to download some app or anything else.  Viewers just put the discs in their computers’ DVD drives (for those who still have computers with said drives) and they can instantly access those recipes.  It is that easy.  The recipes join with the season’s meals and information, and the episodes’ companion segments to complete the set’s viewing experience.  That overall enjoyable viewing experience reveals the season’s home presentation to, once again, be yet another enjoyable run from a show that is one of television’s top cooking shows.

The 16th season of PBS’ America’s Test Kitchen is one more enjoyable run from a series that is one of television’s top cooking shows.  That is evident in large part through the meals that make up the main body of the season’s twenty-six episodes.  The dishes are delectable and fitting for any night of the week.  They are also fitting for singles, couples, and even families.  The familiar educational information provided in each episode makes the episodes all the more enjoyable.  The companion segments that come with each episode are just as familiar as that noted educational material.  What’s important to note of those segments is that there are even more of them this season than in previous seasons.  So audiences get even more extra information this season than ever before.  The bonus printable recipes featured in this season round out its presentation and bring that presentation full circle.  They allow cooks at home to build their own personal cookbooks even more and try their hand at the featured meals at their own leisure.  Each element is important in its own right to the whole of America’s Test Kitchen in its 16th season.  All things considered they make America’s Test Kitchen: Season 16 yet another enjoyable run from one of television’s top cooking shows and an equally fond farewell for host Chris Kimball.  It is available now and can be ordered online direct via PBS’ online store.  More information on Season 16 is available online along with all of the series’ latest news at:




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