New ‘Odd Squad’ DVD Shows Again Why Series Is One Of PBS Kids’ Best Series To Date

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PBS Kids’ hit series Odd Squad recently got a new home DVD release, and this latest 4-episode collection of episodes from the Fred Rogers Company-run series is yet another enjoyable presentation that any family will welcome into its home.  That is due in part to the episodes that make up the DVD’s body.  They will be discussed shortly.  The stories presented within the episodes play their own crucial part in the DVD’s overall presentation.  They will be discussed later.  The lessons taught in each of the episodes put the final touch to the DVD and will be discussed later, too.  Each element noted here is important in its own right to the DVD’s whole.  All things considered, they make Odd Squad: Villains The Best Of The Worst yet another enjoyable offering from a series that is one of PBS Kids’ most standout series to date.

Odd Squad is one of PBS Kids’ most standout series to date.  Along with the likes of Where in the World is Carmen San Diego, The Magic School Bus, Curious George and so many others throughout PBS’ history, this series makes learning fun while also entertaining with its original adventures.  The series’ latest DVD release VillainsThe Best of the Worst­ is takes four of those adventures – ‘Now You Don’t See Me,’ ‘The Briefcase,’ ‘Flatastrophe’ and ‘Puppet Show’ — and compiles them for a nearly hour-long experience that proves just as much as its predecessors why this series is so beloved.  The episodes are all lifted from the series’ first season, and while not presented in the same chronological order as they were in their original broadcasts, still give audiences a clear look at the show’s growth over time in terms of its writing.  Speaking of the show’s writing, the stories at the episodes’ centers play their own important part in the DVD’s overall presentation.

The stories at the center of this collection’s episodes are critical to the DVD’s presentation because of their originality and the balance of their educational and entertaining elements.  From one episode to the next, neither the stories’ educational nor its entertaining material ever overpowers the other.  Audiences never feel at any point that the show is forcing education down their throats.  At the same time, the agents’ adventures are never so outlandish (even as interesting as they can be) that they make themselves beyond watching.  There are programs out there on other networks that are in fact that outlandish, not to name any in particular.  However, they are there.  Luckily, this show’s adventures are not at that level.  Keeping this in mind, the educational and entertaining elements that combine to form each episode prove collectively form the cornerstone for the DVD’s foundation.  Building on that cornerstone are the lessons tied into each episode.

The lessons tied into each of the DVD’s episodes all center on basic math skills.  From telling time in ‘Puppet Show’ and ‘Now You Don’t See me’ to basic, elementary level geometry in ‘Flatastrophe’ to understanding weight balances in ‘The Briefcase,’ the lessons taught in these episodes are easily accessible for Odd Squad’s target audiences.  This is thanks, again, to the work of the series’ writers.  Case in point is the method that Olive and her partner use to find Ms. O’s hidden briefcase in ‘The Briefcase’ after The Shapeshifter steals and hides it in a warehouse.  The agents have to balance items to figure out which object is Ms. O’s briefcase in disguise.  In ‘Flatastrophe’ the agents teach young audiences about cubes and squares while trying to stop the villain Fladam from flattening every cube in the city.  It’s a simple story that makes teaching the story’s basic geometry lesson just as easy.  It’s one more example of the importance of the lessons incorporated into the episodes’ stories.  The writers make the lessons the crux of each story, thus making it feel more like audiences are being entertained than educated.  Kudos are in order for the writers here just as much as for the stories’ originality.  Considering this and the importance of the episodes all being culled from one season, it becomes clear in examining all of these elements that there is plenty to appreciate in the DVD.  That appreciation also leads audiences to agree that this new Odd Squad DVD another enjoyable offering from what is one of PBS Kids’ best series to date.

PBS Kids’ latest Odd Squad DVD Villains The Best of the Worst is not the first of the series’ DVDs to see a home release.  It is however yet another enjoyable addition to the already long list of the series’ DVDs that proves once again why the series is one of the network’s best series to date.  That is due in part to an episode list that pulls entirely from the series’ lead season.  While not in the same chronological order as in their original broadcasts, the episodes still go a long way in showing the show’s growth over the course of that season.  The stories at the center of the featured episodes are entertaining without being overly outlandish, unlike is the case with so many children’s programs out there today.  The lessons tied into the stories are not only part of the stories, but are easily accessible because of how they are tied into the stories.  Each element is important in its own way to the DVD’s whole.  All things considered, the noted elements make Odd Squad: VillainsThe Best of the Worst another enjoyable offering from what is one of PBS Kids’ best series to date.  It is available now in stores and online and can be ordered online direct via PBS’ online store.  More information on Odd Squad is available online along with games, activities, printables and more at:









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