Small Town Titans Partners With Military Vet For New Single, Benefit Fundraiser

Small Town Titans is paying tribute to America’s men and women in uniform with a new acoustic take on its latest single ‘Too Much To Dream.’

The song is based on a poem written by a military veteran that was sent to the band. The veteran’s name is Don Mattox, and the poem’s title ‘Chemical Dream Catcher.’  According to a press release, the song was born because Mattox wanted to turn the poem into a song, and asked the band if it wanted to use his poem to craft a song.

The end result is the new acoustic composition that audiences can hear now via the band’s official YouTube channel.

Courtesy: O’Donnell Media Group

The song’s full studio take is currently expected to be released Nov. 11, 2017—Veteran’s Day.

In anticipation of the song’s full studio release, the band recently launched a PledgeMusic campaign, allowing audiences to pre-order the song’s full-studio release along with a companion video.  The initial money raised from the campaign–$10,000—will be used to record the song and develop its companion video. After that, all money raised through the single’s sales will benefit charities chosen by Mattox and the band.

The release of the new single in both its acoustic and full studio version is a positive not just for the band but also for regional PTSD support groups. The website has even been purchased with the aim of using it to create and monitor a network of local PTSD organizations nationwide.

More information on ‘Too Much To Dream’ is available online now along with all of the band’s latest news and more at:










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