PBS Distribution To Release New ‘Nature’ Episode Next Month

Courtesy: PBS/PBS Distribution/WNET

Courtesy: PBS/PBS Distribution/WNET

PBS Distribution will release a high flying new episode of its hit wildlife series Nature next month on DVD and Blu-ray.

Nature: Super Hummingbirds will be released on Tuesday, Nov. 22.  The program examines the “super powers” that make hummingbirds one of the most incredible species of bird in the world.

The program is Emmy-winning filmmaker Ann Johnson Prum’s (Hummingbirds: Magic in the Air, An Original DUCKumentary, Animal Homes) second film focusing on hummingbirds.  The program focuses on new discoveries about hummingbirds.

Those new discoveries include how hummingbirds actually manage to drink nectar from flowers so quickly, and what allows them to survive in settings that are otherwise uninhabitable for other creatures.

For the first time ever, audiences will also get to see in this documentary how hummingbirds mate (meaning some parental discretion may be advised for younger viewers), lay eggs, fight, and even raise families.

The hour-long program opens with the research of Dr. Alejandro Rico-Guevara explaining how hummingbirds are able to lap up nectar at 20 times per second.  This is done through the use of a clear feeding tube and a real flower.  The flower contained the same amount of nectar found in a real bloom.

High speed macro photography reveals the birds’ secret; a secret that audiences will discover for themselves when they order the episode for themselves.

Dr. Christopher Witt and his team of researchers are also presented in this episode as they uncover the secret to hummingbirds’ ability to survive at altitudes where oxygen is 40 percent more scarce than at sea level.  Experiments conducted with the birds revealed a very stunning connection between the birds’ hemoglobin and their ability to survive at those high altitudes.  Research also revealed a connection between the birds’ ability to fly at high speeds and their ability to capture extra oxygen as they fly and breath.

The program’s final segment audiences are taken to the rainforests of Costa Rica where Dr. Marcelo Araya-Salas and researchers from Cornell University have spent seven years studying the mating habits of hummingbirds.  The group filmed more than 2,000 hours of footage in its research and caught the first footage of hummingbirds mating in that footage.

The whole thing ends with a life cycle of the hummingbird, from nest building, to parenthood to the first flight.

Nature: Super Hummingbirds originally premiered on PBS stations nationwide on Oct. 13.  It will be available on DVD and Blu-ray on Nov. 22 and will retail for MSRP of $24.99 on DVD and $29.99 on Blu-ray.  It can be pre-ordered now at a reduced price of $24.99 (Blu-ray) and $19.99 (DVD) now online at PBS’ online store.

More information on this and other episodes of Nature is available online now at:




Website: http://pbs.org/wnet/nature

Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/PBSNature

Twitter: http://twitter.com/PBSNature




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