The Empire Will Rise This Winter

Courtesy: Rise Records/Velocity Records

Courtesy: Rise Records/Velocity Records

The empire will rise this winter.

Cosplay rock outfit Galactic Empire will release its debut album Friday, February 3, 2017.  The 11-song, self-titled record will be released via Rise Records.  It will feature the band’s own take on a number of songs featured in LucasFilms’s Star Wars movies.  Those movies are not limited to just the original trilogy of films.  The franchise’s latest installment, The Force Awakens gets a nod on this record in ‘Ben’s Death: Tie Fighter Attack.’

Also included in the band’s upcoming album are ‘Imperial March,’ ‘The Asteroid Field,’ and other re-imagined songs from the famed franchise.

The band recently released a joint statement announcing the album’s upcoming album in a manner only the Empire could.

“AT LONG LAST!  Our preparations are complete.  The mighty Galactic Empire will unleash our ultimate weapon in the battle to bring heavy metal to your galaxy,” the band said. “The puny humans at Velocity and Rise Records have succumbed to the crushing power of the Dark Side and will release out debut full-length album on which we pay tribute to Supreme Sith Overlord John Williams with 11 tracks of pure sonic devastation.  Join us, and together, we can rule the galaxy!”

The full track listing for the band’s upcoming album is noted below.


Track Listing:
01. Main Theme
02. Imperial March
03. Duel of the Fates
04. The Force Theme
05. The Asteroid Field
06. Battle of the Heroes
07. Cantina Band
08. Ben’s Death: Tie Fighter Attack
09. Across the Stars
10. The Forest Battle
11. The Throne Room: End Title


Velocity and Rise Records released videos for ‘The Imperial March’ and ‘Main Theme’ earlier this year.  The band has also been keeping audiences updated on the album through its own YouTube Channel.

Pre-orders are available for Galactic Empire now via iTunes and the band’s official website.

More information on Galactic Empire’s upcoming debut album is available online now along with all of the band’s latest news and more at:









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