Every Music Lover Should See Eagle Rock’s New Everly Brothers Profile

Courtesy: Eagle Rock Entertainment

Courtesy: Eagle Rock Entertainment

Phil and Don Everly are two of the most respected names in the music industry.  That goes completely without saying.  So it only makes sense that the leading name in live recordings would release a profile of the groundbreaking duo in its own presentation.  The presentation in question is titled Harmonies From Heaven, and was released September 9th.  This new profile of the Everly Brothers boasts quite a bit for audiences to appreciate beginning with its very presentation.  That will be discussed shortly. The documentary portion of the presentation is notable in its own right. It will be discussed later. The concert recording included in the program rounds out the most notable of its presentation.  Each portion of the program is important in its own right. All things considered, Harmonies From Heaven proves to be a profile that creates a whole new appreciation for two music legends.

Eagle Rock Entertainment’s new Everly Brothers profile Harmonies From Heaven is an outstanding look at two music legends. It is a work that creates a whole new appreciation for the duo even among audiences who might not call The Everly Brothers their favorite act.  That is due in no small part to the program’s overall presentation.  Unlike so many other releases from Eagle Rock in recent years, this program is not just a documentary or just a concert recording.  It is in fact a pairing of the two. This is a big plus for the program because of the rich picture that is painted of the brothers and their influence on the music industry.  That picture is painted through the interviews featured in the documentary and the pair’s stage presence in the vintage live recording.  Audiences will see in watching both segments that there are plenty of direct connections between the segments that serves to paint that picture.  The connection will be discussed in a more in-depth discussion of each portion.

The overall presentation of Harmonies From Heaven is in itself an important piece of the program’s whole.  That is because it doesn’t limit audiences to just a documentary or a concert recording.  It combines both for a presentation that is in essence a musical documentary that gives audiences a full experience.  As important as the program’s overall presentation is to its whole, it is just one part of what makes the program stand out.  The separate segments presented in the program are each important in their own right to the program’s whole.  The documentary included in the program is just one of the program’s segments.  This portion of the program’s presentation features interviews with Don Everly—one half of The Everly Brothers—as well as Art Garfunkel, Keith Richards, and a number of others.  Audiences will be surprised to hear the interviewees discuss the credit that the Everly Brothers deserved for their influence on the likes of The Beatles and so many other acts that followed.  Art Garfunkel even admits that he and former performing partner Paul Simon tried to be in each others families because they wanted to be like Don and Phil Everly.  Just as interesting to learn is that Phil Everly actually had a purpose in raising his guitar to the air as he performed.  It is revealed that he did that to make sure that his guitar would be picked up on mics in live settings.  So it wasn’t necessarily just a performance thing. Rather, it was functional.  Audiences get to see Phil do just that more than once in the live recording that is included in the program.  AS if that isn’t interesting enough, audiences also learn in the program’s documentary segment that allegedly Phil and Don didn’t get along too well off stage.  So in watching the program’s live recording, one can’t help but wonder if the verbal barbs that were thrown out weren’t so light-hearted.  It is just one more of the interesting revelations included in the program’s documentary segment.  There is plenty more that will catch audiences attention.  Considering just how much information is shared through the documentary’s interviews, audiences will agree that it in itself gives them plenty to appreciate.  Even as important as the program’s documentary segment proves to be to its whole, it is not the only segment that should be mentioned here.  The live recording segment included in the program is just as important as the documentary segment.

The documentary segment included in Harmonies From Heaven is in itself a key piece of the program’s presentation.  That is because it presents so much information about the brothers; some of which audiences might not have even known before.  It paints its own rich picture of the legendary duo, and as rich as that picture proves to be it is just one of the enjoyable pictures that is painted.  The live recording segment that is included in the program is just as rich as that painted in the program’s documentary segment.  The live recording runs just 48 minutes, but shows what made Phil and Don such favorites both live and in person.  The duo jokes with the audience and even with the other musicians on stage, comparing one member of the group to Gomer Pyle.  The men keep audiences completely engaged both through its more upbeat songs and its more moving, emotional works.  Throughout each song, Don and Phil (and their band mates) expertly capture the emotion of the songs’ lyrics and arrangements, making for a performance that flies by all too quickly.  Between that engaging performance and the men’s general presence, what audiences get in this segment is a prime example of what made The Everly Brothers so enjoyable to experience live.  It paints its own rich picture that, when set alongside that painted in the program’s documentary segment, creates a whole picture that Everly Brothers fans and music lovers alike should experience.

Harmonies From Heaven is a presentation that Everly Brothers fans and music lovers alike should experience.  That is because on the surface, it is a stunning portrait of two true music legends.  On a deeper level, it is a history lesson of sorts that music lovers of all ages will appreciate thanks to its documentary segment and its live segment.  The two segments together create a picture that proves why music lovers of all ages should appreciate The Everly Brothers.  It is available now in stores and online.  More information on this and other titles from Eagle Rock Entertainment is available online now at:




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