NPR Giving Audiences An Early Listen To Cody ChesnuTT’s New Album

Courtesy: Handwritten Records

National Public Radio is giving audiences the chance to hear Cody ChesnuTT’s new album in is entirety before it hits stores.

The organization is streaming ChesnuTT’s new album My Love Divine Degree, online now through its NPR Music page.  It will only be available to stream for a short time as the album is currently scheduled to be released on digital platforms Friday, June 2 via Handwritten Records and on CD on June 30.

Audiences can hear the album in whole now here and pre-order it here.

My Love Divine Degree is being streamed as pat of NPR’s “First Listen” series.  The 13 songs that make up the body of the record were recorded and mixed over the course of 18 months and co-produced by Grammy® Award-nominated producer Anthony “Twilite Tone” Kahn.  The record’s track listing is noted below.

My Love Divine Degree Tracklisting:
1. Anything Can Happen
2. Africa The Future
3. She Ran Away
4. Bullets In The Street And Blood (Feat. Raphael Saadiq)
5. So Sad To See (A Lost Generation)
6. Always Sebrena
7. Make a Better Man
8. I Stay Ready
9. Image of Love
10. It’s In The Love
11. This Green Leaf
12. Peace (Side-by-Side)
13. Shine On The Mic
14. Have You Heard Anything From The Lord Today

More information on My Love Divine Degree is available online now along with all of Cody ChesnuTT’s latest news and more at:










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