Adrenaline Mob’s New LP Will Unite The Metal Nation Worldwide

Courtesy: Century Media Records

Early last month, hard rock outfit Adrenaline Mob returned with its latest full-length album We the People.  The band’s third full-length studio recording, it was released June 2 via Century Media Records. Listening to this 13-song record, it can be said that the band is back with a purpose, providing listeners 63 minutes of pure hard rock compositions that will appeal to fans of Five Finger Death Punch, Sevendust, Drowning Pool and other similar acts.  The record’s lyrical content hits just as hard as its musical arrangements.  The whole of those elements makes We The People a record that definitely will unite members of the metal nation worldwide.  That is evident right from the album’s outset in the form of the record’s lead song and single, ‘King of the Ring.’  The album’s anti-drug anthem ‘Chasing The Dragon,’ which comes later in the record’s run supports that statement just as much as ‘King of the Ring.’  The same can be said of ‘Violent State of Mind,’ which comes even later in the record’s run.  Between the songs noted here and the other ten songs that make up the rest of the record, the whole of those songs proves the record to be a work that will not only unite the metal nation but also proves to be one of this year’s best new hard rock and metal albums.

Adrenaline Mob’s latest full-length studio recording We The People is one of this year’s top new hard rock and metal offerings.  It is a record that will unite members of the metal nation worldwide.  That is due both to its musical arrangements and its lyrical themes, as is evidenced early on in the record’s lead song and single ‘King of the Ring.’  In terms of its musical arrangement, it easily lends itself to comparisons to Saliva’s hit 2006 song ‘Ladies & Gentlemen’ with its heavy, guitar-driven sound.  Obviously the comparison is not identical.  But at least in this critic’s own view it is enough to be notable.  Others might disagree, and that is perfectly fine.  Either way, the fire that burns bright in this arrangement makes it a solid start for the band’s latest album.  It is only one part of what makes the song such an enjoyable first impression for this record.  The song’s lyrical content couples with that arrangement to show even more why the song in whole is a clear example of what makes the album in whole an equally strong return for the band.

The lyrical content presented in ‘King of the Ring’ is important to note because it boasts the same fire that is exhibited in the song’s musical arrangement.  Examining the song’s lyrical content, it comes across as a defiant, fist-pumping anthem that preaches standing tall and proud, and having confidence in one’s own self.  That is inferred as front man Russell Allen sings in the song’s lead verse, “Walking tall/toward the ring/Tell yourself to get ready/Clinch your fists/Take a breath/S***’s about to get heavy/Keep running your mouth/You don’t’ know what you just started/Keep running your mouth/You don’t know just what you’re in for.”  He goes on to sing in the song’s second verse, “Here we go/Blow by blow/Get ‘em up and get ready/Feel the sting/Hit by hit/I will make you crawl.”  The defiance continues in the song’s third verse as Russell’s subject sings to the unseen antagonist that he is standing tall and better than any naysayers, haters and the like.  The boxing/wrestling metaphor that is used here is nothing new to the rock realm.  Again, Saliva’s ‘Ladies & Gentlemen’ used a similar approach as did songs from Sevendust and Nonpoint just to name a couple more. That aside, it still doesn’t get old in this scenario.  Rather, the fire in the song’s lyrical content present their own fire; a fire that when coupled with the fire in the song’s musical arrangement, strengthens the song even more, showing in whole why this song is so important in showing what makes We The People a strong return for Adrenaline Mob.  It is not the only song included in this record that serves to support that statement.  ‘Chasing Dragons’ supports that statement just as much as ‘King of the Ring.’

‘Chasing Dragons’ shows what makes We The People a solid new effort from Adrenaline Mob because it doesn’t try to just rehash any of its predecessors in this album musically or lyrically.  Musically speaking, the song’s guitar-driven arrangement presents a certain urgency throughout that interestingly mirrors what drug addicts might feel after getting that first high.  It starts off slow and brooding, but picks up from there, only getting more urgent as it progresses.  In one sense, that potentially mirrors what an addict might feel.  On another level, it could also mirror the urgency of those around the addict in trying to get the addict off of his or her addiction.  It definitely is an interesting approach to say the very least, and is not the only part of the song that makes it stand out.  The song’s lyrical content presents just as much urgency as its musical arrangement.

The urgency in ‘Chasing Dragons’’ lyrical content is exhibited clearly as Allen sings, “Look at yourself/Face to face/Through the cracks/And you want to chase the dragon/Want to taste that drug/And feel that rush again/Wide awake/Staring at the ceiling/Another drink should get you through the night/And you’re praying for a savior/And I’m knocking/Knocking at your door/you look surprised as hell/To see this ugly face/Well, did you think I would greet you with a smile?/Now tell me friend/Did you think I wouldn’t find you/Oh, and by the way/I’ve been here all the while.”  This is a pretty straight forward, no-nonsense statement that leaves little to be guessed.  Allen is singing about what is going on in the addict’s mind as the high wears off and he or she starts feeling the need for that next high, and the stark reality check that addicts are forced to eventually make.  It is a powerful statement that when coupled with the song’s musical arrangement shows just as much as ‘King of the Ring,’ why it is such an important part of We The People’s whole.  It still is not the last example of what makes this record stand out in this year’s field of new hard rock and metal albums.  ‘Violent State of Mind,’ which comes later in the album’s run shows in its own unique way what makes the album stand out, too.

‘Violent State of Mind’ sounds like a foreboding title for a song, but in reality, the song should not be mistaken.  It is yet another defiant musical and lyrical statement that will benefit any listener who has ever dealt with someone difficult.  That could be a difficult family member, significant other or even a bully boss.  Who hasn’t dealt with any of these situations at one point or another?  In regards to its musical content, it is a full-on, adrenaline fueled, guitar-driven work that will instantly have listeners’ fists and horns pumping proudly in the air.  Lyrically speaking, it will help listeners release the concentrated anger and aggression that builds up from a difficult day in any of the noted settings because of the defiance exhibited throughout. That defiance is evident in the song’s verse in which Allen sings, “You tell me to walk, then you tell me to run/You tell me to swallow and follow everyone/You give me a choice but won’t let me choose/You won’t let me win, but you’ll never let me lose/And I am done trying to get through to you/I have turned to a violent state of mind/Come on and tell me/What more do you really want/What more do you want from me/Tell me what you really want/My head is spinning and you’re driving me crazy.”  Again, who out there has never been in such a frustrating position emotionally?  Anyone who hasn’t is either living under a rock or in some utopia that no one else knows about.  The frustration from the song’s subject continues in the song’s second verse as Allen’s subject continues to address the unseen person, saying, “You’re trying to teach/But you don’t understand.”  This is a statement that, along with the rest of the second verse – and the song – will resonate with so many people.  Keeping this in mind, the fire in these lyrics couples with the fire in the song’s musical arrangement to show in whole why this song is yet another important addition to We The People.  When this song is joined with the previously discussed works and the album’s other ten compositions, the whole proves to be a work that, once again, will unite members of the metal nation worldwide and that proves to be one of the year’s top new hard rock and metal albums.

We The People is a solid return for Adrenaline Mob.  Being that three years passed between this record and its predecessor, 2014’s Men of Honor, that is especially the case.  That statement is supported from start to finish in this record due to its combination of solid musical arrangements and equally powerful lyrical themes, as has been exemplified in the songs noted above.  When those songs are joined with the record’s remaining ten tracks, the end result is an album that will unite the members of the metal nation not just in America but around the world.  It also proves the record to be one of this year’s top new hard rock and metal offerings.  More information on We The People is available online now along with all of Adrenaline Mob’s latest tour dates, news and more at:










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