Silent Theory Unveils ‘Watch Me Burn’ Video

Courtesy: TAG Publicity

Independent hard rock outfit Silent Theory is giving audiences another taste of its latest full-length album.

The Idaho-based band unveiled this week the video for its latest single, ‘Watch Me Burn.’  The song is the second single from its 2016 sophomore album Delusions.  For those unfamiliar with the band, this latest single will appeal greatly to fans of Breaking Benjamin, Linkin Park and other similar acts.

The band noted in a press statement that while the song and video are fully open to interpretation, the song’s central message is positive.

“Given the state of the world right now, with the natural disasters and political turmoil, we opted for a video that mirrored the current state, though we’d never consider ourselves a political band,” the band stated in the release.  “While we want people to interpret our song and video for themselves, it was written with the premise in mind that we are all in this together, and that music can be what binds us all together.”

The band’s new video was directed by Jon Kuritz in Moscow, Idaho.  Five separate projectors were used in the video’s recording; projectors which ran footage taken from various news stations of varied tense stories to illustrate the noted central message.

Delusions is available now.  Its track listing is noted below.

Track List:
1. Leave Alone
2. Fragile Minds
3. Boogeyman
4. Watch Me Burn
5. Lost Forever
6. Anyways
7. Alice
8. Sever
9. Faceless
10. Outta My Head
11. One Over the Other
12. Fragile Minds (Radio Edit)

More information on Delusions is available along with more on its new single, video and latest news at:










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