Peanuts Double Feature Getting Blu-ray Treatment This Fall

CBS Home Entertainment and Paramount Media Distribution will re-issue two classic Peanuts TV specials again this fall.

Peanuts: A Boy Named Charlie Brown and Peanuts: Snoopy, Come Home will be released in a special new Blu-ray double feature presentation this fall.  The TV specials will be released in one complete collection on Tuesday, November 1st in stores and online.  Their upcoming joint release will two months after the two movies will be released in their own standalone Blu-ray packages.

The features’ standalone Blu-ray presentations will be released Tuesday, September 6th via CBS Home Entertainment and Paramount Media Distribution.  The specials were have also been released a number of times on DVD both by themselves and with other Peanuts specials in recent years.

Courtesy:  CBS DVD/Paramount

Courtesy: CBS DVD/Paramount

PeanutsA Boy Named Charlie Brown is the first of the Peanuts specials to ever be aired.  It follows Charlie Brown as he unwittingly becomes his school’s representative in the national spelling bee.  It all begins as Charlie sets out to disprove his fellow students who believe that he can’t even win the school spelling bee.  Along the way Charlie Brown’s best friend Linus deals with the disappearance of his beloved blanket as he tries to help Charlie Brown prepare for the spelling bee.  And back home scheming Lucy plans to take advantage of Charlie Brown’s potential success by naming herself his agent.  Of course things don’t turn out quite as she, Charlie Brown, or anyone else expect.  But the special still leaves audiences with smiles on their faces and feeling such support for everybody’s favorite underdog.

Courtesy: CBS DVD/Paramount

Courtesy: CBS DVD/Paramount

PeanutsSnoopy Come Home presents a completely different story.  When Snoopy receives a letter in the mail, he suddenly leaves his doghouse and embarks on a cross-country journey.  The reason for Snoopy’s journey is a mystery to everybody including Charlie Brown.  That is until the contents of the letter are revealed.  What comes next is a deeply moving story that will move audiences of all ages to tears of joy.

PeanutsA Boy Named Charlie Brown and PeanutsSnoopy Come Home will both be available on Blu-ray on Tuesday, September 6th.  Both titles are expected to retail for MSRP of $24.99.

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