PBS Kids To Tackle Sibling Rivalry On New ‘Arthur’ DVD

Courtesy: PBS/PBS Kids/Public Media Distribution

PBS Kids will release another new collection of Arthur episodes on DVD this summer.

Public Media Distribution and PBS Kids will release Arthur: Brothers and Sisters on Tuesday, July 18. The single disc compilation features eight more episodes of the hit animated series at a total run time of 108 minutes (1 hr. 48 minutes).

All eight episodes feature plenty of sibling rivalry between Arthur and his little sister D.W. (Dora Winnifred for the uninitiated) that puts the pair in plenty of different situations including the arrival of Arthur and D.W.’s second sibling in ‘Arthur’s Baby,’ D.W. copy-cating Arthur in ‘D.W. The Copycat’ and a pre-summer showdown between Arthur and D.W. in ‘The Pageant Pickle.’

Arthur and D.W. are not the only Elwood residents featured in the series’ latest DVD release.  Sue Ellen learns a hard lesson about being careful what she wishes for in ‘Sue Ellen’s Little Sister,’ in which she gets tired of being an only child.  Arthur’s friend Francine and her sister go through some growing pains to which so many siblings can relate, too in ‘Francine Redecorates.’

As if all of that isn’t enough, everyone’s favorite troublesome twins, the Tribbles, get their own moment in the light in this compilation in ‘Two Minutes.’  When Timmy and Tommy discover which twin was born first, Timmy asks D.W. to help him solve, with quite the interesting result.

Between these episodes and the pairing of ‘D.W.’s Baby’ and ‘Arthur’s First Sleepover,’ Arthur: Brothers and Sisters offers families nearly two hours of animated entertainment.  The DVD will retail for MSRP of $6.99.  It can be pre-ordered online now via PBS’ online store.

More information on Arthur is available online along with lots of games, activities, printables and more at:




Website: http://www.pbskids.org/arthur

Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/ArthurPBS




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