Madonna’s Latest Live LP Is A Must For Her Adult Audiences

Courtesy: Eagle Vision/Eagle Rock Entertainment

Late last month, Eagle Rock Entertainment ventured into some very unfamiliar live territory when it released veteran pop star Madonna’s latest live recording Rebel Heart Tour.  While Madonna is not the first pop artist whose live material the label has ever handled – it released Katy Perry’s Prismatic World Tour recording in 2015 – pop music is still relatively unfamiliar territory for Eagle Rock Entertainment.  Even with that in mind, Madonna’s most devout fans will find that the label’s latest outing with Madonna is one that they will appreciate.  That is due in part to the show’s expansive set list.  This will be discussed shortly.  The concert’s collective cinematography and editing play into its presentation, too and will be discussed later.  The bonus material included with the recording rounds out its most important elements.  Each noted element is important in its own right to the recording’s whole.  All things considered, they make Rebel Heart Tour a recording that Madonna’s most devout adult fans will want to own.

Madonna’s latest live recording Rebel Heart Tour is a work that will make the hearts of Madonna’s most devout adult fans will appreciate. The adult is emphasized because this recording contains a very large amount of explicit content including foul language, brief nudity (one of her female dancers shows her breasts briefly in the show) and general sexual content throughout the concert.  Having noted that, Madonna’s adult audiences will appreciate the concert in part because of its expansive set list.  The 24-song set list featured in the recording’s Blu-ray disc spans half of the veteran performer’s catalogue.  Given, it is not necessarily a career-defining recording since it pulls very liberally from her most recent album – 12 songs in all — after which the tour was named, but the fact that she took audiences back to her earliest days and up to her most recent, that speaks volumes of the attempt to appeal to every fan.  The recording’s CD platform boasts 15 of those 24 songs, which is still more than half of what is in the full audio-visual experience.  To that end, while audiences might not get the recording’s whole set list in the CD recording, they do get the entire show on Blu-ray in this combo pack.  Keeping that in mind, audiences get the whole show regardless, showing the importance of the set list that takes Madonna’s fans largely through her career, even if not entirely.  Even with the importance exhibited by the recording’s set list, it is not the last of the recording’s most important elements.  The concert’s collective cinematography and editing are just as important to its presentation as its set list.

The collective cinematography and editing used throughout Rebel Heart Tour is so important to its presentation because it takes the concert experience to the next level for audiences.  Rather than just presenting various shots and edits, those behind the cameras and computers obviously worked diligently to make the experience for audiences something very special here.  From special fades to element mixes to even little details such as shutter speed slowing and other items, it is clear that plenty of attention was placed on the visual aspect of this concert.

Much the same can be said of the work put in for the concert’s sound editing.  Considering the large size of the venue in this recording, proper sound editing was just as paramount as video editing so that the music did not get lost in the vastness of the venue.  Audiences will be pleased to know that those charged with editing the recording’s sound went to painstaking efforts to balance the sound with the openness of the venue, with a very positive result.  Keeping that in mind with the general effect created through the recording’s equally expert cinematography and video editing, it can be said easily that this recording’s overall editing and its cinematography (I.E. its overall production values) are of the utmost expertise.  They make the recording that much more appealing for Madonna’s (again adult) audiences.  Those values are yet one more part of what must be noted in examining this recording.  Its bonus material plays its own part in its presentation, too.

The bonus material included in this recording is made up of a look at Madonna’s annual Tears of a Clown show.  That performance is just as explicit as the recording’s main feature, if not more so.  In other words, it should be stressed again that this is not proper for audiences under 18.  From explicit jokes to language to general content, there is a lot that only adult audiences should see and hear.  Having noted that, what’s interesting about this performance is its difference from her general concerts in terms of its setup.  Madonna spends much more time here interacting with the audience than she might in her regular concerts.  This  is important because it shows her ability to connect with her audiences not just through her music and performances but through her own personality.  It is an interesting glimpse into that less common type of performance from Madonna that those perhaps not lucky enough to experience will appreciate it.  Keeping that in mind, it proves clearly why it is so important to the recording’s overall presentation.  Even being – again – as explicit as the recording’s main feature, if not more so, it is an integral part of the concert experience for Madonna’s adult fans and in turn puts the finishing touch on the recording’s presentation.  When all three elements are joined together, they show the recording to be a whole that, once more, Madonna’s adult audiences will fully appreciate.

Madonna’s latest live recording Rebel Heart Tour is another successful journey into unfamiliar territory for Eagle Rock Entertainment, and a work that Madonna’s most devout adult audiences will want to add to their collections.  That is due, as discussed already, to an expansive set list, which gives audiences a vivid picture of the veteran pop star’s catalogue.  The production values also noted here play their own critical part to the recording’s whole, giving audiences not just a concert experience, but a concert film experience.  The bonus material included in the recording adds its own touch to the package, too.  Each element is important in its own right to the recording’s whole.  All things considered, they make this recording a win for Eagle Rock and for Madonna’s adult audiences.  It is available now in stores and online.  More information on Rebel Heart Tour is available online now along with all of Madonna’s latest news and more at:










More information on this and other titles from Eagle Rock Entertainment is available online now at:










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