POJ’s Latest LP Is Another Must Have For Diehard Funk Fans

Courtesy: Sugar Road Records

Late this past March, Brooklyn, NY-based funk outfit Pimps of Joytime released its latest full-length studio recording Third Wall Chronicles to the world.  The group’s fourth full-length studio recording, this 10-song 38-minute record is itself a joy that will break more walls than build them.  In a time when the world is suffering from so much strife and division, that is important to note.  The mix of the album’s musical arrangements and its equally uplifting lyrics can so easily break down those walls and unite people, showing in whole that this is easily one of the year’s top new albums.

Pimps of Joytime’s latest full-length studio recording Third Wall Chronicles is a powerful new effort from the group.  That is proven throughout the album thanks to its music and lyrics that can so easily break down walls and unite listeners.  The album’s upbeat opener ‘This Funk (Give Me A Hand)’ supports that statement right off the top.  The song’s musical arrangement is an infectious, upbeat composition laden with horns, keyboards, drums, bass and vocals that instantly implant themselves in listeners’ minds in the best way possible.  It instantly conjures thoughts of Parliament Funkadelic, Sly & The Family Stone, Kool & The Gang and so many others of that ilk.  It’s just one part of what makes this song so powerful.  Its fun, simple lyrical content does just as much to make it so powerful.  Front man Brian J and company sing in the song’s lead verse, “Somebody give me a hand with this fun/I’ve been holding it all day long/Walking around with it/Trying to find the right party for this song/Just gotta get fired up.”  The positive vibes keep flowing from here on through the rest of the song without letting up.  When those positive vibes are coupled with the song’s equally positive musical vibes, the end result is a song that is not only proof of TWC’s impressive presentation, but a solid start for the record, too.  It is just one of the songs that serves to show what makes TWC so enjoyable overall.  ‘Little Bit of Something,’ which comes midway through the record’s run, serves as another example of what makes this album so enjoyable.

‘Little Bit of Something’ is one of TWC’s most notable songs due both to its musical arrangement and its lyrical content.  Musically speaking, the song is a light, flowing composition that lends itself easily to comparisons to works from Jack Johnson, Bob Marley and other similar acts.  That is evident in the song’s guitar line and horns, which form the song’s musical foundation. Drummer John Staten’s timekeeping strengthens that foundation even more with his work behind the kit.  When all of this is joined with the rest of the song’s musical elements, the whole of those elements makes this work yet another composition that will put a smile on any listeners’ face.  The song’s lyrical content, which is just as laid back as its musical arrangement is just as certain to keep those smiles beaming.

Brian J sings here, “Before I let you slip away/There’s just oen more thing honey/That I’ve gotta say/I got a little bit of something/And a whole lot of nothing/A little of your love/Over whole lot of my suffering/So baby please/Can I get a bit of your tenderness/Baby that’s all I’m asking for.”  He goes on to sing, “It’s all I’m asking for.”  J goes on to sing in the song’s second verse of his feelings for the woman, trying to win her over.  What’s really interesting here is that in listening through the song’s lyrical content, this song is one of those songs that is centered on a broken relationship, yet it isn’t one of those oh-woe-is-me works.  It is a man pleading to that woman for her to come back, yet it is done in such a positive fashion.  It’s something to which so many people can relate; that person trying to win the other person back with sensitivity and romance.  When this is considered along with the song’s musical arrangement, it adds even more to the song’s interest and makes it that much more relatable and enjoyable.  Keeping that in mind, the song in whole is just one more example of what makes TWC another enjoyable offering from Pimps of Joytime.  ‘Mud’ shows just as much as ‘Little Bit of Something’ and ‘This Funk (Give Me A Hand) why TWC is such an enjoyable effort.

‘Mud’ is another example of what makes TWC stand out thanks to its musical and lyrical content, just as with the previously discussed songs.  Musically speaking, this song is just as infectious as those songs (and the album’s other offerings) because of the manner in which it mixes the group’s trademark funk sound with more bluesy and gospel-based sounds.  It stands out completely from the its counterparts, showing once more, the musical variety exhibited throughout the album’s 38-minute run time.  Lyrically speaking, it is yet another simple work, too.  Brian J sings in the song’s lead verse, “I’m doing alright/Despite the dark entities that are seeing me/Don’t need a doctor/Maybe a shaman…doing alright/Despite the static and degradation…I’m traveling through the muddy water/Muddy water.”  What this seems to hint at is the song’s subject saying he is working through so much negativity and not getting up.  The muddy water is a metaphor that is used along with the rest of the lyrics to present that seeming message.  The argument for that seeming message is made even stronger as he sings in the song’s second verse, “I’m doing alright/Despite the pretty deep and shady tactics….I’m still doing my damn thing/Travelling through the muddy water.”  If this is indeed the message that is being sent through the song, then it is a very positive one that, along with the song’s musical arrangement, is made even more positive and enjoyable to take in.  It’s a message that so many people need today and every day reminding listeners that while there’s plenty of muddy water to trudge through, it can be done.  Considering this, that positive musical and lyrical message shows clearly why this song is another important addition to TWC and most certainly not the last.

The keyboard-driven arrangement of ‘Everywhere I Go’ is an easy fit for any Top 40 Pop radio station, and lends itself just as easily to any number of re-mixes while its positive lyrical content adds just as much to its enjoyment.  ‘Jack Stackin’’ presents its own musical and lyrical enjoyment with its hip-hop-infused arrangement and its fun lyrical content.  ‘Play,’ with its pop sensibilities both musically and lyrically, is enjoyable in its own right as it throws back to the golden age of funk, even incorporating some disco influence, too.  Lyrically, it only presents positivity, too.  Keeping all of this in mind, it should be clear by now why Third Wall Chronicles is such an enjoyable new effort from Pimps of Joytime.  The record, from start to finish, tells plenty of fun musical and lyrical stories that easily break down walls and unite listeners in that fun.  Keeping that in mind, the whole of the album proves without a doubt that it is one of this year’s top new albums overall.  It is available now.  More information on third Wall Chronicles is available online now along with all of Pimps of Joytime’s latest news and more at:




Website: http://www.pimpsofjoytime.com

Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/pimpsofjoytime

Twitter: http://twitter.com/pimpsofjoytime




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