Mister G’s ‘Green World’ Gets The Gold

Courtesy: Coil Records

Children’s entertainer Mister G has made quite the name for himself throughout his career, turning out album after album of family-friendly music that successfully bridges cultural and musical boundaries  That success was continued late this month when the Latin Grammy® Award-winning musician released his latest album Mundo Verde/Green World.  The 11-song record, his eighth offering, is a success due in part to its overall theme.  That will be discussed shortly.  The variety presented throughout the record’s musical arrangements is just as important to discuss in examining the album’s presentation as its central theme.  The record’s sequencing rounds out its most important elements.  Each element is important in its own right to the album’s whole.  All things considered, they make Mundo Verde / Green World yet another successful offering from Mister G and potentially one of this year’s top new children’s albums.

Mister G’s eighth studio recording Mundo Verde / Green World is yet another successful offering from the veteran children’s entertainer. That is thanks in no small part to the album’s central theme, which promotes environmental awareness.  Right from the album’s outset, Mister G sings to his listeners, “We’ve got to protect this planet of ours…I want to live in a green world.”  That emphasis on environmental awareness continues throughout the rest of the album’s run, too, in various ways.  From a song about recycling (which is in fact simply titled ‘Recycling’) to a song promoting the huge importance of the tiny honey bee (yes, that song is called ‘Bee’) to the encouraging ‘Yes We Can’ and more, this record’s songs focus in their own way on that one central theme of caring for the planet.  Obvious, Mister G is not the first artist from any genre to focus on the plight of the planet.  But this album marks the first of his albums to focus so wholly on that one subject.  It is one more way in which he continues to keep his albums varied from one to the next—his previous albums have paid tribute to the Jewish people and culture, general education and on animals among other topics—making that central theme all the more important to the album, even if the theme is not uncommon to the music industry in whole.  It is only one of the elements that makes this record so enjoyable.  The album’s musical styles exhibit their own variety throughout its run.

The variety presented throughout Mister G’s latest album is so important because it shows just as much as the album’s theme, Mister G’s continued conscious effort to keep things fresh for his listeners.  ‘Agua’ takes the Latin sounds for which Mister G has come to be known throughout his career and crosses them with an arrangement that conjures thoughts of the Hawaiin-islands.  With the recent success of Disney’s Moana, some might even start getting images of the Polynesian islands of the Pacific in listening to this song’s arrangement.  ‘How Many Fish’ is yet another surprise as its musical arrangement lends itself easily to comparisons to certain works from John Mayer.  The easygoing arrangement presented in ‘Paws in the Air’ stands out in its own way with its easy comparison to works from Jason Mraz, Jack Johnson and other similar acts.  Even the more Latin-leaning arrangements featured in this record show their own identity from one another.  Considering the variety exhibited throughout the course of this record’s arrangements, it becomes clear why the record’s musical variety is so important to its overall presentation.  It still is not the last of the album’s most important elements.  The record’s sequencing rounds out its most important elements.

Mundo Verde / Green World’s sequencing is an important piece of the record’s whole because it is puts the finishing touch on the already solid foundation created through the record’s theme and musical variety.  The finishing touch in question is a continued energy from one song to the next, with the variations in that energy being just enough from one to the next to ensure listeners’ engagement.  The sequencing also involved variations, just slight enough, in the arrangements to ensure even more listeners’ engagement.  Keeping this in mind, the album’s sequencing proves to be just as critical to its overall presentation as its central theme and its musical variants.  When all three elements are joined, they make the album in whole yet another successful offering from Mister G and potentially one of this year’s top new children’s albums.

Mister G’s latest full-length studio album Mundo Verde / Green World is yet another successful offering from the veteran children’s entertainer.  It is also potentially one of the year’s top new children’s albums, as is evidenced in the focus of the album’s central theme and musical variations.  The album’s sequencing shows just as much focus.  Keeping that in mind, all three elements collectively make this album enjoyable from start to finish.  It is available now in stores and online.  More information on Mundo Verde / Green World is available online now along with all of Mister G’s latest news and more at:




Website: http://www.mistergsongs.com

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