Ken Burns’ Latest PBS Presentation Is The “Champion” Of Phil’s Picks’ 2016 Top 10 New Documentaries List

Courtesy:  PBS/PBS Distribution

Courtesy: PBS/PBS Distribution

2016 was another great year for documentaries.  From ancient kings to movie magic kings and much more, the field of documentaries had plenty to offer audiences.  Believe it or not PBS showed again with its offerings why it remains the king of the documentary field and why it is the last true bastion of truly worthwhile programming on television.  It wasn’t the only outlet that offered quality documentaries this year, though.  Virgil Films and MVD Visual both had some stand out offerings, too.  Their films are included in this critic’s list of the year’s best new documentaries.

Topping this year’s list of the year’s top new documentaries is Ken Burns’ new profile of MLB great Jackie Robinson.  It isn’t the first of its kind by any means.  But it is one of the most in-depth profiles of the baseball legend.  Also included in this year’s list is a profile of another legend in his own right, Ray Harryhausen from MVD Visual in the form of Ray Harryhausen: Special Effects Titan.  It isn’t the first of its kind, either. But its story, interviews, footage, information and editing all combine to make this presentation stand out.  There is even a pair of documentaries on the “timeless” cinema classic Back to the Future included in this list.

As with each of Phil’s Picks “Best Of” lists, this list features this critic’s top 10 choices in the given category along with five honorable mention titles for a total of 15 titles.  So without any further ado, here for you is Phil’s Picks’ 2016 Top 10 New Documentaries




  1. Ken Burns’ Jackie Robinson


  1. American Experience: Space Men


  1. American Experience: Tesla


  1. Nature: Natural Born Hustlers


  1. Secrets of the Dead: Cleopatra’s Lost Tomb


  1. Secrets of the Dead: Teotihuacan’s Lost Kings


  1. Ray Harryhausen: Special Effects Titan


  1. American Experience: Bonnie & Clyde


  1. Nature: Super Hummingbirds


  1. Nature: Moose Life of a Twig Eater


  1. NOVA: Vikings Unearthed


  1. OUTATIME: Saving The DeLorean Time Machine


  1. Back in Time


  1. Building Star Trek


  1. Zydeco Crossroads: A Tale of Two Cities


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