Deep Purple Debuts New Single’s Video; Announces New Live Material Coming

Courtesy: earMusic

Things are picking up again in the Deep Purple camp.

The veteran rock outfit on Wednesday debuted the video for its latest single ‘The Surprising,’ which is taken from the band’s most recent album Infinite.  The album was released April 7, 2017.

The animated video is presented in a comic book style both artistically and stylistically, with each shot progressing to the next very much in the style of cells in a comic book.  The song itself is classic Deep Purple, stylistically, showing clearly its influence on the likes of Dream Theater and other similar contemporaries.

The video’s debut is just one of the big pieces of news to come from Deep Purple.  The band also announced Wednesday via a news release that it will release its new making of documentary for Infinite in November on Blu-ray.  The 97-minute doc, titled From Here To Infinite, will be released via earMusic.

The band also announced Wednesday that it will release a new live recording titled The Infinite Live Recordings, Pt. 1 this fall, too.  The 3-disc vinyl LP recording was originally captured at Hellfest 2017, France’s biggest annual metal festival.  It presents the band in a previously unreleased 80-minute live performance.

The full rundown for From Here To Infinite and The Infinite Live Recordings, Pt. 1 is noted below.

 The Movie  From Here to inFinite (97 min.)

Bonus (132 min.)
 Audio commentary by Deep Purple
 Live At Hellfest 2017
1. Time for Bedlam
2. Birds of Prey
3. Smoke on the Water

 Outtakes From Here to inFinite
1. Full Interview with Joe Satriani
2. Corky – The Recording Engineer

 Official Music Videos
1. The Surprising
2. Johnny’s Band
3. Johnny’s Band Documentary
4. All I Got Is You

 About inFinite – Interviews
1. About the Album
2. Beyond the Album
3. Track by track
4. Rapid Fire interview
5. Behind the Scenes photoshoot

Side A
1. Time for Bedlam
2. Fireball
3. Bloodsucker

Side B
1. Strange Kind of Woman
2. Uncommon Man

Side C
1. The Surprising
2. Lazy

Side D
1. Birds Of Prey
2. Hell To Pay
3. Key Solo

Side E
1. Perfect Strangers
2. Space Truckin’
3. Smoke On The Water

Side F
1. Hush
2. Black Night

More information on Deep Purple’s new album, video and forthcoming recordings is available online now along with all of the band’s latest news at:










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