‘Live At The Hollywood Bowl’ Is A Special Landmark Event

Courtesy: Eagle Rock Entertainment

Jeff Beck is, without a shadow of a doubt, one of the most important figures in mainstream music’s modern history.  He has spent half a century making music that has made fans of millions worldwide thanks to his solo work and his work as a member of the Yardbirds.  Last summer, Beck celebrated that mark by entertaining audiences with a very special star-studded concert at Los Angeles’ famed Hollywood Bowl.  That concert was itself recorded for beck’s fans worldwide and released earlier this month via Eagle Rock Entertainment on a variety of platforms.  It goes without saying that this landmark concert event is one that Beck’s fans everywhere will appreciate.  That is due in part to the concert itself.  In the same vein, the show’s set list is just as important to discus as the concert itself, and will be discussed later.  The liner notes included in the recording’s companion booklet round out its most important elements.  One need not even mention the recording’s production values since they are of the utmost level, which is nothing new for Eagle Rock’s live recordings.  Keeping all of this in mind, Jeff Beck: Live at the Hollywood Bowl proves to be a once in a lifetime concert that will appeal to every one of Beck’s fans around the world.

Eagle Rock Entertainment’s recent release of Jeff Back’s Live at the Hollywood Bowl is a very special recording that every one of Beck’s fans around the world will appreciate.  That is due in no small part to the concert’s very setup.  While the recording’s title puts Beck’s name on the marquee, Beck is hardly the only major name on the bill.  Aerosmith front man Steven Tyler joined ZZ Top front man Billy Gibbons, blues legend Buddy Guy, Jan Hammer and Jimmy Hall for a star-studded show that should have been sub-titled “Jeff Beck & Friends.”  Beck’s fellow famed performers join him throughout the concert to perform some of his biggest hits as well as a handful of Yardbirds hits and some of their own well-known numbers.  This ties directly into the concert’s set list, which will be discussed shortly.  Staying on the topic of the concert’s presentation, having so many well-known names on one stage together makes the concert more akin to a festival show than just a single headliner’s show.  That is a wholly positive element as it shows clearly the foundational importance of the show’s setup to the recording’s overall presentation.  It is only one part of what makes the recording such a joy to experience.  The concert’s set list is just as important to discuss in examining this recording as its very setup.

As already noted, the songs performed throughout the course of this 97-minute concert run a wide gamut.  From Beck’s earliest solo material to his most recent to even some of the songs he recorded during his time with The Yardbirds and beyond, the concert’s set list features a wide range of music for audiences of all ages to enjoy.  Included among Beck’s own compositions are ‘Shapes of Love,’ ‘Let Me Love You,’ ‘Beck’s Bolero’ and ‘Morning Dew’ from his 1968 solo debut album Truth as well as ‘Freeway Jam’ from his 1975 album Blow By Blow.  Beck’s most recent record, 2016’s Loud Hailer even gets a trio of nods in the form of ‘The Revolution Will Be Televised,’ ‘Live in the Dark’ and the deeply emotional socially conscious work ‘Scared for the Children.’  As if those songs are not enough, the concert also includes a take on the Yardbirds’ classic hits ‘For Your Love,’ and ‘Over Under Sideways Down.’ ZZ Top and The Beatles even get their own tributes during the show’s run in the form of ‘Rough Boy’ and ‘A Day in the Life.’  The cover of Prince’s ‘Purple Rain’ closes out the concert and is easily the concert’s most powerful moment.  Considering the wide range of music performed and acts represented throughout the set list, it should be perfectly clear by now just how important the concert’s set list is to its presentation.  Just as the show’s set up does, the set list serves more as a celebration of music itself than Beck’s own music showing once more why this concert, which was marketed as a Jeff Beck concert, is such a special experience that is so much more than its title suggests. When the two noted elements are joined, they make the overall experience that much more special and enjoyable.  Even with this in mind, the show’s set up and set list are only two of its most important elements.  The liner notes included in the concert’s companion booklet are collectively important in their own right, too.

The liner notes included in Live at the Hollywood Bowl’s companion booklet, which were crafted by Alan Light, give audiences a concise preview of the concert before audiences take in even the first song either on DVD, Blu-ray or CD.  Light even offers some personal insight from Beck about his minimalist approach to guitar solos, creating not only more respect for Beck, but also certainly generating plenty of discussion on that very topic among guitarists everywhere.  Between that insight, the concert’s clear, concise summary and everything else included in the notes, it becomes clear in reading them why they are so important to the whole of the recording’s presentation.  When this importance is considered alongside the importance of the recording’s set list and setup, all three collectively show why Live at the Hollywood Bowl is such an enjoyable and important glimpse into a landmark moment in Jeff Beck’s career.  They make this recording one that is a wonderful celebration not just of Jeff Beck but of modern music.

Eagle Rock Entertainment’s recently released Jeff Beck live recording Live at the Hollywood Bowl is an important landmark performance from one of modern music’s greatest guitarists and some of his equally well-known musical friends.  It is a recording that, like Beck’s own music, reaches across the musical universe and will appeal to countless numbers of audiences.  That is due in no small part to that inclusion of Beck’s friends who are featured throughout the concert.  The set list featured in the recording is just as important as the show’s guest list.  That’s because it is just as diverse.  The liner notes included in the recording’s companion booklet round out its most important elements.  Each element is critical in its own way to the recording’s whole.  All things considered, they make this recording a truly memorable concert experience that is certain to appeal to audiences everywhere.  It is available now in stores and online.  More information on Live at the Hollywood Bowl is available online now along with all of Jeff Beck’s latest news and more at:




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