‘Live In Munich’ Shows Scorpions Still Has A Strong “Sting”

Courtesy: Eagle Rock Entertainment

Courtesy: Eagle Rock Entertainment

It might be hard to believe to most audiences out there, but in 2015, the veteran rock band Scorpions marked its 50th—yes, 50th—anniversary.  The German rock outfit originally got its start in 1965.  Throughout all of the changes that the music community has undergone since then, Scorpions has been there.  Now more than half a decade after the band originally formed, it has released a special new live recording, showing why it has remained so popular the world over.  The recording Live in Munich 2012 is the band’s tour closer from its 2012 “Sting in The Tail Tour.”  There is plenty for the band’s fans to appreciate about this new recording beginning with the concert’s set list.  That will be discussed shortly.  The band’s stage presence throughout the concert is just as important to note as the show’s set list.  Last but hardly least of note in this recording is its cinematography.  Each of the elements noted here are equally important to note in this recording’s presentation but are hardly the only elements worth noting.  One could also note the recording’s production values just as much as anything else and even its packaging.  All things considered, Live in Munich 2012 proves in the end to be another welcome addition to any Scorpions fan’s collection.

Scorpions’ new live recording Live in Munich is an outstanding and welcome addition to the personal collection of any of the band’s fans.  The elements that prove this argument true are many; so many that there is not enough time or room to list them all.  But for the sake of this examination three of its elements will be examined to prove said statement.  The first of the elements in question is the recording’s set list.  The concert’s set list runs 21 songs deep and more than an hour and a half in time.  The songs that are featured in this recording are pulled from as recently as the band’s 2010 album Sting in the Tail ( three songs are pulled from that album) and as far back as the band’s 1979 album Lovedrive.  The album is one of the most heavily represented in this recording, with four of its eight total songs being featured here.  Animal Magnetism, which followed Lovedrive in 1980, is represented here, too along with Blackout (1982), Love at First Sting (1984) and Crazy World (1990).  That’s hardly the end either in examining the show’s set list.  Given, not every one of the band’s albums could be covered within the one night, homecoming show for the band.  But it is still an extensive set list in its own right.  The set list is just one part of what makes this recording stand out for the band’s fans.  The band’s stage presence throughout the performance is just as important to note as the show’s set list.

The set list that makes up the body of Live in Munich 2012 is in its own right a hugely important piece of the recording’s presentation.  That is because it reaches back through so many of the band’s albums even back to albums that many U.S. audiences might not have even known about, considering the band didn’t really gain major fame in the U.S. until the 1980s.  That in itself gives American audiences plenty of reason to experience this concert.  It is definitely not the only reason for audiences to experience it, though.  The band’s stage presence (its performance) throughout the course of that rich set list is just as important to note as the set list itself.  Audiences will take special note in the band’s performance that it keeps its audience completely engaged from beginning to end, wasting little to no time with any antics or rambling between songs.  Rather the band lets the music do the talking for its members.  Between the old school multi-member guitar solo showcases in some of the songs, front man Klaus Meine’s equally old school swagger (that was so commonplace among 80s bands), to the minimalist use of pyro, the band speaks loud and clear through its performance right up to the show’s final moments.  It is like the band has never aged for lack of better wording.  The band is just as full of life and energy in this performance as it was in its early days.  That is a very good thing for fans of the veteran rock outfit.  It translates so well on screen, too.  That is even better for fans because it means that energy will impact fans as they watch on screen as it did the fans who were in attendance at the concert’s original filming.  Even as important as all of this is to the recording’s overall presentation it still is not the last remaining element to examine. The concert’s cinematography is just as important to note in examining this recording as the band’s performance and the featured set list.

The set list at the center of Live in Munich 2012 and the band’s performance thereof are both key elements to examine in this recording’s presentation.  While there is no denying their importance they are not its only important elements.  The concert’s cinematography is just as important to examine as those elements and is still in itself not the last element to note, either.  The cinematography that is presented in the concert’s presentation is so important to note because it really is what makes the band’s performance translate so well on screen.  The concert’s camera crew captures all of the right angles at all of the right moments, serving in the end to heighten the energy of the more upbeat songs and illustrate the emotion of the slower pieces.  Some might argue that the quicker shots in the more upbeat songs are dizzying and perhaps too short.  But when one looks at the cinematography in the bigger picture, one will see that there was a method to the camera crew’s madness so to speak.  Being that the camera crew was so methodical in its approach, it heightens the concert’s overall viewing experience even more for fans watching it at home.  When that is taken into consideration, it works with the band’s performance of the show’s set list and the show’s set list itself to show clearly once more why Live in Munich 2012 is such a welcome addition to any Scorpions fan’s personal collection.

Live in Munich 2012 is a much-welcome addition to the personal collection of any Scorpions fan.  Available now in stores and online, that is due in no small part to the recording’s set list, which reaches into a number of the band’s decades-long catalogue.  The band’s performance of those songs plays just as important of a part in that success as the set list itself.  That is because the band doesn’t waste time with unnecessary dialogue or anything else at any point in the show.  Rather, the band lets the music do the talking for its members.  The concert’s cinematography plays its own part in the concert’s presentation, too.  That is because it serves to translate the energy of the band’s performance to audiences at home through both the more upbeat numbers and the slower, more emotional songs.  While al three of these elements are clearly important both alone and collectively, they are hardly the only important elements to examine. One could examine the concert’s production values and its packaging just as much as the previously noted elements.  All things considered, Live in Munich 2012 proves in the end to be a recording that, again, every Scorpions fan will want to have in his or her personal collection.  It is available today in stores and online.  More information on Live in Munich is available online now along with Scorpions’ latest news and more at:




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