‘Vintage Italia’ Is Sure To Become Vintage In Any Listener’s Music Library

Courtesy: Putumayo World Music

Putumayo World Music is one of the leading names in the World Music realm.  That is thanks to recordings that have taken listeners on great musical adventures to almost every corner of the globe.  From Latin America to Ireland to Australia and many other points, Putumayo World Music has consistently offered audiences great music from so many nations.  Its latest musical outing Vintage Italia is no different.  This 11-song album is a work that will appeal both to fans of World Music and Jazz.  This is due in part to the record’s featured songs and their performers.  This will be discussed shortly.  The record’s companion booklet is just as important to its overall presentation as its songs.  This will be discussed later.  The bonus Sgroppino (Italian cocktail) recipe included in the album’s booklet rounds out the record’s most important elements.  Each element is important in its own right to the record’s overall presentation.  All things considered, Vintage Italia proves to be one of the year’s top new World Music offerings and one of the year’s top new Jazz & Blues offerings.

Putumayo World Music’s new classic Italian Jazz compilation Vintage Italia is one of this year’s top new World Music offerings and one of the year’s top new Jazz & Blues albums.  That is due in part to its featured songs and the artists who performed said songs.  The songs themselves are so notable because they are in large part classic jazz compositions from the 1950s and 1960s that are the original recordings no less.  Hearing those original compositions is like opening yet another time capsule, taking listeners back to those eras.  Not all of the songs included in this compilation are from the 20th Century, though.  A small handful of the record’s featured songs are from the 21st Century and their associated acts, too.

Speaking of the acts performing the featured songs, listeners will be interested to learn that the acts featured throughout the record are themselves largely Italian.  From legends such as Julia De Palma and Fred Buscaglione to more modern acts such as Gianmaria Testa and Emanuele Tozzi, the record’s featured artists present the past present and future of Italy’s rich jazz scene.  Just as interesting to note is the fact that the performers featured here also include a Canadian-born performer of Italian descent, an Austrian group known for covering music from around the world and even an American act formed in Washington state.  One might ask on the surface why this is so important.  The answer is that it shows the far-reaching impact and influence of jazz (and music in general) crafted by Italian artists throughout the nation’s history.  Keeping that in mind, it shows why the performers featured in Vintage Italia and their songs are so important to the record’s overall presentation.  They are collectively only part of what makes this compilation so enjoyable.  Even as important as they are to the record’s overall presentation, they are not its only important elements.  The record’s companion booklet plays its own key role in the record’s presentation, too.

The songs and artists featured in Vintage Italia are in themselves key pieces of the record’s whole.  That is because of the picture that they paint both by themselves and together.  While they are important parts of the record’s whole, they are not its only key elements.  The record’s companion booklet plays its own key part in the record’s overall presentation.  The booklet is so important because of the history that it provides audiences.  It starts with a history of how jazz became so popular in Italy after World War II thanks to American GIs still living there at the time.  The history is brief but concise, showing the influence that American and Italian Jazz in fact had on one another.  From there, the booklet presents equally brief but concise bios on the record’s performers, even offering some insight on their associated songs.  That insight adds to the songs’ enjoyment even if listeners might not speak Italian.  Precise translations are provided of key passages that help illustrate the songs’ subjects.  When those translations are coupled with the history and insight offered on each song and artist, they make the record’s overall listening experience even more enjoyable.  That is because said material adds to the appreciation of the songs in regards to their content and history.  That added depth is not the last important element to discuss in examining this record’s overall presentation.  The bonus cocktail recipe puts the finishing touch to its presentation.

The musical and informational content provided throughout Vintage Italia are both key pieces of the record’s overall presentation.  They are not its only important elements, though.  The record also includes a bonus recipe for a Sgroppino, or Italian Cocktail in the booklet.  The recipe includes a detailed list of ingredients and instructions for the drink, which is itself a vintage Italian beverage, even offering a little bit of information on the drink itself as part of the recipe.  Audiences who enjoy a cool drink especially on warm summer nights will enjoy this drink while perhaps hosting a party with the record’s music as a backdrop on a warm summer’s eve.  The addition of the recipe is nothing new for compilations  from Putumayo World Music.  Most, if not all, of its compilations come complete with a recipe for an associated drink or dish to go with the music featured on said records along with an equally rich depth of background history information from their companion booklets.  Keeping all of this in mind, the bonus drink recipe included in Vintage Italia’s companion booklet makes this recording *refreshing* in more ways than one.  That recipe joins with the record’s musical and informational content to make this collection so refreshing that it proves to be one of the year’s top new World Music and Jazz & Blues records.

Putumayo’s latest World Music offering Vintage Italia is a record that World Music and Jazz & Blues fans of all ages will appreciate.  That is due to musical and information content that will keep them fully engaged from start to finish.  The bonus drink recipe included with the record’s booklet puts the finishing touch on the record’s presentation.  Each element proves positive in its own right to the record’s whole.  All things considered, they make Vintage Italia a record that is sure to become vintage in any of the noted audiences’ music libraries.  It is available now in stores and online.  More information on this and other titles from Putumayo World Music is available online now at:




Website: http://www.putumayo.com

Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/Putumayo

Twitter: http://twitter.com/putumayomusic




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